I have this weird cist on my scrotum, it's been there for years and recently I feel like it's been growing slightly...

I have this weird cist on my scrotum, it's been there for years and recently I feel like it's been growing slightly. It doesn't hurt or anything, it feels kind of like a plastic BB is imbedded into my scrote skin. What is this and should I be concerned? Pic related it's my balls

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i have this too. also curious

pop it retard

pop it, wash it, and apply some lotion to it

Just take a needle, stick some holes in it and squeese all the pus out of it.

get the doctor to fondle your nuts, OP

medfag here. that's a hyperbolic Coomercyst.
gotta get it cut quickly before it spreads into your ballsack. Best to do it yourself

It's AIDS OP. all these years of being a faggot and letting niggers fuck you is finally coming back to bite you, good luck

sebaceous cyst. Also aids. And Coronavirus. Coronaids.

Nice try OP. That's a genital wart.

Can I kiss it?

I have one that's disc shaped that I play with nearly everynight, I can flip it upside-down between my fingers

I used to have these on my shaft. Its nothing, pop them if you can.

looks like a cebacious cyst. put corona virus on it.

Real talk, get a safety pin, rubbing alcohol, a lighter, hydrogen peroxide and a bandaid with some polysporin.
Wipe the saftey pin with the rubbing alcohol, then run the lighter over it. Then poke a hole in the cyst and squeeze out all the pus (you might have to do one or two holes). After, give it a wipe with peroxide, then apply the polysporin and band aid. Wait a week, and repeat if necessary.

Real talk, just cut your fucking dick off at this point, you're a lost cause
source: I'm a doctor

Looks like an ingrown hair

I had one on my dick that wouldn't go away but was too scared of infection to cut it open. Was there for about a year until one day I soaked in a very hot bath with epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) for a totally unrelated reason. Woke up the next day and it was 100% gone. Had it slightly reappear recently and I just cut it open with a clean sterilized blade and drained the puss. Kept it clean and put a new bandaid with Neosporin on it twice daily until healed.

cut it open and show pics

This is the serious answer. Or use clean new razor and do quick cut. Pus will be greyish and more solidified as opposed to infection pus which is more cream and liquid.

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