You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an obese American godtard

You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an obese American godtard.

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That mangled thing you see in the mirror every day when your depressed ass finally managed to drag itself out of bed and into the bathroom.

t. buttshattered lardassed godtards demonstrating the full scope of their prodigious wit.

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EvanJOKElicals - retards that vote for an admitted woman abusing pussy grabber and wife cheater. Completely ignore the bible when it suits their agenda, and spout the bible when that suits their agenda. Biggest hypocrites on the planet. That doesn't count the pedophile priests that they sweep under the rug.

an obese American godtard who donates money to a church or pastor?

anons who post trap threads and then get ass sore when spidey arrives

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im an atheist too retard and as much as this may shock you, being one doesn't make you any smarter than religious people

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Two obese American godtards.

An atheist who spends all his time mocking "obese American godtards" rather than just living his own life

"An Atheist is a man who believes himself an accident."

Must be a terrible way to go through life.

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Atheist have extremely high IQs,
It’s a scientific fact. You’re not a real Atheist, Christfag

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Someone who believes they're the smartest species in the universe

Someone posting "you have 10 seconds to..." threads on Cred Forums.

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Kek-worthy on all accounts

Atheist are the smartest people in the universe, it’s proven. Look it up, Christfag. Check out r/atheism.

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my poop farts

You made this same thread yesterday. Two work days in a row you could have spent making money and instead you’re shitposting like a NEET.
>inb4 you’re here too
I work nights

A genderqueer hambeast.


>im an atheist too retard
Sure you are, godboy. Atheists always get triggered by anti-religion posts.

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Imagine the smell...

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I am at work, champ. My job has regular intervals of down-time which I use productively on 4chins. You’re welcome.

The corollary of me accurately describing godtards as ubermongs is not necessarily that I am a genius. Although I can understand why you would attempt to use that lie.

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Laughing at godtards enriches my life. Every godtard thread brings me lulz.

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Nobody called you a genius besides yourself you prideful faggot, you probably love the way ur own dick smells too.

This guy implied it:
Try not to lie, godboy. It’s uncivilised.

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An obese European godtard

Atheists are just as dumb as Christians as a rule.

I never see any difference between them in their views. Either things came from something (crazy)
or it came from nothing (also crazy)

The failure to see that what both arguments boil down to is just as absurd as the other. You're both just as ignorant as each other.


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Perhaps. If you remain a godtard despite a superior standard of education, it could be evidence of an inferior brain.

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Loosen your fedora, matey.

This is a stupid post. The default position for any thinking person is that we don’t know what caused the universe nor life. Fabricating a floating faggot in the sky is called making shit up.

And that's why we have favoritism
Beware of ism circum World War II propaganda

>autistic screeching

That's my point, you spastic. Believing in one or the other makes you equally retarded.

an african american

The average nigger.

A Trump supporter. Tho' it must be said: most obese American religious fundamentalists ARE Trump supporter - they are one and the same.

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Nothing wrong with believing in God, most rational minds in the scientific community do, including some of the greatest to ever live. Atheism and skepticism both are being abused by dogmatic hypocrites (same as those of any religion) as they claim theirs is the only rational way to see the world. The only undisputed claim in this regard is that nobody knows the truth, it's the path of agnosticism. But this is a cop out in terms of deciding your functional beliefs, it embraces ignorance and in so doing fosters dogmatism. The same can be said of blindly accepting truth in religious scripture.


An obese American Antifa/Communist.

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Terrible bait, try harder.

I think its hilarious that you haven't realized were going to kill you all as soon as we get the excuse. Hunting lefties is gonna be the best

Land doesn't vote, numbnuts

>Try not to lie, godboy. It’s uncivilised.

An atheist talking about intrinsic morals

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>meanwhile,in reality.trump supporters are as anti gun as democrats and a group of them couldnt even take on the law enforcement in nevada without people dieing

2 obese Americans godtards with diet cheese and no milk

>Being an edgy atheist

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Skinny pansexual transgendered progressive atheist Americans.

2 obese 'merican godtard

2 fat fucks from america

Fat dumb 2

Boris Johnson



A non American

Metric system