You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than a socialist

You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than a socialist.

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someone who thinks that any of the US Presidential Candidates are socialist


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what the fuck are you talking about you blithering idiot lmao. drop 50 pounds you diabetic

10s is not enough

u bitch

an american

Someone posting "you have 10 seconds to..." threads on Cred Forums.

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wow, this guy is confused and knows no other way to react than to get angry lol
An obvious sign of intelligence...kek

Yea! Bread lines are a Good thing!

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A democrat

A republican


What's dumber you ask? Any idiot who says "true socialism has never been tried". Seriously. Fucking mongoloids.

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A nigger socialist

More dumb.

A Trump Supporter.

Can't do it.. they are the dumbest.

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>A neo-liberal who doesn't realize they're promoting the GLOBAL Socialist Party

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Literally everybody

To be fair, Bernie is a dirty stinking commie

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Someone who doesnt understand what a socialist is or can be (with all its political and philosophical nuances). At this point the word "socialist" is nothing more than an oversimplified hate symbol, a buzz word, a propaganda meme created for and used by the controled oposition. Just another kike trick. It's like the "nazi" word for the SJW's. In reality, both the national-socialists and the communists were socialists, despite the fundamental differences in both ideologies.Things aren't just black and white, and there is an entire universe of different philosophical viewpoints and their respective political and moral implications within the word "socialist"

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Lol, people think the US isn't already a socialist country, when they bailed banks out for billions but would put you in jail for not being able to repay an overpriced education.

Farmers in the flyover states who accept those government checks as payment for losses incurred due to Trump's Tariffs. Socialism in Action, Bucky. I pay taxes, you cash the checks. Welcome to America.

Now go vote for a Democrat, or we'll stop caring about your welfare.

A capitalist who works for minimum wage, pays shit loads of taxes, but supports tax cuts for the rich and then blames all his/her troubles on jews?



an american


Any other political ideology

Someone who gets insecure about politics and complains about it on Cred Forums

the most autistic shit i've read this year

Bernie is a self proclaimed socialist you dumbass.


A trump supporter.

2 socialists

>Americans are so cucked they think moderate social democracy is Soviet style socialism


You. Now go kys faggot.

The OP

someone who uses public roads, schools, hospitals, utilities, and then rails against socialism.


A nigger

A member of the working class that is so indoctrinated that they support capitalism ie their own slavery.

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ITT People who need paychecks.

i hate this thread


2 socialists

Someone that cant spell rallies


A communist.


Go get hit by a truck.




So funny because Bernie is so much farther left than a socialist

Good to see left finally admit to it


ok i lold

a republican american