New Celeb

New Celeb

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Prime meat

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Sometimes a hint is more spinning than a confession. I think so.

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Epic ass


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The most coveted lips in the world

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Mm Alexa Bliss is one of my faves

JJ nudes now.


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unlike sadie who is 10/10

jerking so fucking hard

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Don't hurt yourself.


Celeb threads are the cancer of Cred Forums

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Pummping off for the goddess

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cancer is shit that spreads across all threads

we stick to our one thread and wait till it hits the bump limits before making a new one

if you dont like our threads filter the word "celeb" and you will never see us again

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fuck yessss

Lewd ass

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dont stop

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Do you like Bebe?

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Best fap ever. Love her

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whats the over/under on how many black guys she has fucked?

show me anyone idc it feels too good

At least post nudes

Wow, how would I fuck her on this lawn

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Hopefully a ton!

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Rita has great tits.

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i wanna jerk you

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she is only 5 ft 1

imagine her getting passed around wew

do it please

Cred Forums is the cancer of Cred Forums... lurk moar you fucking newfag

Thats pretty lewd.

trips checked

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I'd love to watch that

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I am pretty lewd

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Okay, I think I'm falling asleep sitting down. I wish everyone good night and shiny dreams!

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oh fuckkk


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John doe
Shut the fuck up
Go to bed and think about gangbangs and cum in the pussy

Goodnight sleep tight :)

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Sleep tight.

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Good night

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Cancer cells don't grow because they're evil. Every cell replicates
Cancer cells grow because all of the cells around it are dead.

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wanna cum on her ass

Find the nearest, tallest bridge and jump off it

Good night , user

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Think about the closed eyed fantasy Photoshop that didn't exist.
Also gangbangs

i never said anything about evil, we dont grow or spread

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I'd love to clean her up afterwards

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I thought that was the porn?
I think celeb threads are the most self contained threads on Cred Forums

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It would cause a huge mess. Surely you have considered this.

The cells around the cancerous cells are programmed to self destruct everything around them. That's because the DNA is so fucked up, it finished the whole strain and produces nonsense. It's called being spoiled.
She had cum in her pussy. Cum.

mmm fuckk yes

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Oh my God, I can imagine how she smells amazing after a grueling concert

I'd do anything for Bebe

Her scent alone would make me cum instantly

more like never :(
I should just kill myself.

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I once coomed so hard for a celeb I became gay

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fff my dick

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nothing we couldn't clean

The tragic tale of the celeb threads.

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happens to all of us

Also this lol

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I'd do anything to breathe in her scent

It‘s your dream.

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Lol he deleted it. What a faggot.

wanna do it on your face.

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do it for rita

Thankfully I am not alone. I thought it was just meeee

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If she let me wash her clothes, I would already be happy

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He couldn't bear my flawless arguments

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Me too, being of service to her is my dream

Celebrities have access to your full internet history
They save it on the servers.
Cartel of many browsers.
Sponsored by Bill Gates.
Fear money!

Teen snowbunny pawg fucked backshots by Cred Forums user using facts and logic

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what was your fantasy user

dua is slowly owning me

That's fine. As long as Hugh Jackman doesn't find out about my shrine to him in my closet we are good.

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Can I suck your cock?

No. He was right.
Pooh bear.
>you have shit arguments.

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I cannot tell you, because then you will have the power to lood me to the point where I would be your slave.

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Yes lol
Dunno, someone who delets his posts
Not again ffs

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well jesus i really want you now

Yes, but you'd like that wouldn't you? Even if you say no, deep down you know what you want. I must confess user, I am the rather dominant type.

haha why would I do that haha

Scuba poo ;__;

Pornhub Verified user* I forgot to put.
>...I need music to listen to to protect my heterosexuality against the chad anons of the celeb threads. The music I was given is not working.

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Discord first, hormones second. Post it

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Would you like to smell her underwear before washing?

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VS unite

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How do you know about that?

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Let's be honest cutie, if I really wanted to I could have you already. No music is going to save you from that. Here is a song tho, and I'll leave you be.

> me...

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Of course, I'd do anything to sniff them

Ofc , Dua fully owns me

Cara wasn't ever an actual vs angel tho was she?

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Come on, gir-I mean user. You can look like this!

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I think she was in like 2012

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I would dive into the basket with her clothes

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I... I live under your bed... I will start paying rent if you want... or I can move out...
Oh hi corly! You have tried before but I resisted your best attempts to make me lose NNN! >;D

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The Kugel Coon

That is a really nice Fanning

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That would be sooo overwhelming, I'd cum instantly

great idea

UNder my bed? You must be slim, kek
I'll let you live on it :)

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I do have a tendency to get carried away with things like that. Cuties can really bring out a naughty side of me.

Let's make you the third sister

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Mwahahahha! I have found the perfect song to protect me. Do your worst! owo

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Ems is the best heterosexual man from birth and will live forever.

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A sissy would be a logic fan. Fitting

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Nooooo. I am shy...

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Uh oh
Logic goes pretty hard when he wants to. More than enough!

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Why the fuck did she gain so much

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Probably because she wanted sufficient BF% for her systems to function properly.

Just a hug :)

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Ride that dildo to delorean baby

Because sadly, the insta-thot look is what's in right now.

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Her system’s been functioning well for years while skinny you fucking mong.

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Lord this is my new fetish

I know she walked in a show... but I don't think she had the wings

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You have the details on her menstrual cycle do you?


Truly fucking sad. That’s what we when VS allows plus size model Barbara to be a VS angel.

Here’s Taylor now, looking plus size.

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Ok... Just a hug
>bro wtf would you do if I was not lying and actually came out from under your bed LMAO. I would shit myself in real life.

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Gimme your discord baby

I-I want one ;_;

I-I probably still would hug you

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Taylor then. Perfect for High Fashion, now you can’t see her in any shows because she’s too chubby.

Well do you? You were the first one that assumed her body wasn’t functioning properly.

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If he was the real, then how did he know it wasn't the guy that killed her?
Because it was himself!

Ehh.. vs is done now, so much backlash recently. impossible standards and all that bullshit.. which really makes no sense because they've been around for a while and never had an issue finding models. I suppose taking epstein money doesn't help tho.

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Come here user :)

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You are not very good at being lewd.

I commented on her BF%, and being outside of that range, the fact that womens reproductive systems tend to start having issues. Which is medical fact.

hard to take them as anything but silly fucktoys when they have cartoonishly oversized lips. maybe the second pic isn't bad. pic related looks like she actually has an intellect

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Hm true

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I prefer the intimacy of one on one

The elite of society can actually see the IP addresses of the posters on Cred Forums!

>before I put you in a choke hold until you pass out and then call the police for you living under my bed


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Nice trips!

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I agree. Too much pandering to the masses, they added a tranny recently too. Supermodels are meant to be skinny.

You’re American aren’t you.

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this is why you use vpn's and proxies

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you make me smile

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lol, they'd be disappointed in most of us

Medical fact and understanding of BF% and the way it impacts on womens reproductive function, is an American only thing?

Oh I've had all the influence on society I need. You all helped me.
Look at BBC and how it is a common thing now!
Look at cuckolding
Look at yourselves!
Fucking faggots.
Kill yourselves, Hollywood!
I say this out of Mercy.

there is a reason they're "super models" the same way not every asshole that can dribble plays in the nba. I'm not saying they're better people, because they're probably not. I don't get the whole elevated status thing society has.. but I do love the eye candy it provides.

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I knew a girl who did not have a period for 8 years because she was underweight in her teens. Then she wanted kids at age 25 and could not have them because she fucked up her hormones.

Attached: u9cbo77ygzr31.jpg (2250x3000, 966K)

I-I've very l-l-l-lucky...

Attached: 1576392378128.jpg (1118x1677, 201K)

Pretty fucking much. Being too skinny, or too fat, for periods of time, dicks with their reproductive function. Some women can sit on 15%, 18% body fat, and function fine. Some go below 20% and they stop getting their period.

hadid twins and kendall best models currently

Why are their clothes so tight?

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does it ever make you curious, as soft of a target hollywood is, and how ingrained it is into western society, why has it never suffered a terrorism event?


Attached: tenor.gif (220x165, 207K)

You make my heart go warm like a campfire (:

Attached: best-from-the-past-keira-knightley-by-jan-knapik-10-18-2005_1.jpg (1200x1800, 169K)

No, but preferring chubby “models” while thinking they’re skinny is. Look at how skinny Candice is and that mothered two children. Two! Just because they look like they have low bf% doesn’t mean they don’t get their periods.

Agree. Some guy on the other thread was saying models need curves. It’s like asking ketchup for your wagyu steak.

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and both have bought and paid for modeling careers. not the same as being scouted and cultivated like some of the brazilians and such

Attached: 1544570534693.jpg (1083x1500, 256K)

No bro, thats the regular and normal healthy range.

The lower a womans bodyfat % is, the more likely she is to not get her period.

Yeah. You’re American no doubt, that’s chubby by modelling standards you fucking mong.

Attached: 54F50AB3-CD75-4746-8DBC-F12EF734CC58.jpg (760x1013, 146K)

Heaven next

Attached: tenor (27).gif (220x265, 125K)

Modelling standards are unhealthy then friend. Plain and simple.

You can’t look at this bloated Romee and tell me she isn’t chubby, lmao.

Attached: 8FD52734-E35A-4071-A76F-17706BE1D413.jpg (1125x1386, 1.22M)

Yeah that's pretty accurate lol

Attached: 1507153410572.jpg (2979x3000, 658K)

I can tell you thats like 20-25% BF range, and entirely healthy. Probably the ideal.

Are you trying to overthrow our tasteless boomer user for the "most dense idiot" title?

Attached: hi bich.jpg (600x362, 9K)

Attached: NBrN6ub.jpg (600x798, 238K)

Attached: file-20180219-75971-sstbow.jpg (926x615, 144K)

Brazilians are mutts though

Who gives a fuck what you think. Modelling isn’t for normal girls. You need to sacrifice some things, as with most things.

Attached: 3955E821-0FB3-4819-A325-DC458889C2A4.jpg (760x1013, 168K)

Sacrificing functional health?

nah, thats stupid.

Some have curves... naturally (pic related), while this new trend of call fucking fat "thicc" or curvy" is fucking disgusting. It's categorically unhealthy, and is only going to lead to more problems down the road. This whole mentality of "love you for you" shit and everybody just need to accept you for you is dangerous to say the least

Attached: lais_ribeiro9.jpg (1013x1200, 144K)

Digits of truth. My God.

anyone bored

Attached: g11des33fqp21.jpg (750x1333, 124K)

that's just pfu having a hissy fit

Attached: BPcarpetaroja.webm (1280x720, 2M)

Attached: 5412562834856.jpg (800x1017, 94K)

Oh yeah.. Calling fat "thicc" and shit is just dangerous.

who gives a fuck what you think? your unhealthy views are outdated. if you think a girl like Taylor Hill is 'chubby' your mentality is fucked

Stfu bitchdicklet

absolutely gorgous mutts tho

Attached: 1544570517333.jpg (1092x1500, 346K)

>dem 20's

euros are better
I'm fond of naomi campbell though

a lot of euros are mutts too

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Attached: MADELAINE_3.jpg (2100x3150, 718K)

mmm shes good

Attached: 18j9jh67qee31.jpg (640x845, 113K)

Attached: hqdefault (1).jpg (480x288, 13K)

Attached: 1546902386437.jpg (4800x3840, 1.52M)

a little.

kek'd n check'd

real euros

These girls make my peepee feel funny


hold my hand?