Uk girls

Uk girls

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Damn right haha

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Any Emily P from Hull?

Any Shrewsbury?

Any Grimsby sluts? Preferably ones who weren't on kid number 3 before they turned 15

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More? Initials?

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Wassup pimps! Any stevenage?

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Wondering if anyone knows her full name?

I know her first name is Kylie

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imig room?

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Anyone have any from around the Glasgow area?

Any1 from Slough?

a bit kik Johnsmith199901
cord 4FMHKA


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Anything from Bromley/Beckenham (south east london)... always hoping to find a bird I know :)


anyone have any of chichester girls?

Manchester girls anybody?

got an annie w from there?

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dont know who that is, so no lol sorry

Anyone from Kettering?

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Anyone got any peterborough to trade ?

Anyone got yasmin_gregg onlyfan


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Anymore London?
North or East

Anyone got any hardcore amnesia_ onlyfan vids/pics? Think she has stopped now but she had a great ass!


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Anyone got Angelica from here?

Why are these chicks all retarded looking? Oh, they're brits! muahahaha!

Anyone know Lindsey M from Rushden?

She's in prison and knocked up by a nigerian, four niglets last I heard.


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Do you?


Do share.

why, think you know her?

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please share

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know her? say her last name and a desc of her and ill post if its the girl you know

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Any Scottish?

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Not outing - boring!

don't just want to share her with everyone but with people who know her

Not saying name. Dark hair, great tits?

think its only a UK board

Big up sl3

Scotland is in the uk.

Some guy the other day said the Isle of Wight was not allowed in the UK thread because it's an island.
Not sure he realised the UK is also an island

Name? Or more? Jesus those are nice

Widnes? Never seen Widnes girls on here. Even social media pics

great tits but not dark haired

The UK is actually a conglomerate of islands

That would be the British Isles

na, it encompases scotlans, england, wales and N/I
the British isles includes all the islands

Habib, it looks like a camel

but, aye. FUCK YER UK.

These are correct

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Are we not asserting our right to the west indies anymore?

Ah yes.. Windrush scandal


You can exclude NI, it'll be united within 5 years after brexit. Votes already on the cards

Also, Amber from NI

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Anons love arguing about shit they could google in 3 seconds

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Nah man, NI could be all republican and they'd stay part of the UK, the infrastructure is far better than Irelands.

How many niggers has that thing taken at one time? Bet she likes the nigger bukkake.

We allowed to see?

No houses, No Jobs and to the brim of foreigners

Fantastic tits. 10/10 she looks like fun

Exactly, that's why even people from catholic families would stay part of the uk, irelands fucked lad

I would love to have Danielle facedown on her carpet stretching her asshole open

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Can't say i'm totally in the know but every person or whenever it gets mentioned say that the shortage of houses is unreal and there are tons of eastern europeans

a close friend of mine is from the north and she was the one told me they'd stay with the uk, i always figured a united ireland was going to happen until i asked her


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Anyone got a jemma eccott?

yeah wtf u know her too?

Yeah. Kinda, we used to play together but haven’t talked in years.

Do you have any of her?

Oxford girls please!



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Cambridge girls!

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More of her? I banged her at a swingers club last year.

link from imig?

Any girl wants to share some nudes

Aberdeen slut

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god more

Brantheman91 at Gmaildot com

Email me if you have Jemma Eccott and I’ll love you forever.

[email protected]