S/fur friday

s/fur friday.
rimjob edition

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Trap x Female is god-tier.

I don't think you know what 'trap' means

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I'm going to trap my cock up your ass if you don't shut the fuck up bitch

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i'm scurred

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Sorry I didn't actually mean it and you didn't deserve that

too late, you already said and my fee-fees are hurt

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Hervy is sexier with a big cock

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this guy supports trump

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Fuck, all these cute buttholes are killing me. I just fapped and want to go again.

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Bisexual is best sexual

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We need h/fur thread

so make one


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nah, that shit's for indecisive people

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I decide on all genders because none are inherently better than another. Except herms, herms are superior.

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Who the actual fuck does this honestly? You dont need a condom.

american sex ed in a nutshell

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lol but fucking with a condom then taking it off wtf is the point. Wat

I think it went over your head. Obviously at first she wanted it but she got horny and wanted him to blow a load inside. It's not that deep, homie.

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dumb tho if u think about it

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Praise Inari

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heya sunshine

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Hey furend, how are you?

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waiting for a pizza

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Oh yummy, I could go for some pizza myself

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disgusting animal rapists need to die

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Hello Ed boi, how are you today? Looking forward to the weekend?

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why cant you furry niggers just do me a favor and fucking die already, no one loves you

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Muh clawsetfag, what's good buddy?

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Because time is on my side, Ed. I have many years ahead of me, and so do you, so you should make the best of them by being nice and happy!

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stop with this fake friendly bs act and show your true colors you fucking mentally ill degenerate scum

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Who says it's fake? I'd rather be happy and nice because I've grown out of my edgy teenager phase.

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You're so silly, closetfag.

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God damn, and I got quads in hfur half an hour ago too

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terrible photochop

yea ive grown out of my edgy teen phase too but normal people arnt friendly unless they want something or are on drugs so which is it? also you don't deserve those quads
and you're gay

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Such a sad existence you live there, closetfag. Where do you live, the Congo?

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I live in usa you dumbass

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I don't think you have because normal people are friendly, and I'm not even on drugs. It sounds like you need some tho.

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Well then you're wrong about people not being nice for no reason then. Get out more, closetfag.

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>normal people are friendly
where tf you live?

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Georgia, and southern hospitality is a real thing. Where do you live, the Bronx?

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not gunna say where I live because it doesn't matter

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Scared a furry gonna come git dat ass?

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Well that's obviously somewhere people aren't nice because most people are quite friendly in the US. Unless you live in ghetto black areas like I grew up in, then people are shit, and I still have that bit of attitude in me. So you should be nice because you'll never get anywhere in life when (if) you graduate high school if you act like that.

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Check em?

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Damn, it was worth a shot

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I blame captcha for being 2 seconds late because my pass expired :/

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you do you niggers think im in highschool?, you do realize im your age and the only difference is im not mentally retarded and don't find animals attractive

Woah there, cowboy. That's a lot to unpack.

Normal people are nice normally, and you live in Georgia, where southern hospitality is real. But you live in the ghetto of Georgia, where the southern Georgian negroes aren't friendly, which made you unfriendly as a result. You should be nice, because you'll never get anywhere in life if you reach adulthood, still acting like a ghetto Georgian negro.

Now, if normal is being nice...

Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself of something, closetfag.

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I find that hard to believe because you act like your 12 years old

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what are you implying
and you act like you're a mentally ill degenerate

> not mentally retarded and don't find animals attractive
Riiiiight, riiiiiiight.

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Yeah, I only act like that sometimes. I'm a pretty cool person to hang out with tho.

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im not crazy or a fucking furfag so stop thinking/saying I am because I never will be

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You've posted furry images tho, liar!

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Sometimes isn't normal or nice, Dash.

That's what a closeted furfag would say.

Sup Judes

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im from a white area so thankfully no niggers but everyone I know is a rude selfish asshole and that's how life is

Attached: worgen feets.png (1368x2000, 1.57M)

This would be the only viable evidence of user being a closeted furry. Everything else would be conjecture at best..

Just look for the Trump supporters, they're probably assholes.

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And that's why I'm trying to help you be better than those people. You can choose to be nice because we're not like the people you know.

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only to prove that that one retard was speaking bs

How many more do you have? Hundreds? Thousands?

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He posted some based FK shit too, not that garbage trash shit. He's got refined furry taste.

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If everyone here is normal, then they are.

im only nice to people who deserve it, you animal rapists obviously don't
0 but im surprised no one asked where i got it from

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You're in the wrong thread for furries that actually fuck animals, bud.

You want the feral thread. We've tried explaining this many times, why can't you comprehend it?

Oh, why be accurate. You post furry porn, that's good enough. Isn't it?

No, because you're calling us animal fuckers. We don't fuck animals. We jerk off to anthropomorphic drawings. There's a difference, if you're not retarded.

Well, I'm not calling you animal fuckers, Fursi. I mean, I could. Right?

Or, wait. There's a difference, isn't there?

sexualized animals are same shit so don't pretend you don't do shit to real animals


So you admit it, you're just retarded. Alright, I guess that's settled.

Well, that doesn't look like "yes".

> There's a difference, if you're not retarded.
> Says there's no difference
Therefore, retarded.

if i was retarded i would find animals attractive

Fursi. Since you won't just come out and say it, let me say it for you.

There's a difference between masturbating to degenerate drawings, versus having sex with animals. It's entirely possible for someone to call you an animal fucker, but have it be completely baseless and wrong, even though both you and the animal fuckers can go underneath the "furry" category.

If that's true, why is everyone who rants at furries in this thread automatically a closeted furry? Both them and normies fit underneath the "non-furry" category, even though one of them likely doesn't have an opinion on furries to begin with.

Is it still retarded, Fursi?

Not today, pedantfag.

I'll just mark that down as "avoiding the question".

When are you gonna namefag this bitch up?

Too formal.

All two of them?