Girls who have had your dick in their mouths thread

Girls who have had your dick in their mouths thread.

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You're all terrible at this. I haven't had a single one of those girls.

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Sorry op. I couldn't find the picture of your mom

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404 File Not Found

yo lets see those puppies in their natural habitat

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Please have more pics. Ideally nudes.

nice, big titty skinny chicks are the best, you done good user

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With a body like she must be SUPER butters for you not to show her face. Like with that figure she could be a 4/10 in the face and you'd just lowe it because of her peng bod. How low is she my dude

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More of her please. Ideally with this outfit..

honestly her face for me is 8/10 when she does her makeup. the reason I don't post her face is because I don't want her exposed somehow

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show us more tits then

fair enough

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more. dont be shy. show more full body + tits

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u're just posting random nudes at this point

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Best blowjob ever

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let's see those things

Nudes now

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Many times

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Can we get a face pic?

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first dick she ever sucked

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Nah causes she's ugly af

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damn, how was she?

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Best head I ever got

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Well she's not got much else going for her

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both of them, sadly never at same time

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swallowed my load

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any nudes?

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Real good

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Best sucking ever

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Several times

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both of em

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>rubs your feet with her chin as she sucks your dick

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Yea lol. Great with her mouth and at least when she sucked you couldn't see the chin. She liked facials though. Closed my eyes when doing that

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Skip this picture for sure

Fuck bet she looks great with a cock in her mouth. More?


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very fit. any nudes?

Hope you enjoyed it

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Ohhh more

not the greatest at giving head, definitely very passionate about it though. great in bed though

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Nicee any nudes??

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any with your cock in her mouth?

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nice body

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she's so hot. i love gym girls

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may we see?

she looks like she had everyones dick in her mouth

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Your girl is hot as hell, more?

she's fucking great
keep going please

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She's a cutie. Half asians are honestly the best

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honestly wish I had more of her

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great body, her tits are a+

Im a big fan of petite girls with small perky tits

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fucking same

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full asians have better petite/perky tits ratio ngl

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any nudes?

mmm a petite asian who smokes up. Nice.
bay area girl?

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