State you're job, salary, and age. NO TROLLING:

State you're job, salary, and age. NO TROLLING:

Sous Chef at Wendy's
$14.10 per hourly/hour
30 years youthful

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Trucker, 28, make 1400 a week
Been lurking Cred Forums since I was 15

I am job, salary and age.

32yo. I own a vape shop. Pay is on profit rather than hourly but last year worked out to a bit over £30k

Shitloads of fraud, about 1-2k a week depending on how much effort I put in, 18

President of the United States
Currently make no money, I gave up billions to make America great again but these terrible currupt fake news media keep talking shit about me.

Grocery stocker at Kroger
13.50 an hour

I remember a time when I wanted to make college work before dropping out two times in the span of 4 years. I wanted my degree and to get a career in something I was at least mildly passionate about and have a comfortable living. Now I'm working this entry grocery store job and I'm thinking it wouldn't be so bad if I moved up here. Where does life go.

Why?.. well okay then...
"I am job, salary and age."

Database Engineer


Penis inspector
$0.50 per person

equipment rentals business owner
zero salary

Ok faggot

i thought it was funny /shrug

im a dish washer and make 2 dollars more then you wtf

18€ per hourly/hour in addition extra money for early/latenight shifts and on sundays
34 years old

how has nobody seen this yet. fucking legend

Senior Account Executive (sales)

I'm job, salary and age.

He said no trolling you faggot.

University lecturer.

Yes we have. Now do your part and troll OP


>>take prices in supermarkets
>>about 14-15k per year, can vary
years old

Happy with my job, work 6 hours or less usually, free weekends

Snow plow driver at DTW
24.60 but I'm on double time right now hahah
28 years

Electrical contractor
Salary 87000 per year
Plus sex with my secretary

software sales

my nigga.


OK, first off, no such thing as a chef at Wendys. It is a fuckin fast food place with premade burgers, flipping it behind the grill. Is that the best place to eat where you live? Despite what they may have told you, you are not a chef.

Ill be serious with my last 3 jobs

Merchandiser for Pepsi: $15.75/hr
Sales Merchandiser for another distribution company: $17.00
Current job: Field Execution Rep: $22

Imagine being a jobfag and actually working for money

I am job, salary and age?

Treasury (Banking)
USD 100k

I think this is the only correct answer, ladies and gentleman.

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probably live in a state with a higher minimum wage than his

Sparky engineer
31 i think

I work at Ikea in the food department
$17 an hour, 35-40 hours a week
23 years old

Good benefits and I only live 10 minutes away so the commute isn’t bad

retired, 64, $204k (dividend payments, 401k, SS)

yes, grandpa likes looking at pretty young fuckmeat and making you MAGAts cucks squirm while you worry about your future.

Network Technician for the phone company, $89k base but I average like $130k with overtime.. it's a union gig

garbage truck driver

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>State you're job

I guess, this is capitalism at its best?

is that w/ w/o bonuses? whats the bonus set up?

5th year graduate student, cell biology
31k lmao
29. Fuck this science shite

45, TSA, 28.00 per hour, great bennies... small airport

CyberSecurity Engineer

I'm job?
I'm salary?
I'm age?

this makes no sense.

yeah im in california I want to kms

Executive head chef
86k basic +3k quarterly bonus

That's actually decent. I'm guessing you're in Europe

Scooter Operation Specialist Shift Lead - $17 per hour, 28 years old, bachelor's degree

Nope, east coast of the US

It solutions architect

... I'm surprise that these anons are the only ones to realise OP's mistake.

why do you feel that way?
it's wonderful here, plenty of things to do year round, the air is clean, and we are surrounded by beautiful young women who want to fuck.
look around any midwestern/southern state and you'll find an overabundance of land whales and people who are still screaming at obama - but the actual reason that they live that way is their tv are stuck on fox news.
Texas: I'm looking at you. all your while girls are getting fat.


Video Editor

32 years old

Nah. They just think that beating a dead horse somehow makes them seem "edgy" .

software engineer


New car sales for a Honda dealership. $58,000 last year. 57 years old.

Shelf stocker/ cashier
11.55 /hr
19 M
5 7"
240 lb

There's a dead horse now?
this is getting out of hand!

no all that is true just the living cost is super fucking high

That's Fucking surprising. I used to live in NJ and the retail jobs were under $10


Industrial Electrician
33 years old

>I earn commission/royalty per play/purchase

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Restaurant manager
£27k and some benfits

Biggest thing in my life though is buying my own home with no mortgage straight cash so my only bills are utilities and food etc.

Plan to retire at age 50

>State your job, salary and age.
>Fry cook at Wendy's
>$14.10 per hour
>30 years old

^fixed that into English for you, OP.
You're welcome.

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Yeah,ok Nigger

unemployed because I am a depressed alcoholic.
Paying bills with my four years work of 401k withdraw and tax returns.
If i can die today, that would pay for everything else with my life insurance. I pray to die one day without doing it to my self.

$20/hr Remodeling for a major retail
28 years old

I used to make 5k a year as a civil engineer in a shit hole country before coming back to the US of A so I’m happy.

* Yes I’m a sandnigger


You are retarded, asshole

fucking sand nigger taking advantage of American opportunities.

lab tech

Imagine being unemployed and making fun of people for having a job

wow you are my age

L6 Appsec @ Amazon (WFH)
Between base+bonus+RSU, ~$210k Y1, ~$240k Y2, ~$300k Y3 & Y4

RSU's will probably be worth >$1m when done vesting.

im not sure what connotation youre trying to carry with this response.
Get into a startup if you wanna make decent l00t

Only from the lazy fucks who can’t do better


"sous chef" at Wendy's.....


Mother fucker youre a god damn burger flipping fry cook. Dont try to church it up bitch.

that's a good idea thanks, FAg!

Yeah? Well, know that your mother is a whore who had sex.
and your father is a cuck

>only get welfare 9 months out of a whole year so 221 x 9 is 1989 a year if I keep this up

>field engineer technician
>off shore/remote site diesel engines
>36 years old
>112k per year

Lol, okay!

Program Manger


Pest control worker
27? I don't remember

how long have you been trucking? class a or b? do you enjoy it relatively? i just got my class b intrastate license in the nick of time before taking a class was required

software consultant, 435K, 34


ups driver/35/ made 109k last year. have made a little over 13k so far this year

>Director of UI/UX at a medium/large-size marketing/design firm in Cleveland, OH
>$105k annually, full benefits, paid parking lot spot
>32 years old

It's a good time. Happy I was able to pursue something in the arts (in interest since childhood) and make enough money to do so to live comfortably.

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on a more civilized note, how gay is it? how many hunks are there that have absolutely gorgeous bodies?

Janitor, 18,65$\hour, 20 yrs old

Professional Nigger Slayer
$1488.00 a kill
69 years old

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>Seed Conditioning Specialist

Went through a lot of jobs to land here. I was an RN for 6 years before I went rogue. AMA.

witty and original

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€50 per week
Dishwasher for Seafood Restaurant
I want to move to America due to better wages and a new life?
Can I american bros?

There are two things here that tell me you're a piece of shit.

Yeah. McDonald's needs fry engineers.
Do you know anything about potatoes?

>Office clerk
>24 (25 this year)

>STEM freshman
>supposed to be getting a living stipend from my GI Bill but the VA fucked up so no money yet

I don't need to imagine

If you've had life insurance for 2 years paid, killing yourself isn't out of the question. First 2 years they won't pay for suicide.

42k/year or 22.50/hour

If it seems high, it's because I've been working here forever.

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grad student, in sciences at top school

>I sell my art online
>~2-2.7k a week

what kind of art user?

Civil Engineer

I just started so I expect to be making more in the near future.

You have to be shift lead to get that.

How long you been there?

Prepare to be disappointed.

Sex toys, mostly.

Mechanical Engineer in the midwest, $84k (w/o bonus), 28 yrs

uhhh I sell like small resin sculptures/figures in limited batches. been doing it for the last two years or so, only started making good money these last few months. lot of work

hard cringe

You must work for a tooling company with those specs.

Online radicalization researcher, federal bureau of investigation, $65,000, 23yo, SSN 651-55-7780


Why do you say that? 55k is the typical entry level salary for civil engineering. If I don't get a raise I'll just work somewhere else. My email is full of interview requests.

you manufacture sex toys?? like leather stuff? silicone?

Heavy equipment mechanic (John Deere construction equipment)
$29.60/hr. 40-50 hours weeks. Full benefits and matching 401k
25, started when I was 22

thats just a troll response. not me

Damn, you guys are really well paid. I'm 36 and make 21/hr watching mainframe code for abends as a computer operator.

most people that post here are posting because they make good money, im sure most people dont make much

28/hr working with a state law enforcement agency.

Flu Box Enforcer
Hubei Province
2800 yuan every 2 weeks

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Stocking Associate at Whole Foods
$20.93 per hourly/hour
18 years youthful

Def time for a new job and probably a move. A lot of places pay tech workers shit. You can become a millionaire in 7 years or less working in Silicon Valley if you keep an handle on expenses like rent.

I am job, salary and age!!!

Or better yet, become a remote worker for a coastal company to exploit the arbitrage

Grammar joke. I allow it

why are you working at such a young age faggot?

You just missed the perfect opportunity to tell me: OK, Boomer.

Know what? I *am* doing OK.
And I started out life as a poor white nigger, in the foothills of Appalachia. We should have minority designation, being dirt poor and underserved for generations. Somehow, once in a while, one of us escapes and prospers. I am thankful every day for the life I have and the treasures that I have gathered.

And we see you for what you have become.

Sincerely , please don’t . You should stay in Ireland and make it great again . They are actually losing a lot of graduates to the EU and US , they call the phenomenon ‘brain drain ‘

Yep, I'm a supervisor. Been there for 4 almost 5 years which I personally feel is too long.

Not bad , do they give you insurance or 401k? If so that’s badass

How does it feel like working at such a young age at fucking soyboy yoga capital Whole Foods?

Operations Manager
55k GBP

feels pretty great knowing that hot suburban moms in that still look good in their yoga leggings don't mind me sticking it in their asses after my shift is over

Are they figures for a game or something?

Dead Horse. One more beating.

Amazon Employee
16.33 an hour

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Oh fuck,okay

Sleep now

It probably feels pretty awesome because he's making decent money for his age and can quit at any time without major repercussions.

Because I plan on moving out of my parents house AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I also need money to pay for my expenses even though I am attending a CUNY school. Working on my Computer Science degree! Why so salty?

project manager for a gutter company
28 years old
rougly 92k a year

maintenance technician
$15 per hour
22 years old

Get a trade my nigga I was at krouger too

Construction plumber 44,000 this last year 11,000 more than last year , in my final year of schooling for my journeymans licence , expecting to net at least 55-60K next year lots of overtime though sleep is a distant memory

I don't want to get too specific since there's not a lot of popular makers in this space, so it would probably be easy to find out who I am.

Its not game specific, but it is however basically the same exact same concept as making figures for a game or dice for dnd etc

big overall hobby, I appeal to niche collectors within the hobby

how much project management could a gutter company possibly need? You mean like storm gutters for homes? That's literally the only thing your company does?

When can you come over?

Because Cred Forums and Cred Forums as an entire whole has it's fair share of 45yo reclusive, Hikikomori, NEETs. That's why they're salty.

Timeshare scammer


1-2.5K weekly.

Fuck your morals faggot.

you would be surprised my dude. gutters are outdoor plumbing. its a metal working contracting license. theres quite a bit that goes into a well made gutter system. its also working on heights. akin to roofing.

There's also people much more popular than me, clearing 400k+ a year for the past couple years who work maybe an hour a week. Its highly lucrative if you can market yourself properly

cool! that sounds really comfy as a hobby. I always loved figurine stuff, small worlds/terrain, and working with my hands. Did a lot of 40k back when i was younger

sounds like a really lucky job

not an hour a week. hour a day. my mistake

IT Director at a Swiss bank
$160k + bonus

Rupees don't count

Attorney at law (just started), 43, 60K

I'm really fortunate that I can work on this kind of thing, its truly given me the highest highs and the lowest lows. Love it all though. I'd really like to work on small worlds and stuff for fun, but right now im working pretty much 24/7 and not a lot of time to myself. womp womp








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Videographer/film generalist
$600-800/day when working (before taxes, obviously)

>pretending to be happy in a caged existence

based and lying to yourself pilled

US Military 27
$73K yearly, more if I deploy + benefits.
$31K is tax free.

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I run a hog farm with 12000 market pigs.

I get paid 12.50 an hour, which is fine, 30ish thousand a year.

Cost of living where I am is very low, and 1.5x min wage in illinois is alright.

I assume most people lie in these threads for whatever reason.

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>ok boomer

Forgot to say I'm 29.

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Behold! The NEET's just reward!
His old lifestyle he can't afford,
Mom and dad retired, kicked him out,
now his future is in doubt!

Sold his games and toys just to eat,
soon he'll end up in the street,
Has no resume, has no skills,
all he has are mounting bills!

Though work is hard, though days are long,
the wagie's way has made him strong,
The wagie can pay for room and board,
a well-earned weekend his reward!

See that manchild on the street?
That's what awaits the chubby NEET!
He smells tendies in the air,
but his tummy and wallet remain bare!

Needy NEET, change your ways!
The end is coming to your pampered days!

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Full stack dev
93k usd

High school Custodian $80k a year with full benefits, 23

CNC machinist

dildo quality inspector for Brazzers
13.75/ hr

job: IT admin at a university
salary: $774/month (which is $4,83/hour)
age: 34


I develop algorithms used to analyze price charts and develop an edge in publicly traded markets.

25 years, and operate a tape cutter.
R$ 7/h.


Multi skilled operator coal mining
$127,000 annual

What kind of music and how did you get such a good gig

I'm tired.. I develop algorithms used to analyze price charts and discover an edge in publicly traded markets. I don't get paid a salary or hourly rate. I work with private investors and charge a performance fee of 20% and a 10% management fee. Made low 6 figures last year.


41, PMC + retired military, $950 per day while deployed plus army pension.

Manager in education (like a vice principal)
I could go back to my field. But teaching has a moral factor that's hard to find

Software Engineer