Hollywood secrets part 2

>hollywood secrets part 2
summoning all insiders
Ade Due insiders show yourselves

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>Butterfly dress

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How do I get the nudes?

There's another hole down there tho

>ITT soon:larping

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is there writer in here?

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Your not going to be happy when someone starts coming at you with magnet

da fuck is this shit

I'm here.

Ah, a fellow nopooper

Ariana Grande has a secret house of torture where she tortures men for fun.
She likes to kill them painfully!
Many missing people in America had small dicks and talked to Ariana Grande.
The CIA and FBI get money from the rich to not care.

Must be dumb..dont undestand how it works...

have u head any stories with jade chynoweth

is ur wife good with ur fucking other women

I looked it up, the end of it expands so it can't be taken out and the lock stops it from retracting

The SAW movies are real.
All of the people in the SAW movies were victims of Bill Gates depraved degenerate fetishes.
We know because there are huge cover ups!
People pay money to achieve goals.

Se7en is a documentary.
It's real as well. The real killer is still loose and rolling.

Never heard about anything with Jade.

Wife is often the instigator. She loves a good FFM threesome from time to time. But sometimes she just likes bringing me a cute thing to fuck. Our sex life is amazing and she likes keeping me happy. But I have absolutely fucked girls on my own for shits and giggles. If she brings anyone in it's always girls, she doesn't fuck other dudes, but I've told her she could if she wanted to.

Hell I'll tell you now. It was Mandingo.

back to disney. which current disney star do u think is going to end up like bella thorne miley cyrus..

Hollywood is broke
They all have massive loans and rely on their tours

There aren't going to be any new nudes in this thread, are there?


Mandingo likes to tell his victims that fact that he's a killer. Some people say they want to die as they know. He is photoshooting his dick in the video frame by frame.

The studio itself has actually done a really good job for the most part in recent years on that front. What a lot of people don't know is they've gotten more aware of some of the problems and are working on keeping the kid's heads on straight.

Celebrities have memories of the nudes they send to each person. They have very good memory.

r the parties u go to after parties house parties.. how often do u get invited and do writers get invited to parties or do ur wife gets invited ur he plus one>?

is it true that the oscar after parties r some of the most sexually depraved shit out there

That is the pussy of a 10 year old girl that was the slave of Barack Obama.
They will lie to you.
They will pretend to be good.

do u and ur wife have to sign an nda

how many coworker u know go on /b

Obama has done cocaine

ur quads only work if it is all ends in 0.. u a liar

Ok, but how do I get ALL of the nudes?
I just want to fap to naked hollywood stars.


Hack the very average people in the Americas

is there anyon u dont like working with. why?
same for ur wife..
do u only work in hollywood or have u worked out of the city .. on location.
same for ur wife.
where are the most parties located at.. which part of la has the best parties.
can anyone sneak in or do u need an invitation to the parties

I know the crazy one is Amanda Bynes, but who is the biggest Nickelodeon slut, Jade Pettyjohn or Miranda Cosgrove?

this guy gets it

do people take pics or vids even with kids
cant imagine no one not once not taking a picture

breanna yde.. not writer but she looks the type

Stories about her?

Why the fuck would an Hollywood """ insider """ post on Cred Forums of all places?

Smeagol was a jew. He wasn't 3D animation. He was the son of Terry Davis. There are no animation pictures of him on Google.
We know because 3D wasn't invented until the torture of smeagol was done. There is one scene of him inside the secret torture chamber where he says"baggins... Shire" out of pain. He then dies. After that, 3D animation was invented. It's actually a 90s movie. It was just released later and reworked many times to cover up.

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i told u.. im not the insider writer.. she just looks like a whore o me.. she works on nick and we all know how that goes

if u go to house parties.. is there even any room to go fuck.. if its at a hotel or hall.. where do u even go
whats the normal age range that u go for again

r the parties u go to after parties house parties.. how often do u get invited and do writers get invited to parties or do ur wife gets invited ur he plus one>?

is it true that the oscar after parties r some of the most sexually depraved shit out there

do u and ur wife have to sign an nda

how many coworker u know go on /b

is there anyon u dont like working with. why?
same for ur wife..
do u only work in hollywood or have u worked out of the city .. on location.
same for ur wife.
where are the most parties located at.. which part of la has the best parties.
can anyone sneak in or do u need an invitation to the parties

do people take pics or vids even with kids
cant imagine no one not once not taking a picture

for shits ans giggles and knowing no one would believe them.. cause

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


I read this as "I locked it up" LOL!!!

trips of truth? miranda is pure but you never said WHICH Miranda.. soooooo kek


Tripfag, I don't believe the college gangbangs, but come on... No way Dan never fucked her. She is used goods.

Secrets of the megaphone so loud everyone who can afford to pay to get hurried under mountains so they don't have to hear the screaming of the secrets.

question is did dan onky diddled the girls. what about the boys

dubble dubs confirms

Is Dan Cred Forums hero or villain?

hes a hoarder

schizos always fuck up threads like this. ugh

you're joking rite? pedos in hollywood would consider Cred Forums a haven for bragging they fucked a bunch of nick or disney kiddos.

I'm not sure if this is a "hollywood" secret but I got a blowjob from Lou Ferrigno in 1998 after he gave a motivational speech at my high school.
100% true.

was he dressed as the hulk when he did it lol?

>was he dressed as the hulk when he did it lol?
Nope but that would have been interesting. Was wearing a tshirt and khaki shorts unless I'm remembering wrong. Either way normal clothes, it was maybe a month before the school year was over and a nice day.

one thing also... there is no fucking way a pedo in hollywood would not keep pics of vids.. weve seen celeb leakrs.. no fucking way those pervs would not keep something for themselve to get themelves off

yep. even in the early 2013-ish days of tor you'd think some cp nick or disney leaks would pop up, but they didn't. not even low level ones. in fact, i don't recall any at all in all the history of hollywood. weird. even though there's plenty of proof of molestations going on.

Bush admitted he did cocaine.

10/10 would let her torture me

unles u count vanessa hudgens

i guess if u expose one pedo then u expose them all


but that was her own slutty phone photos that got hacked. i'm talking something on dan schneider's phone or desktop.

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Being covered up, or at least trying to cover it up was the discovery on set of this now shut down show.

There were multiple cameras in each trailer, dressing room, wardrobe and hair and makeup.

Literally hundreds of cameras in any place where there was any chance of nudity. The show, a tween type show, had hundreds of tweens cycled through the seasons.

It is unknown how many thousands of images and recordings exist.

The executives at the network are trying to keep all of this quiet because they would be potentially facing hundreds of lawsuits from anyone who was a victim.

This all came out after the show runner was fired.

Dan Schneider

Show: Game Shakers

wheres the tapes Dan?


Post Enty blind about Miranda Cosgrove, please. Lost the link.


Thanks, bro. So telling, wonder if true.

>Doesn't anyone else remember the rumors about Cosgrove being a slut at USC or something? They called her ghost cuz she loved guys to cum on her?

Even normies know it.

its enty shit posting but it does make u wonder about what fixer said how there are more depraved things done than outdoes that ghost pasta.

i wonder what that is.. only thing i can think of is father daughter sex sibling sex making a parent watch u fuck thwir kid sex

so many depraved things but ghostpasta is not one of them.


>worse that a girl being roofied and gangbanged by dozens of fratbros
Burn Hollywood please.

How Dan Schneider get away with it.

wasnt hollywood on fire last year. im sure i heard something like that

blackmail... lots and lots of blackmail... im sure of it

Eden Sher? What about her ?

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ooooo. im not fixer but i hope shes a whore.. whom am i kidding.. its hollywood of coursw she is

i wonder whats the drug of choice for hollywood

this. and unlike jeffrey epstein, dan is a computer nerd, so killing dan would be a huge mistake.

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>being roofied and gangbanged by dozens of fratbros

i wonder if dan shared his stash with anyone

read the damn link user

and go to theachive for ghost pastaA

Yes, I have. Actually, I did some tonight. But what does it matter, I have been out of office for 3 years.

And if I don't, there is no way I can keep up with Michelle tonight. Have you seen her, she is an Amazon.

do u think cosby was the only one who roofied
who do u think roofies a girl

if celeb dies how many of ya think it was murder?

What that means?
Post the story, lazy to search.

Dan The Man She's a Liar I wasn't Inside Her Schnieder is honestly a legend at this point

God speed you glorious bastard

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i aint posting that shit for mirandafags
positions means that she was fuckeed the whole night by 20-30 football players and they came on her so much that her whole body was covered in cum making her look like a ghost.

its a stupid usc ghostpasta because if u fucked a girl of course ull take pics and vids and brag about it. all gys would.. no bragging.. no proof.. means story is fake and gay.. pasta

He got so much hot teen pussy over the years. I'm jealous of him.

dan "suck my dick to be on nick" schneider

does it evern bother u that pussy he got was underage


>i wonder whats the drug of choice for hollywood

Typically Cocaine. It's highly addictive, doesn't last long and with addiction it's extremely expensive. It's not quite as good as heroin in terms of controlling someone by being their supply, but it's far better for entertainment purposes because it keeps users happy and energetic.

Problems arise when people discover meth. Far cheaper, lasts longer, even easier to get.

ikr shit must of been cash

He is also married to Michael

what about MDMA?

Checkmate atheists!


MDMA must be a pass-time for hollywood people. The effects are mild in small dosages but the come up is pretty shit.
I bet they would use it when going to the club or to a random party.

what do they use to make a girl pass out and to rape he with their buddies like bill cosby


roofies. Just slide one in their drinks and they'll be out before they know it

I know the truth about what happened to the Sprouse twins.

tell is then

The Sprouse twins were managed by a guy named Josh W. I met him a few times and he made no real impression on me. However, there were definitely rumors about him before the incident that got him caught. He used to throw these very lavish parties for his clients and would give them alcohol (all of them were underage of course). One night he invited my friend over and drugged him so he could assault him. My friend woke up as the attack was happening and managed to get out. Josh was arrested and convicted, but to the best of my knowledge the details regarding his time with the twins was never released. As it turned out. he had been grooming them for quite some time. He forced them to share his bed and it was very likely that he had been engaging in pedophilic activities with them. As far as I know, he fled the country and hasn't been heard from since.

how did ur friend get invited to these parties. why werent u his wingman at the time. someone was actually arrested and convicted ???? whats ur opinion about hollywood now

My friend was a client of his. I wasn't living in the same state by that point. My career was fun but brief. Yes, Josh W. was arrested and convicted. Hollywood as it is now is morally bankrupt, and unfortunately the economy being as it is means there is almost no room for smaller projects to get off the ground. I find celebrity culture repugnant, and I think there needs to be a cap on how much actors can earn per project. I also think we as a culture need to stop prioritizing looks. Hollywood will flourish when normal human beings are allowed back in.

what was ur career. what do u mean morally bankrupt.. what is considered small project money wise. like 12 million dollars or less? actors earn based on contracts.. it is what it is. what do u consider a normal human being for looks

The dude in the black and gray shirt is Bella's childhood rapist. He raped her for years.

the drink in her hand syas he fucked her while drunk. whats his name

I was a child actor and all of my experience was on sitcoms. This being Cred Forums, that's as detailed as I'll get. I don't have any numbers as far as project sizes go, that's not my area of expertise. I do know that the more popular you are, the more insane your contracts get, and past a certain point the money becomes outrageous and totally unjustified. A normal human being is a person who isn't paid to look good. They're average in every way. They don't look great on camera and they're not winning any beauty contests. They're just people.

if u were a child actor then how many pedos are in hollywood. is grooming a big deal of the metoo slowed it down. do u regret being a child actor and how often has someone tried to molest u or another child actor on set


Ritualistic maiming of property as penance for a discresion. Typically performed by breaking of the leg or legs. Commonplace in high end prostitution, as men will still pay to fuck a girl with a broken leg but not one with a broken face. In eastern European countries amputation of the leg was traditionally performed on runaway prostitutes or thieves, although the practice of amputation is far less common today.

Ever notice how many celebrities or politicians end up with broken legs/ankles after doing something that might threaten ((them)). This is far from coincidence. The cast or boot is a penance to the bearer and warning to others not to get out of line.

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what do u consider worse... a pedo or the people who protect the pedo

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Couldn't say. I was never molested lol. I don't regret it but I'd never do it again. The industry is toxic.

Both are equally reprehensible. One isn't worse than the other.

>In eastern European countries amputation of the leg was traditionally performed on runaway prostitutes or thieves

Wow... that's crazy. A few years ago I was pretty much living out of a hotel and there was a group of what were obviously trafficked Russian prostitutes and one of them was missing a leg. She seemed to be kind of in charge of the others as long when the men weren't around. I actually fucked her and a few of the others a couple times. I think I might actually still have a few pics somewhere. Brb

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toxic in what way.. the predators or do they force u to compete against one another for roles. in front of the cameras u r all best friends bts they have a knife ready to stab ya in the back.. that kind of toxic

if one isn worse than the other then what about momagers... do u feel they have no good intentions for their child and see only $$$ and would do what it take for fame




Mind your head

replying to a bump.. kek



cocaine bump

>there was underage pics with the full celeb leaks
but no one release it

how do u know and who... names



So I worked on the set of a movie in Pakistan. It was a like an international release, women's rights movie about child marriages

There was an open secret on set about the young actress being free to use. A lot of the producers and writers would spend time touching this girl or in her trailer alone with her. Word on the set was she was giving blowjobs to get and keep the role. She was like 14 too.

isnt that normal in that country

Maybe in like the villages and stuff but this was like a westernized film festival type movie. The girl traveled all over promoting it too

did u had a taste of her ... what did u do

I wasn't really into her. She was cute but I wasn't really feeling it

when was this and what other stuff went on

The movie released in 2014 so late 2012-2013 maybe. That was about it on set. She used to be one of those kids on like sesame street for Pakistan, and one of the producers got her a movie role by trading favors.


did she become famous or was that her only role

>anything about her??
i think she was a good girl

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no such thing as a good girl in hollywood

That was her only role after that. She's done some modeling and stuff since then but no movies. I've kept up with her on insta, she's still cute, just not my thing

>Bella had underage pics on the leaks

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interesting. i remember a couple years ago lindsay lohan accused a syrian family of child trafficking saying, "dooon't fuck with pakistan" then the mother punched lohan for acting like a schizo twat. i wonder what kind of pedo fuckery is going on in pakistan and lindsay seems to be redpilled about it.

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Did anyone archive the old thread?

here you go




bumping for life support.

bumping for life support.


Just to clear up any confusion

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any oscar secrets?


cocaine bump


Where is fixer?

probably working the oscar pre parties.. its oscar weekend

is there a normal time fixer comes on?

That's the list for fixer:

cree chicchino
madisyn shipman
jade pettyjohn
breanna yde
julia garcia
ava michelle
amelia wray
madison pettis
jennette mccurdy
miranda cosgrove
amanda bynes
jamie lynn spears

bumping for research purposes

u missed a few names
natalie alyn lind
emily alyn lind
alyvia alyn lind

Found her.


Found her.
Forgot pic related in previous reply.

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they all look so sweet and innocent until u realizeds they are slobbering over cock non stop.. kek

She posted this to her Twitter back in July 1, 2014. Doesn't tweet much; mostly retweets.

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what is fixer going to do with that list?

Do you think he was "fixed" with Kobe?


hot bitch