Fags, help me. I need to know the difference between Klonopin and Temazepam (Resoril) for insomnia...

Fags, help me. I need to know the difference between Klonopin and Temazepam (Resoril) for insomnia. I got some Klonopin from a doctor in a foreign country instead of my usual Temazepam and am freaked out. No bullshit, I can read WebMD myself - want real answers.

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bump. come on, you drug addicts, I need to know if I'm going to fucking die before I take this shit.

Klonopin is more calming, with less drowsiness. Temazepam causes a lot more sleepiness. So the Klonopin will work, but not as well for insomnia.

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Thanks user - like the difference between the dose scares me - the Temazepam is 30 mg, but the Klonopin is only 3 mg - like 1/10th the dose. I'm not sure if it is too much or too little - I'm imagining that Fentanyl shit, where they say "a grain of sand of it will kill you". Etc.

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if you want more answers ask on /r/drugnerds

Don't worry, benzodiazepines alone will not hurt you no matter the dose, they're pretty safe. Just don't drink alcohol on it.

So, I can take the Klonopin with no worries?

that's an irrelevant comparison.

3mgs of klonopin though is kind of a lot if you've never taken it before. i'd test run just 1 mg.

t. been taking these kinds of drugs daily for 6 years

pharm fag here. Can confirm, as long as you're confident you got Klonopin in the foreign country, you're good. You'd have to eat enough tablets to choke yourself to death before you OD'd from a benzo alone.

Thanks Cred Forumsrah. How does it compare to Temazepam?

i don't know. i've taken ativan, valium, klonopin, and librium. klonopin and other benzos are a dog shit solution if you're just using them for sleep btw lol

Get two Klonopins and 1 ecstasy tablet
And put them so it spells K E K
That’s what you should do you faggot

Who's the generic manufacturer for the klonopin you have in front of you? it should say it on the bottle or you can just tell me what it says on the actual pills

Temazepam makes me sleep like a baby - but I am in Central America where they don't sell it - got these from a local Farmacia, so I was freaking out about taking them.

why would there be an E on it?

Roche "Revotril"

i mean dog shit as a long term solution, for your health long term lol

How much did it cost?

What do you mean by "dogshit"? I don't know what you mean.

Potent, short-acting benzos like klonopin are bad for sleep long-term, but it'll do the trick.
I'd honestly suggest an antihistamine over a benzo.

90 tabs, 2 mg each, $120

more expensive in the usa (see pic)

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Benzos supress REM sleep and are physically addictive. It's basically alcohol in a pill without the hangover.

i've been taking valium multiple times a day for 6 years listen to this gentleman

Anyway to answer your question Klonopin at 0.5-2MGs is how the pills come. As long as you have real pills (you mention being in a foreign country in south america?) you'll be fine taking 2MGs at a time, absolutely fine

i think klonopin is one of the longer acting benzos but also one of the more potent? something like benadryl works well but i don't know how good that is to take every single night of your life. i heard glycine might safer for sleep

Go to shroomery where questions like this belong

I made a mistake - I have 2mg pills.

kp is pretty hit or miss for something like insomnia

brand name klonopin, 90 x 2MG, $120 god damn that's based i wish i could get my pills that cheap

What dose would you guys suggest to equivalent 30mg of Temazepam?

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tbh i couldnt even get it to work at all for me. had 2 other people try it they werent feeling anything. TEVA was the generic manufacturer

Go to Costa Rica.

if i were you i'd just take 2mg and if it works it works don't redose an hour or two later

costa rica is the most beautiful country in the world too bad it will be ruined by illegal immigrants lol

A pharmacy gave you 90x 2mg pills all at once? That's incredibly stupid but so based.

20mg temazepam = .5mg klonopin

True dat. But I had to pay the doctor $30 for the "consultation"

Don't take any more than you absolutely need to. I'd start off with 1mg and if you aren't out in 40 minutes, take another mg.

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