Whats the best part of the woman to nut on/in?

whats the best part of the woman to nut on/in?

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for me its in the mouth

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If she wears stockings I like to cum on those
No footfag tho or anything



Definitely chest

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on: stomach or ass
in; mouth

On her asshole. Looks beautiful running down her glazed hole.

feel like chest is the lowest on the list for me, when she wont take it anywhere else

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i take that back, butt is the worst cause you cant even look at her after you cover her

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Ejaculating in a girl's mouth is a brain melting experience

Who is this?

Anywhere she tells you to. Because that's what she wants at the time. If you can make a girl want your cum so bad then your winning. Been fortunate I've had a girl tell me cum on face, cum on tits, cum in my ass, cum on my ass hole...fuck I miss that slut.

Her mouth closed around the tip for the entire nut.

Did you mean you pist a picture of tits? All I see is a wall

God damn what a weak ass cum shot

no harder coom than busting inside a girls ass

this sperm go in sperm hpme

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Agree with all these anons. If she keeps your head in her mouth the whole time, then keeps sucking after, I have never felt anything so good

She looks like she’d be really cute. Idk why. Any more of her?

Deep in her pussy, doggystyle while fingering her asshole

knock er up in da pussy

More cum feeding. It's so hard to find shit that isn't 45 minutes of her screwing around with the shot and blowing bubbles and shit.

If you're kissing her cervix, nothing is better than nutting full depth. Honorable mention for shooting on a tight little belly, then immediately going back to railing that pussy.

Inside her ear

Hell yea, this user gets it. My wife is a cum slut and she likes when I cum on her belly/tits then put it back in and lay on top of her to smear it all in. Shit is cash

nice slut

her sister

nigger who watches too many jew films detected

Great chest to cum on

Definitely mouth, but she has to be in a submissive position, on her knees, head turned up, mouth wide open tongue in, eyes open waiting for it.

on her clothes

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In her pubes, on her tits, or on her face.


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based and kinkpilled

si many virgin larping... deep inside her ass is best.

I want young Em cleaned up and posed just like this.
Pussy mound shaved bare. Just a hint of lingerie. Those tan lines. On her knees.

So lovely. Thanks for bringing her out to play today. How's the kid?

it's always better when she pulls the load.
this woman, however, is a fucking goddess.

underrated post. thanks for the giggle.

Very few woman can give a great BJ, much less deep throat. So unless you have a master of that special talent, deep in pussy or ass is best. Cumming on her is just old porno film stuff to prove the guy came. Why ruin your nut? Are you filming?

more please

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I have to say the face - especially if she lets you take a photo (you just have to ask - (5/5 have let me)

I used to have an ex that would find sex uncomfortable and clearly knew this was a turn off, so used to ask where I wanted to cum. I started on her tits and moved on to her face. It went on become the healthiest days of my life, as I used to do nofap for a week at a time whilst staying hydrated and avoiding alcohol, before cumming all over her face every Saturday night. This is 6 years ago now and the pics are on a USB in my mother’s attic. I need to get them out some time

I like doggie style so its usually the neck, back and ass. Depends how much cum I have saved up

Please post all 5

yes, yes you do.
please consider doing so soon.
because you can always be a good son
and stop by to see Mother.

Any time the girl actively helps you cum with her hand or mouth is awesome.

Besides that cumming inside from behind is best, then while she's riding (pretty hard to do), then standard missionary. Cumming inside is the ultimate, especially when she's off birth control - the idea that you can impregnate her is very psychologically satisfying.