Anyone miss GDP?

Anyone miss GDP?

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what happened to them?

How's the rest of this scene? Scene number?

5 or so chicks came up and claimed something along the lines of rape and some other shit because they were lured under false pretenses and rushed into signing the contracts before they could read them, also some were not allowed to leave until they were done. Main performer is in prison and guy in charge fled the fucking country.


Pretty fucjing cool if you ask me

tragic really

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Why would we miss it? We didn't pay for it, and you can still get all of their content everywhere. It's actually better now because they no longer remove their pirated content.

I miss new content. Anything similar out there?

because they won't make any videos anymore?

Anybody know the scene where the chick sucks off two dudes?

The fuck is GDP?

There's 500+ so I'm fucking good for a while. That's enough of a catalog to celebrate.

GDP = girls do porn

Georgia's Danish Population

They were trying to pull a Backroom Casting Couch and blackmail girls into doing free porn lest they get revenge porn sent to their families.

Who got the gdp mega

Gross Domestic Product

Which vids have the best interviews? Good "first time" stories? Talking about their oblivious boyfriends back home?

German dome parsley

From what I recall they got charges for sex trafficking and attempting to (unsuccessfully) lure an underage chick. Feds got involved during the law suite that a group of women filed bc they were essentially forced into it, something about booze and drugs which voids the contract. The main guy fled to NZ and is still wanted by the feds.

Fuck I kept forgetting to subscribe and download everything for my grandkids to fap to someday

Theres NVG to fill the void

Are there megas out there?

theres a thread on /gif/ that has multiple megas

Happen to have a link or thread title. I didn’t see anything

exploited college girls better IMO

The girls were hot but hands down the best girls doing amateur porn now are the ones in hot guys fuck videos

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Gross Double Penetration

I was hoping that a few more bts videos would be releasing since they stopped but no dice it seems.

the only thing that ended GDP was crayon dick incels doxxing girls and spamming their social media with links to their porn so the girls started hiring lawyers

Grass depletion projections

>not one tgirl