First sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:

First sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:
>your first time / young love
>secret experiments with young friends / fun at sleepovers
>secret FWB
>that weird neighbor or friend of a friend who deflowered you
>first time online hookups
>etc etc, anything goes
>more taboo = more interesting
Whatever it was for you, when did you first start having sex, user?

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bump, where are all my greentexters tonight?

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Hope anyone has a geentext story told several months ago about some user that was staying over at a girlfriend's house, who wasn't home, when the mom of said friend had to take her son to the hospital because reasons. This led to user engaging sexytime with the little sister of his friend, who must've been around six or nine, and then later the aforementioned friend, on whom he had a crush, which led into a threesome.

Probably fake as hell but it was a good read (and fap).

encouraging bump for gay group experimentation stories


people might be tired from these threads always being up, tbh

b ump. where is everyone?

I think you've probably just been making this thread too much. Everyone who would normally respond has already done so before

You might be right. Or they have real lives and went out for a Friday night, as I am about to do. See ya guys later!

>be me 21
>virgin and giving up on getting laid
>may as well give someone else the lay
>start sending nudes and dirty talk
>even exchanged numbers and talked some guys off
>basically live by myself and horny all the time
>start experimenting with my ass and edging
>eventually weed out the creeps and find a guy my age
>we text and decide to meet up at 3am in a parking lot
>really fucking nervous and bailed on the last guy
>decide to just go straight for it
>get into the back if his car, take if his parts and wrap my lips around his cock
>start licking his cock up and down, kissing the head
>looking him in the eyes as he starts to push his cock into the back of my throat
>I let out little whimpers but keep going back for more
>eventually tell him to put on a condom and lube
>I sit on his lap with my back to him and slowly rub his cock against my hole
>position the head and push it in, again let out a whimper but one of pure pleasure
>it felt so good
>slowly sliding up and down, but I wanted more
>tell him to lay back across the seat and I reposition myself to cowgirl
>push his cock back in but this time it literally took over, didn't even go slow, just pushed the whole thing in and started grinding
>tell daddy to fuck me
>he starts thrusting his hips, each time a little harder a little faster
>I lose my mind, put my chest to his with our arms around each other
>he is fuvking me so good, I'm moaning a begging him
>my entire body is shaking and I beg him to cum inside me
>we have a syncranised climax and I feel his cum filling me up

Feel like an absolute fucking idiot cause I deleted the app due to that post cuming mindset. But wish so bad that I still could hook up with him again.


Was a virgin. Manipulated another virgin into a relationship in order to lose my virginity cause I was going to college. Broke her heart. Afterwards it turned out she lied and was actually 16 not 18. I was 19

I was 19, she was 16, 5'1 and tight as a drum. This was towards the end of 2012. I felt I needed to lose my v card at least before I leave my teens to be somewhat of a normal person. Strangely enough, before that I didn't really care about sex, just my vidya and assumed that it would just happen, without me even trying.
She had one guy before me, like a year ago and no cock since. I just went in and she couldn't take me, had to excuse herself to the bathroom and when she came back out she said "I think you broke my vagina". Then she sucked me off a bit, I ste her out, she got really wet and I gave her some terrible sex. Terrible motion, no rhythm and because of my nerves I lost my hard on and she thought it was because of her. Ate her pussy while thinking of a pussy eating tutorial I seen on Cred Forums. Got hard and came all over her titties. At least I got to experience some young love towards the end. Had a bit more success until 22, from there I've been mostly celibate, I feel like my attraction to young women comes from having missed out on teen love and trying to make up for it and I know I'm too old for them.

nice. I'm hoping grindr becomes somewhat functional again when we take it back from china

I met my bf thanks to /trash/

I posted a story (I was a write fag) and he messaged me, we got to talking, and some more talking, and a few months of talking, then after a year of talking I went to meet him.

We met at a hotel in his home state and we fucked. The 2 of us are now living together and we take care of each other. I haven't been this happy in a long time.


page 10 here we come :(


yeah I'm starting to think /trash/ likes writefags better than Cred Forums

somber bump

My brother used to use me to cam with girls on stickam and chaturbate, pretty much any webcam site. I was 11 and just hit puberty at the time. He was 14-15. Started off they wanted us to undress but quickly became a lot more. Jacking off together, jacking off each other. Me blowing him, and eventually going all the way, but we'd only do that for people we talked to regularly.

They'd send us money and stuff from amazon wishlist. After my brother moved out I started doing it with my best friend.

Hey user, glad you're here again. Are you in the mood to talk more about the camping/sleepover fivesome you had with your buddies?

Seriously, you did that shit on camera for strangers at that age? Fucking HOT. Risky af but hot. Weren't you worried about getting busted?

No. You keep asking about ass eating and cum swapping and just stuff we didn't focus on.

checked, and holy shit they were almost in order

just talk about what you want to talk about then, it's hot regardless

Re-posting this in every one of these threads...

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...hoping that vol 3 magically gets posted one day.

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