Budweiser actually tastes pretty ok when it's ice cold

Budweiser actually tastes pretty ok when it's ice cold

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I imagine piss would too

Fuck yeah, I am literally drinking one now.

Budweiser is the absolute worst beer I've ever tasted. It was like drinking soapy water. King of beers my ass. I'd rather drink steel reserve. It at least tastes good.

take your anheuser gmo's and drown in them

I’m drinking Bud Light

Well I dunno about all that..

yeah you're not wrong.

if it gets any warmer than ice cold though it's pretty disgusting.

Literally every European beer is better

If you drink it out of a glass you can’t tell the difference between can and tap.
If you like pilsners try Urquell.

Delete this post and gtfo

Fucking sheep.

what is the best beer to get in the US? I'm thinking of going out and getting me some

Any imported German beer

Fucking irony.

best cheapo is PBR, best IPA is Lagunitas

p. basic choices tho

Sam Adams Boston Lager

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Based, Sam Adams beer is delicious

Why does the end few mouthfuls of any canned lager taste like absolute shit? It literally makes me gag. While the rest of the can is fine, that last bit at the bottom is fucking rancid.

Beerfags answer this please it's bugged me for years.

It’s warmer because your hand has been heating the can/bottle

This - it’s why you see seasoned beer drinkers hold the bottle near the top, just under the neck

Because it's flat.
Hold your bottle by the neck to reduce overheating. That's why it's shaped that way.

I like Yuengling personally

Probably the best cheap beer in the US.

if you like heartburn, but at least its GMO FREE

My haul from Monday. Still got 5 bottles & a unopened 37 pack

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Agreed. If I go out I’ll usually go for Bell’s Amber Ale if they have it. Rarely I’ll get a Two-Hearted if I’m feeling an IPA

I'm sorry, I can't hear you with that dick in your mouth.

Heartburn? I think you may have a medical issue. I’d get that looked at, could be a hernia.

ah to be young

This though. Beer shouldn't give you heartburn even if you're old. I'm 28 and I only get heartburn from liquor and then only if I don't eat.

which beer will be best in getting me laid?

Bud light or something like mikes hard or whatever

The kind your lady friends like. Usually something light and/or fruity.

thanks Cred Forumseer/b/ros

No, it always tastes like shit
>Pic related
Get on my level, faggot

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pot calling the kettle black

>Uncultured swine detected

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I drink beer by the occasion. My favorites are newcastle, hogarden or however its spelled.. warstiener, boginbottoms or some shit, the bee colored can that has a ball in it like guiness. But, like if im outside working on my car, i will take some coors or some shit any day. Also if im hanging out with some rednecks fishing, i serisouly dont mind fucking up some busch or w.e bullshit pisswater there is. Sometimes i just feel like drinking pisswater beer, it just fits the mood.

Not beer, that girly water is what works

It's also one of the most expensive beers to make

I like Steel Reserve, it's not the best of course, but it's tolerable and gets you drunk faster with that 8.1% volume

Budweiser is usually my last resort. I'm a Corona Extra guy. The flavor is nice and sharp, and it goes down easy if you're binge drinking.

It always reminds me of rubbing alcohol. I know what you mean.

Man I would have drank all that by Wednesday. I got problems

All American beer is ass. I'm sure I would hate non American beer as well, I've just never had it to be sure.

>preferring malt liquor to piss beer

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>never had yuengling lager

>Literally every European beer is better
that's what they told me in my frat initiation
also told me Patron was the best tequila
nice try frat boy

>All American beer is ass. I'm sure I would hate non American beer as well, I've just never had it to be sure.

well then you're a reliable source of opinion

Bottom Shelf: Michelob Lager. Good malt flavor for such a cheapo beer. Michelob Amber Bock is great too if you want a richer flavor.

Mid Shelf: Samuel Adams. An extra buck or two can make a considerable difference in flavor. Blue Moon. Unfiltered beer at this price and taste is rare.

Top Shelf: Anything by New Belgium or Lagunitas. You can't really go wrong with these two.

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Budweiser was an award winning German lager.
But the company has been sold multiple times and the recipe changed even more times.
It's currently made with rice- which disqualifies it from the category's it has won in the past.
If you drink bud and get headaches or hangovers, switch beer and I'll bet it goes away (it's the rice alcohol).

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my beer preference is superior to your beer preference

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no České Budějovice, known in German as Budweiser, is brewed in the Czech Republic

Budweiser, brewed in the US is unrelated..

Ohhh the edge...

Budweiser is literal rice pisswater shit tier American beer. I cant believe you had the temerity to start this thread. It must be bait.

Not edge man. I lived in Germany back when the wall came down. Best fuckin beer I ever drank.

dude, this is Cred Forums

my piss actually doesnt taste to bad,although.maybe its the fact that im a diabetic

budweiser is the official beer of lower class trump voters who think a billionare who's lived his life as a democrat can relate to them

It's still possible to get budvar in the uk. It's as bad as budweiser. Shit tier rice beer

there isnt any,your better off buying a beer that isnt from the us

you aint never tasted the pure aids son

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literally arizona tea with alcohol in it.

>New Belgium
They went to shit when they expanded out of the mountain west.
A decade ago is have given fat tire a 9/10
Today fat tire only makes 7/10

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literally go stab some shit you fag

A cogent and well-reasoned response®

Elephant is my fave

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love the alcohol content

8 year lurk.. still need to lurk

well you put me in my place with your eloquence

sorry to hear that. their 1554 is based tho.

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Mein negger

sure did

you're alright, user



It kind of is a shame.
Changes the recipe to fit the American overhops trend. It's still good that new Belgium is employee-owned. That's a good enough reason to keep buying their beer.

Odell has been my local go-to for a few years now.

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agree. budweiser gets shit on a lot. it gets mixed up with its shitty counterparts, bud light or bud light platinum which are weak af, but actual budweiser, although brewed with rice and wood chips (fuck it, I drink sake anyway), isn't bad. i especially like the limited edition budweisers that pop up every now and then.

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