Yeeners better yeen!

yeeners better yeen!

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since yeen my life improved significantly!

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as a wise man once said, its better to yeen, than to have never yeened at all

good to see you friend, how you doing

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At least post some decent r34 or fuck off with this shit

I fuckin love yeen breh

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good to be here again!

I'm doing good, just a bit hungry but I will cook something later.

how are you?

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>atleast post something i can coom to or fuck off!
i doubt you'll like it, its nothing like the regular cuck porn you watch

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i'm cool, worked today, came back 20 minutes ago, gonna keep working on the extension

just in the middle of creating a database of images to test out

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sorry pal, this is a thread for yeeners, not for coomers

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sounds cool, but I have no idea what you mean with extension. is it one of your python projects?

I guess I missed a lot lately

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But i gotta COOOOOOOOM

>but I have no idea what you mean with extension. is it one of your python projects?
oh woops, yeah, the base is python, currently building the pipeline, i plan on it being the backend and get it to communicate with a database hosted on a site, my concern was the process time, but so far it looks like it would take less than a second to process an image

not to mention that i can always add more computers to the mix to share the load
>is that a.. a female girl?!

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then ask your uncle about this. he'll help you out with this, just like last time

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okay. and what is the purpose of the databse/extension? shall it help you select duplicate images or something?

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filtering out literal shit and egdiness, from there i'll move to cancer and shitposts, might have everything in its own category, but for now the first part is the main focus

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if you got instances where you need to automate stuff or do certain tasks python is boss here, and its really easy to understand, the only hard part is getting your brain to understand how it functions

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Uncles saggy elastic band prostate bores me now i have to COOOOOOOOM TO JASIRI


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okay, now I see

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1+ to the reply count!

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forgot to reply to this, thanks friend, may the yeen give you her blessing
appreciate it!

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you're welcome friend

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I hope the others will show up soon

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me too, most of the regulars were here yesterday

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