Candid teacher thread / creepshots

Candid teacher thread / creepshots

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My literature teacher from high school days

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perfect mommy

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cute face, more teachers!

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The only good thing that 9gag ever brought us

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what a fucktoy!

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This one actually fucked her student, got caught too lol

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lucky student

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Sorry for going offtopic, on the "candid" aspect of the thread, but I've just gotta agree...

She's the most breedable woman I met in my life, can't blame her hubby for pumping two babies into her in the span of 2 years

She's preggy in this pic

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mmm, got more?

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There's a possibility it's a student, but major teacher vibes from her outfit :)

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these teachers are wayyyy hotter than when I was in school, damn. Girl on the right is probably the sexiest teacher I know of

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that's nice but please try posting classroom pics

Asian goblin ruining the pic a bit, still very much worth a share

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There, fixed

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cant really find any without a bunch of 3rd graders in there

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just blur them

correction if she posed for the pics dont post it... this is a CANDID thread

just imagine fucking the hottest female teacher in the ass. you would feel like the king of the world for the rest of your school time.

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>ne actually fucked her student, got caught too lol
im going back to school....

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Honestly I think your sex life can only go downwards from there... fucking the hottest teacher in school... I literally can't think of a situation where you would be more Alpha

god yes

This thread is like a dream

I don't think most of the "victims" are that when teachers fuck them. I lost my virginity to a much older woman (old enough to be a teacher but wasn't) and I never felt like a victim.

You can call it grooming in some cases but you know it's not like they're fucking the sad sack Minecraft kids, they're fucking the athletes or the kids with drugs anyway.

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This looks like the start to an awful porn.

A teacher from my area in Texas. I got lots more

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Dump. Did you fuck? Or friends did?

A friend of a friend did AFtER graduation.

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>This one actually fucked her student, got caught too lol

She looks like a sand-nigger.
Did she claim she was a sand-nigger so they can't press charges?

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keep 'em rollin!

noods only please

2 different girls

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2 different sets of boobs

Why lie? Those aren't her nudes lol

only retards could believe this shit is true, fuck off

this guy gets it

what fables dreams of meth and madness dare write these words retarded?

>Did she claim she was a sand-nigger so they can't press charges?

based af

to listen to the police and media the student was heartlessly abused and damaged for life.

Used to beg my math teacher to go on a date with me (mostly as a joke) but once she realized I thought she was sexy she was always bending down in front of me and very flirty. I’ve been out for a while but still beat my cock to her

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NICE, got more pics?

Why don’t you find her on FB and make contact now?

No creeps unfortunately. Here is her face. To this day I have a teacher fetish because of her

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She’s happily married. You can tell she’s the kind of slut that never would but loved the attention she would get from the young boys. I’m about to crank one out for her again

Time to become a teacher

more please !!

i'm so hard for her give me more

yeah, all those STDs, so lucky

i need more

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That’s not bending down for you.

This is a killer body once you get this woman unwrapped.

Looking good emily...

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Teacher at my hs. I want to fuck her so badly.

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that tv though

Story or name?

By far, the best thing in this thread

what's the story?

Next time stay on topic, lol you've posted that bitch like 30 times this week

used to always take pics of my hot teachers

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Fuuuuck. When I was in school, high school, college and university!. All my teachers were mummies and chubby old ladies in her 60s...

only wish i had a better cam

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I know your pain, goddamn kids nowadays have it too good.

Out of curiosity, what country are you from, I think I was in that same classroom

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my english teacher was pretty hot

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i have pics of her body but not creeps

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She looks hot indeed

imig dot es/c/CvPgo2T

Yea, me to!


Nah m8, sorry for wasting your time