Come on Cred Forums, you're falling down on the job here. No trap thread...

Come on Cred Forums, you're falling down on the job here. No trap thread? No cum addicted sissy sluts parading around in panties?
For shame.

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I straight for a second thought wait he lost both legs from the knee down this could get a little weird. But fuck it I'd smash just because I need to nut

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Join for the best traps VSZxe6e

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little Ella is a she, you fucking biggot

Oh fuck off

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I wish i had a shemale step mommy

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transphobic pig

I'm the one fapping to trannies here, retard

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Can anyone tell me who this cute goth nazi trap is? I heard that she became a skin head

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>that tight Shining shirt
>cum buckets

1. Not a trap
2. Always was skin head
3. Insta is filename

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wanna suck on those dangly balls. in a straight way I mean.

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Thanks, i heard she also was called missanthropicon



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Cred Forums and it's traparchive

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Not a trap but I would date.

Heyy guys :) Happy Friday!

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I just spent near $370 on sex toys today.

wait, louise?

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God it’s been a dream to own/daddy a skinny tiny clit trap.

Yeah I got a lot of pics lol

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Show you cart.

Did you woke up today with a happy valentines card? Must be cool.

very cute, not gonna lie

Nah, the name's Katie :)

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Thats a lot of layers, is it cold there or are you just shy?

Yeah you’re being a faggot they’re still dudes were just faggots all of us they’re just even more faggy for acting fem

Thanks :3

Both haha. But I love laying up and wearing things like tights and scarfs, they're fun to wear!

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looks like a better match for the character for Sabrina on that netflix show

hello everyone!

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They actually go by male pronouns I think



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Any pictures of Alana?

im a young good looking sissy wannabe I search for a man to finally gonna make me a sissy
yoursissyslut2000 on kick


Don't have the picture on hand and don't want to risk doxxing myself with a screenie. But I bought
>"Raging Rhino" dildo with thick veins. 17" long by 3.5" diameter
>A dual dick dildo so it's like I'm getting stuffed by 2 guys at once. 9" long by 3.75" diameter
>Japanese adjustable nipple clamps with attaching chain
>Magic Hitachi wireless vibrating wand
>Cock massaging attachment for said wand
>Pressure point cock ring (sits just under the head)
>Cock and ball ring
>Open mouth cock sucking mouth gag/ring
>Slim dildo that's realistic feeling and 9" long (deepthroating practice)

I originally talked myself out of buying it all and then paid $50 next day shipping for the first order. Then caved in and paid for the next order, also with overnight, so $50 for that too. I haven't cum in around 4 months. I'm practically shaking just thinking about all my new toys. Gonna have to talk myself down so I don't cum just opening the packages.

Pic related to thread. Pic is NOT me.

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pls moar

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Hahah okay

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I miss rhi

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Yeah she was cool and so eager to sext and share pics, I guess shes taking mad chad cock these days?

I really liked her post telling about a date she had, but now I can't find it anymore

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why do you confirm their delusions?

I asked her to do a vocaroo too, saved it, can't find it now. She was pretty cool, ghosted me and all but shes still cool, made funny faces too.

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Not even the v card story?

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Yeah thats the one.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!

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I'm not gay but I would definitely suck that cock. hawt as fuck

We met her when she was still boymodding at work, its not hard to imagine some chadstralian grabbing her as his little sex toy as soon as she came out trans.

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checking the archives; I can't believe louise posted again in late 2019 but I missed it

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Same to you bby girl


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Erica Cherry

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name plz

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she was actually posting through 2019 and I missed it; goddamn

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>tfw no qt 3.14 trap user gf
The struggle is real, friends.

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that blond is one hot lookin dude

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I need more of this cutie. Those soles and that ass are perfect.

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Nikki Venus??

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More please!

>walk into airplane bathroom and see this
wat do

Holy fuck, the size of that thing.

Join the mile high club.

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This but with that gay wad

why is it that the pretty ones have tiny dicks?

Hormones, maybe?

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Just for today Sindy is OK

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suck it and plow datass

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Femenine buttholes

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Is Kat still around? Does anyone know?

15 + r

more scat UwU

my fetish rite there, I love hot cutters

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Check all the self harm marks on her . These girls always have issues

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spamming porn threads with gay porn
gay related stuff increases its popularity

spamming scat
I wonder what will happen

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I would love to bang her, the problem is, she would want me to suck his cock. Emphasis on his.

Retards always have to ruin good threads , i'm out

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mmmm, a mars bar

>Retards always have to ruin good threads , i'm out

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Stronk but Sexy

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>think traps, shemales, trannies are gay as fuck
>conflicted because they almost always have 10/10 feet and give me the urge to beat my dick

brb kms


i neee her on my bed. now.

sauce on this?

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Too much scat anons

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her cock, fucking bigot

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Theme song of this thread

minepi beta invitation code: larsihasi98

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Tfw no trap craft chill server

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If I had to say if something is cringe or kek
this is definitely cringe why you post that picture instead of some good ol' kek?

sauce, pretty please?

Nice plushies user

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Sauce pls

Me 2h ago

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Old pics here

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the great faggot apocalypse, what a waste of testosterone, no wonder the whites are becoming a minority

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