Wake up

>wake up
>gf is still asleep
> open Hulu
> make breakfast
> watch tv
>gf wakes up
>sits at edge of bed eats some of my breakfast and watches with me.
> I love life

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Hmm, shame shes fat :(

Go to work, you KELA rat.

Hulu on your pc screen....what a pleb

Get a job you tramp.

Except she’s not. Sorry bud go hate somewhere else

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I go to work at 11.

Ramen for breakfast?

I applaud you good sir

I have a 50” I just prefer my pc bc I’m also gonna work on some other shit

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Yeah, I ran out of eggs and bacon so imma go to the store after work. I usually eat ramen for lunch At work since it’s so quick

Not even the original commenter you replied to but lmao a 50” is the most common size you pleb.
Get at least 75”+ then we’ll talk.

Please move your task bar to the bottom of your screen

Yet, your insecurity drives you to seek validation from strangers on the internet.


It’s in my room. I don’t need a 75” so I don’t have one. That’s too big for having movies in the background, or occasionally playing ps4/Xbox if my girl wants to play together


No, just fun to flex on people. The only thing I believe I’d be truly insecure ab in my life is the fact that I didn’t go to college. But I’m successful without it. But at the same time people use that to show intelligence because a piece of paper makes you look big brained lol.

Like imagine not having a good life and being able to eat breakfast with your s/o or be able to enjoy life.

Well fuck off then


'flex' - what a faggot,

Post a picture of your 'gym' bod

Double Monitor and eating ramen

You're a jobless virgin who loves to live fantasies out on the internet. Stop this. See a therapist

Why respond op

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You will be back crying she dumped your shitty ass for some big dick nigga!

Double monitor bc I work doing pen testing. It’s more efficient. And if you look above a few replies outta norm breakfast.

Nah bc unlike you people I have both standards and I don’t jump at the sight of a woman who has such a low opinion of herself she’d date peasants like you people.

Bc I’m right

Oh and I ensured I was with someone who respects me and has the same conservative values as i

Faggot = has a gf