Did you ever fucked a girl in the ass?

Did you ever fucked a girl in the ass?
How does it feel and it was really better than fucking a pussy?

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Its different, not better or worse. Entering the ass is WAAAY tighter and feels amazing, but unlike the pussy the rectum is not a muscle. It doesn't clench your dick. I like it for kink and variety.

I fuck my girl in the ass occasionally. Normally when we're doing more of the wild shit like light bondage or dping with the vibrator. Sometimes she'll ask for it specifically. It feels tighter, but it's also dryer and requires lube of some kind.

I don't think it feels as good as an old fashioned pussy fuck, hence only doing it on occasion.

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Its like fuckin a donut all there is is the o ring the rest is hollow.

This is a great description tbh

you need a bigger dick.

It's way better.

Dudes I'm a virgin but somehow I can perfectly picture the sensation because of your descriptions. It's so weird and vivid. It's like I remember myself fucking girls in the ass from a past life or something

Well i have fucked over 10 womens assholes and thats my report kid.


I'm gay, which means I have only fucked asses. It's sadly not that good. Sometimes I wish I were straight so that I could fuck pussy. Transmen are ok but I am attracted by dick as well, I need it even though I'm a total top.

A bit like that, yes.

And assholes are sometimes so tight it's like they are kicking out your dick. It's not so comfortable.

can get messy and i always shower right after because my dick feels disgusting.

but the entry feels amazing

the anus is a muscle, but the colon cant grip the penis as a vagina can. So i understand what youre trying to say.

I'm not gay, if you have the desire to fuck ass even if the ass in question is a female's asshole you're gay.

Kinda feels like sliding a cock ring up and down your shaft.

wouldnt say it feels better. the optics and psychologie of her taking it in the ass is what makes it hot for me. feels kinda like fucking a balloon (thight ring to enter but then a lot of space).

out of straight curiosity:
how is it decided who fucks who first in the ass?
does the stronger one just get to be the top?

not like porn makes it seem. they make it seem like you just slide it in there whenever the fuck you decide to. you do need some kind of lube. doorway is tight, hallway is wide.

depends a lot. some guys are total tops, many are versatile and many are total bottoms. the few guys I have had sex with were total bottoms (i'm a total top so that's what I looked for) and would rather not have sex than fuck another guy. among versatiles, it's more complicated. depends on what each other is feeling, how pushy each one is, which one is taller, which one is stronger etc

oh, and dick size also matters a lot

not IMO

that makes it sound like way more of a powerplay between guys. feel like being gay must be horrorfying for people with social anxiety. glad im straight, it is way more simple: there is an obvious default when pussy and dick meet. no fucking each others head whos in a more powerfull position or fits which role of a spectrum more

Takes practice. Go real slow, lots of warm up.

but wait:
does the one with the bigger dick get to fuck the other ones ass? wouldnt it be better to let the smaller dick in?
(speaking as a straight guy who would rather be fucked by a small dick out of obvious reasons)

Did you ever fucked anything you retarded nigger bitch mother fucker?

well, it's not that bad. most versatile guys tend to like bottoming more and most who aren't versatile are total bottoms.
if you are a total top, you're by definition in demand, and bottoms will be happy that you're the one doing the fucking. if you're a total bottom, I guess you wouldn't care about being the less powerful one.
the problem is when you're top and have a small dick, but I guess that is also an issue to straight guys as well

Yes but I literally dont remember, my girlfriend admitted one time we were drunk and I put it in there (must have been on accident because I'm not particularly interested when sober) she was drunk enough too to just go along with it. I guess she just thought it's what I wanted, she's submissive enough to do literally whatever I want. Made me feel like kindve a degenerate desu

Pretty ass.

lol it's almost always the one with the biggest dick who gets to fuck. guys aren't afraid of size, they are enticed by it.
my dick is a little bigger than average and i have a hard time penetrating some guys. it doesn't look so comfortable for them, but they still keep looking for hung guys lol i think it's something in their mind

feel like i learned something new about a different culture. fascinating, there should be documentaries about that (that are not gay porn)

as someone who likes his own dick a lot, i get that.


yes. honestly, it's interesting.
and btw, i think that in some aspects it is easier for someone with social anxiety (me) to be gay. i don't need to conquer and impress guys. i exchange a few lines with them on apps, go have sex and then casually talk with them. if i had to impress bitches like my straight best friend has to, i would maybe have been an incel.

im sure nobody would deny that its way easier for men to get laid by other men then by women. in general.
any time im looking online for a female or couple hook up and see solo guys basically throwing themselves on you, i kinda find it unfair how easy it must be for gays.
if it just werent for this inextinguishable thirst for pussy...

when I do it to my gf usually she reach an orgasm very fast and before me

it feels ok. the pussy is the better option honestly. i have a bit of an anal fetish so it makes me bust quick. its the difference between grabbing your dick with your whole hand vs only your thumb and index finger. the pussy squeezes your whole dick where the asshole only squeezes a small area

Lost my anal virginity to this ass just a few days ago... she offered and it lived up to the hype. Came in minutes. Tight rim around my dick felt amazing. She was kinky and into it though, i can imagine if she hated it it wouldnt be as great

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You sound like you would enjoy being with women too. Why not try bisexuality?

it feels good the first 5 mins or so, then the anus relaxes way too much and it stops feeling tight. It's really a mental thing more than physical, the anus is the last boundary of intimacy a girl will allow you to cross and it directly appeals to your ego. It's fun, but if you really want to connect with the woman intimately, it's really about the vagina and the clitoris.

Tighter, but takes time to get the hole prepared while pussy is usually good to go so less convenient


It's like fucking a tube. It's smooth and nothing to give a dick stimulation.

It's a power thing to me. I'm fucking her in her ass because she's a stupid bitch.

I'd rather be in a pussy anyday.

In my experience assess are tighter and have a hotter temperature than vaginas which makes them feel different. Yes, you need lube. Also, there is the "fucking your ass, bitch" feeling of dominance that makes it great. Overall, I like vags better but fucking a good asshole is great.

It's also the only way to fuck a trap and I love fucking traps

Had anal with my wife. It was nice until the shit came off.
I have a sensitive nose and I can't really enjoy the smell, so after that, sex is vaginal only.
And some years after that we barely have intercourse, so, it doesn't matter! xD

>using lube
just take the pain and pleasure the guy, simple logic.

an enema before should solve this problem

I don't feel attraction towards women. I like male bodies, I like how men smell etc. A pussy might feel nice, but sex with women would probably feel boring at best.
But I do admit to having already tried it. Last month, I used a bit of coke (which I almost never do) and decided to go to a hooker. She gave me a blowjob, which felt REALLY nice (better than any other I have ever had) but I couldn't get an erection to penetrate her. It was probably the coke, but her being a woman is also a turn-off to me and probably amplified that effect.

Several times, but it's only fun if the girl is on a good diet and takes care of her hygiene.. and gets embarrassed/aroused from the butt stuff. Otherwise it's pretty much a bad time all around.

Too late. She doesn't even shave for a clean vaginal penetration, so, enema is too much.
It's hard to be married.

why don't you divorce

you should try it with a friend you trust, that you feel at ease with, maybe in the dark so you get over the girl thing, and the kissing and fondling will prevail.

I hope she has a tight pussy, it really makes a difference, but they all feel nice in general

I'm straight and average in the dick department but if I was gay and some faggot thought he could put it in my ass just because his dick is bigger he would get choked out. Fuck that, I will fight you and pin you down and fuck you even if your dick is 8" long. I wouldnt give a fuck.

I sometimes prefer it with my wife, especially in those instances when I want to go balls deep. She's the first woman to even let me try anal, as I'm a little above average (maybe a lot above average, I don't know...). I would typically bottom out with a couple inches left when fucking a girl. When my wife finally got up the nerve to try it, with a lot of tongue, fingers, a plug and some lube, she finally relaxed enough to let me in. Even once it was relaxed, it still grips pretty good, with my girth. I like going all the way in, when the head slides into the sigmoid colon, it's like a little kiss/suck on it. Not something we can do frequently, and I can only go hard if she's had a lot to drink, otherwise, she'll tap out.

Nope, take a ribbed condom & masturbate with it. Its like that.

thanks. i have some girl friends who would like to have sex with me, but the fact that I know them feels like pressure to me lol. hookers make me feel more comfortable because you can decide to stop at any moment and never see them again, if it doesn't go well.
maybe i'll try again in the future, but for the moment i'm sticking with guys

Really depends on how tight the pussy is. If it has no grip at all after 5 or 10 mins, then anal feels closer to a hand grip. But it takes a while to dilate enough to put it in, you need lube, which smells and makes everything feel sticky, you can't really forget you're fucking an ass and your dick is gonna have some shit on it any time soon, and it's disgusting to just touch anything with yor post probable shit, sticky lube smelling fingers. The first time it's surprising to see everything come out of the shithole completely clean (even right after taking a shit), but you know the risk is there.
Also, your dick has to be really hard, which isn't that easy immediatly after all this preparation process

try this lube for anal sex youtube.com/watch?v=d4SGPUY0x9A
its gold

totally hot listening to the girl. back when my wife was into it, she would make low moaning noises. It became too painful and she is way more orgasmic with straight fucking, so we don;t do it anymore unless she's drunk and super horny

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just agree with the guy before what you're gonna do. there are total bottoms who have horse dicks, so the bigger dick rule doesn't always apply. it's mostly for undecised versatiles

more of your girl?


It only feels better for dudes who have dicks too big to fit all the way in the pussy because an asshole can take way more length than a comparitively shallow pussy

Anal is awesome. It’s a good way to change up the normal sexy time. Plus I wouldn’t say I have a scat fetish but I do like it when I get some of her shit on my cock just makes it more kinky I guess ( pic related my girls ass)

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Tested it once when i was young, she did not like it. hurts, never thought about testing it again,

Same here.

Wife loves anal

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Exactly, this.
This one is me

no, the ass would have to be fucking huge for both of us to fit in there.

I'm gay AF. Married to a guy ACS everything, and I prefer ass over pussy.

How big user?

I've fucked girls and guys in the ass. It's not bad

what does acs mean


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Wife educated Catholic from pre-school through college. This was in the 80s and early 90s. No sex ed in school other than basic penis in vagina when you are married to make babies. If you do that before being married, you are going to hell. No mention of condoms, no mention of oral, no mention of anal, don't exist as far as school is concerned. She's in 7th grade, walks in on her older (soph in HS) sister getting nailed from behind. Freaks out, says she is going to tell their parents she was having sex. Sister tells her she wasn't having sex, she was doing something different. Tells her that if you like a boy, you can make him happy by letting him put it in your butt. And it feels good too. Gives her some KY Jelly (before other lube was sold in drug store), and says she should practice it with hair brush handle. So she does, frequently, feels good. Little later, has a guy she likes, they were making out, getting handsy, and she asks him if he wants to try it. Of course he does. She does it, likes it, a lot. But wasn't like a boyfriend, just a guy. Does it with other guys too. Soph year of HS, learns what a BJ is, because other girls have started doing that. Thinks it sounds gross, and doesn't see why you'd want to.Always just does butt stuff. HS parties, people playing spin the bottle and finger banging or blowjobs, she takes it in the ass.Was a year or two into college before she realized how risky it was, since she was now around people with different experiences, from different places. Even she is shocked by how many dudes she fucked like that. Easily in the high double digits. Everyone was in that school community, so didn't have STDs entering from the outside. Super risky, super lucky. She is not proud of that behavior at all. Maybe not quite to "ashamed" but she isn't an unabashed slut.

The ass feels like the skin on your lips and pussy feels like the skin inside your cheek

Depends on how turned on I am. Length can go from about 8 3/4 to 9 1/4. Girth, 6 3/4 to a touch over 7. If I wear a cock ring, I max out, and the girth around the head can get up to about 7 1/4

I've had my tongue inside a girl's anus before, and it hurt. The pressure was really strong.

I want to feel that in my penis someday.

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All the time. Feels great. Not necessarily better. I especially like being a girls first.

This. I was pretty sad to find out the sensation just wasn't nearly as good. You may get off on the kink aspect though. I've only cum in my wife's ass once.... and that was oddly exciting after years of pumping cum in her vag.

I always imagined it as being that. After the short tight entry, it all just being hollow beyond that. With a pussy you have a whole long flesh tube of pleasure to enjoy.

As a straight guy this always surprised me how there's a top and bottom.. always kind figured you'd just take turns.

its fun until there's shit on your dick

>s fun until there's shit on your dick
Just clean it off in her pussy and keep fucking... imagine being this fucking stupid