What is your best invention, You niggers?

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This is true black history.

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What then is true?

The victim complex.

Rock n roll

Dubs and trips confirms.

White people racist?

>we wuz kangz

White insecurity.

Black people stuck in a state of denial and blaming all they’re problems on the white man?
Everybody has dumb racists in their “race,” you intersectional autist.

E'rrybody racist.


Peanut butter

Might as well be a cotton gin... oh wait

>Victim complex

Let me see what white people did to black people

Profited off their labor
Raped their women
Abandoned their kids with black women
Separated black families
Forced their religion on them
Forced their language and culture
Physically abused them
Segregated black
Didnt allow black to get an education

But tell me again how black men can prosper with this shitty white society. I'm not black but the racist pieces of shit need to get impaled by a huge dildo to their eyeballs

Peanut buttter was invented by the aztecs you dumb fuck.

Vanessa Blue was the first pornstar I ever jerked off to. Please don’t use her for race-bait threads.

how does that shit hurt blacks today? blacks murder rape and steal today. blacks have kids out of wedlock and have interracial kids with white women that they abandon
niggers sold other niggers to whites
blacks didn't even have education in Africa so what's the difference if we deprived them of it? they didn't even have written language in much of Africa

Nice bait dumbass blacks were already doing that to their own people before whites showed up.

Music , Sport , Dance

Slapping on mud houses is not music
Running from the police is not a sport
Moving around like a ape is not dancing

Previous genetic research showed that our species interbred with both the Neanderthals and Denisovans (presently, most live in Detroit), with modern human populations outside of Africa still carrying DNA from both. But while there is an ample fossil record of the Neanderthals and a few fossils of Denisovans, the newly identified "ghost population" is more enigmatic.

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And white boy can't jump or run



Olympic high jump gold medalist Derick Drouin is white
Men's under 18 100m record holder is white


Yes what


Let's see, what should I take pride in today? Accomplishments? Nope. Attractiveness? Nada. Mental traits? See 'accomplishments'. Physical traits? See 'attractiveness' -- wait! Zoom in on that last one. Enhance. "Race: White." That's like the top race of the last 500 years!


They invented crime

Lol nature vs nurture. At the end of the day I don't give a fuck what "made" you a violent rapist or murderer. It's been long enough now your excuses don't apply. Look at American Chinese. We literally worked them to death in the railroads because there were so many. 3-4 generations later they are responsible citizens. Not killing each other like wild apes. Over 90 percent of all black men are killed by other black men. So fuck off with your white guilt soyboy brainwashed horse cum drinking philosophy.

White people invented genocide

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What is that

Any proof?

So many



Black people best invention?
White people.


I'm Eurasian
I actually believe the races evolved from their own apes... my comment was a joke and not a black friendly one, which I thought was obvious.

We're all homo sapiens sapiens dumbass. Sub saharan homo species spread out and killed all the locals (in your case homo neanderthalis I believe although it's been a fair bit since I studied this) about 40-70,000 years ago in the original manifest destiny

That's only a theory that is touted as fact, dumbass. there has been a lot of new findings that disprove out of Africa and even same ape origin.. you could look into that, but u won't, I'm outa here.

Between the jews n the kgb the usa is one big ole psyop






Dang yo 40 years to 70 thousand years is a big range m8