Bombshell, the walls are finally closing in on you Trumpanzees and drumphtards

Bombshell, the walls are finally closing in on you Trumpanzees and drumphtards.

Here are the articles for the impeachment and removal of your orange messiah.

Buh-bye orange man.

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in other news op is a faggot

They think they're protecting democracy and freedom. They're a tiny, little minority and they're just learning that people dont give a shit about them.

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>hurrr durrr

Stay out of my threads you obvious sperg.


I wonder about what? Laughing at libs screeching for the last 3 years?

You have 5 to go. Screech to me more on the internet like the pathetic little faggot you are for those 5 years.

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Well since he was acquitted, doesn't that mean he can go for a third term?

Yawn. Shut the fuck up you inbred chick. You're a minority. You're just lucky soviet russia makes money on Trump or you wouldnt have the drooling idiot you can relate to.

Now say more edgy cookie cutter shit, you little brainwashed parrot.

Imagine this libtard crying and screaming while typing this

The real laugh will come when all these dumb fuck hick watch the state of New York toss his ass in prison the moment he cant pardon himself.

Make no mistake. Be it this year, or four years from now. When Trunp isnt president, hes going to prison. Sorry drooling white taliban. You messiah is going to rot for tax evastion.

I cant wait to see their angry little autistic faces and hear all the arab style threats of violence.

Imagine making any points that arent just recess shit talk. Got anything else, child?

I'm sorry the people who brainwashed you not only didnt give you the knowledge to defend your shitstain beliefs, but they really failed in teaching you how to accurately socialize.

Get back in your basement, little white nigger faggot.

Faggot, nothing is going to happen.

>white nigger faggot
>how to accurately socialize
Yep checks out to be a beta cuck libtard. Go break your arm defending a bus stop from capitalism, pantifa.

Shhh, kid. You dont know. You basically just told me the world is flat. How about you use google and inform yourself instead of being a little propaganda spewing tool that believes the self serving, wealth creating rhetoric of a man who got rich because daddy gave him loans.

Nice try though. Respond with something relevant. Slag.

Still not done crying?

Thanks for fulfilling my prophecy.

5 more years of this frustration from you. It's fucking hilarious.


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Shh. Nice memes child. I saw those, too. Just not as dumb as you are to believe a picture with a sentence on it as facts.

Are you going to be relevant? Say something relevant.

Lol I'm rich from my father's past gains and nobody bitches about that. I just figured you're butthurt at society because you know deep down in your heart that you'll never ever make a lasting impression or impact in society because how hopelessly poor you are. Nice try tho.

Kind sir, don't be a fucking idiot. Kings don't have term limits, long live The King.

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You dumb fucks actually think this is a shade throwing contest and you're not even good at that. I very much doubt any of you are even old enough to vote, let alone construct a coherent sentence that actually defends your shitstain "thoughs".

Educate yourselves. Learn some new words. You're the fucking laughing stock of the entire world.

Based on none of you having anything that's even nearly relevant to the topic of this thread, I'm just gonna...

Say faggot again. I love when you stupid white niggers project.


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>stupid white niggers
Here we go again lol

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Brainwashing white men only requires you lie to them.

Fuckin retard in denial
Full acquittal cunt

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Pretty sure that's photoshopped.

Kill yourself. And don’t be a pussy, do it right. Livestream for us all to watch. Worthless cunt

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I see all the dumb little hicks know sentences and some small words. Move to paragraphs and 10 letters next. We'll educate your little slave asses yet.

Sounds good kike

Is this like when Hillary lost and you all roleplayed as if she win? He was acquitted sorry but you're delusional

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Yawn. Oh look. Memes that have no truth behind them.

The little clowns and their propaganda.

Enjoy being a minority. You wont.

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I cum so hard every time I watch this. Just buckets.

Wait, you are claiming intelligence and still using compound words? Good luck with your middle school level writing and grammar skills.

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Hahahaha half of america is starving then lol

>You're the fucking laughing stock of the entire world.

And you're from some shithole 3rd world country.


"No u" nice try, kid. Come back when you're relevant.

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I am. It's called America.

That's not news

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>you're relevant

You keep on this, as if you are in any way shape or form other than giving your mother a purpose in life since she needs to take care of you into your 30's.

(((Projecting this hard)))

>It's called America.

>You're the fucking laughing stock of the entire world.

You type as if you aren't from the USA, so you need to be more specific. Which country in North or South America?

If you are from the USA, of course you hate your own country because it stems from your own hatred.

Being an emotionally dysregulated gender dysphoric autistically screeching self-loathing libtard bending the knee (and over) for his mentally ill lqbtqp overlords is no way to go through life.

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I'm glad you learned some terms of psychology when you went for treatments for your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Do the right thing 41% of your type do, KYS.

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In my family blood is thicker than money. Obviously your family is different.

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Anyway. Enjoy your dead ass thread once I leave it, little white nigger faggots.

Try going outside today.

>Anyway. Enjoy your dead ass thread once I leave it, little white nigger faggots.

There's your relevance, this is where you derive yours.

I'd definitely KMS if I were you.

Cute. So many memes. The funny part about it is you're whining and crying that I didnt spoon feed you the information. Revealing to me you dont take in information that's not spoon fed, and you've obviously never looked into anything you're talking about.

You're the perfect example of how to manipulate a dumb white man. Just lie to him.

And Trump lied to you. Alot. Like when he tells you putting money in your wallet is his priority, when we know businessmen live to remove money from your wallet.

You dont seem to understand that part, bud.

And the you spouted a bunch of Cred Forums autism and you thought I'd take it seriously.

You know it really funny that you are this stupid. Trump has actually done more to thwart Russia than any president since Regan. Examples include tripling sanctions, giving actual lethal aid to the Ukrainians and working to take out their puppet in Syria.

Shh, kid. Everything you say has a absolutely no substance behind it. It's a out as strong as the wall Trump lied to you and said mexico will pay for but you're paying for.

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Yea. A but none of what you said is either true or provable by you.

>t I didnt spoon feed you the information

Information about yourself you stupid little internet faggot cock sucker.

Where do you live? I'm in NY, on Long Island. you couldn't even afford to live here.

I know you're ashamed about where you live, you are pathetic.

Nobody cares.

>I was leaving

I guess not. Here's your (you) and everything you derive your sense of relevance from.

The fact that I know Trump and Fox News told you this means that theres not only no proof, but by Trumps video documented words, the opposite is true.

Mexico will pay for the wall.
Hilary will start a war with Iran to get reelected.
Wont give in to antigun lobbies.

Yea. Anyway. I can prove what I've said here. But, you? You have nothing but your white little snowflake hopes and dreams.

Triggered him again. I love when you parrots can stop repeating yourselves over and over. New York! That's where Trump will do his tax evasion prison time. The DEA all ready has it all written up.

But none of you know that. Because you're sheep. Being farmed by corporations for your free, cheap work and the government for taxes because you love paying taxes for rich folks.

"We a totally believe Donald Trump want to put money in our wallets instead of his."


>tax evasion prison time
>The DEA
>you parrots
Prison level ged education I see.

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Lol who are you trying to bitch to? Nobody in my neighborhood makes under 300k/yr. How poor are you really? Did you have to steal the device you're currently using to post here because you spend your dismal nickels & dimes on drugs? I can't wait until we can start mass euthanasia for plebs like yourself.

Just Google: Trump sanctions Russia. The other two you would know if you followed any news. The first thing Trump did for Ukraine was send them the anti-tank missiles they had been asking for. And what do you think bombing the airbase in Syria where Russians were was about.

>Triggered him again.

So where do you live you pathetic little internet faggot cock sucker?

Where do you live? Of course you're even too ashamed to admit it. The reason for that is that you're ashamed of yourself.

I gave you purpose for a few minutes of your otherwise worthless existence.

Got me triggered, GJ. (you didn't)

Glad to see I am not the only one to catch that stupidity.

Yes. You're all poor and when the republicans talk about taking money from you, you love it. Because you think your piddly little nest egg is something billionaire trump want to protect. You fail to realize that after the poor have starved to death, your nest egg is next on their "you need to work harder and pay all the taxes" agenda.

And, once again. Its painfully obvious none of you do any sort of research and rely solely on the propaganda a man who wants your money tells you.

Ikr? What an absolute waste of a life. His mother should have swallowed him when she still had the chance.

Unless you people plan on suspending enforcement of the constitution (which you obviously do), after those two terms its over. o matter who Republicans run nobody can follow this act. You lose the cult of personality you lose the election. You can't possibly believe Republicans will never lose another election unless there aren't going to be any more elections. So you people now have roughly 5 years best case to completely subjugate the entire American population and dismantle any disloyal state governments to create a Republican hegemony. Good fucking luck.

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What taxes are you specifically complaining about nigger?

I all ready told you. It's in this thread. Good job paying attention. I'm sure you're not a fucking drooling little wage slave that needs to pander to his bosses dick for money.

Let's see if you're smart enough to find it without spoonfeeding or to you.

>after the poor have starved to death
Well that means you've squandered away your welfare checks and there's no need to pay into that Ponzi scheme anymore, right? You can't un-nigger yourself without a bullet to the brain. What a fucking animal.

Yea, I didnt mention taxes in that post. Did I? Weird how the post is right there. You can read it. And then you ask about something not contained in its subject.

Shh, kid. You just said nothing.

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Anyway. I'm actually leaving now. You all stay here like I know you have to. If you come out into the real world with this bullshit we will destroy you.

Back to your basements, white nigger faggots. Where none of us have to look at your fat, neckbeard faces.

>your nest egg is next on their "you need to work harder and pay all the taxes" agenda
Literally the second half of your compound sentence. The absolute state of this animal.

Good luck with all that kiddie porn on your Google account

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Have a (you)

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>I'm actually leaving now
Fucking finally

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>is democrat
>calls other people brainwashed

there are support groups for idiots too, go check one out

yesterday's news.

>You're the fucking laughing stock of the entire world.

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