Cub thread from botanon

Cub thread from botanon

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gimme these

That's the goal

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Your aesthetic is quite strange.

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No. Also your face

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then im taking them on my own.

My face does have a strange aesthetic as well

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You can't take these fluffies

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Fluffies or death, tough choice

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no, an easy one. i choose fluffies.

awwwwwwwwwww that expression

Dead fluffies rip

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Cheeky faces like that are among my favorite

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that's just a drunk stupid. too much brew.

Well hopefully she gets better

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nothing good dicking cant fix

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Dicking a drunk is rape, though...probably

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not dicking lili is a worse crime.
kinda as you pictured.

That pussy spreading says otherwise

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fairly sure that's why he said "probably"

Now now, just 'cause she's spreading herself and trying to jam your dick in her doesn't necessarily mean she wants the dick

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well it's still rape if you dont cream where she wants it.

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What if you don't cream at all?

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then she'll need a lot of brew to keep riding you for days.
I guess?
I dunno.
Lili's a pretty energetic stupid so I wouldnt be surprised

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gah why is she so cute

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Cause panda

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Just a lil something I made yesterday

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not all are that adorable. i think half of my attraction to lili are her silly expressions.
like, when you pick her in HotS and press "join game".

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Not a panda

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wait you draw cutes?
oh holy fuck yessss!
im so glad people still keep drawing cute fluffylings.
thanks! i hope you get raped by Lili.

one of my favorite threads.

if you want to trade cubs, hmu on wickr or kik:

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goddammit im pretty sure i posted a downscale.
i saved it in some thread earlier. fuck.

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and here's what basically happens next.
or you go to jail.

actually, looks like this one wasnt a downscale. pheew.

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strongest panda attack

It's a shame domovoi is dead

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A month since their last image, clearly dead forever

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zettryou sends her regards

sorry, I've still to try drawing pandas...

I'm not that good yet but yeah, I draw some

I appreciate these, thanks. Had to step away from my computer for a bit.

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Did you draw this bunny?

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unless the artist shared it somewhere else, i know exactly where that picture came from lol.

can you please check your kik groups and reply? XD

Ah, wow. I find myself really liking your style. Do you have an artist page? Or do you just stick to posting in threads?

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I believe I got it from one of these cub threads. I do not use kik

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a fair statement but i shared that one literally today so i was a bit skeptical lol.

got a pixiv page, but I'm very new to cub content, there's only a small handful of it. I've been drawing for only two months after all, and I'm mainly doing loli stuff

I only do requests, so maybe the requester posted it somewhere. I also posted the bunny in a previous cub thread a couple days ago, maybe someone got it there.

if you got any cub in tights/thigh highs, post em here please, or hit me up on wickr or kik. (i know you said you dont have a kik but for others)

my id is:

I hear you.

I can't keep up with all the different media platforms. Three porn discord servers plus threads are about all I have time for these days.

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Loli is good to, and it's probably that same cub thread which I got it from. I have a borrowed script which notifies me of threads with 'cub' in the OP.

If I was on my desktop where things were sorted I could. Gotta stick to mashing random image tiles on phone for now.

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Gave a follow on your pixiv~

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well, thank you. You can expect more cub stuff posted on it soon.

I'm *also* looking for game ideas since I ultimately want to make games with my drawings. Not limited to visual novels, as long as it's 2D I can program it, but I suck at finding good game ideas (and I'm pretty bad at writing stories too...)

Weird girl

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I look forward to it~ I'll be able to tell yours apart, hehe. And I feel you on game making. I've started hacking together the bare bones of an RPG in Java for practice.

He is a good girl.

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Oh that one is new to me. Very cute.

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Speaking of new, or at least new-ish

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Java is simple enough. A bit obsolete nowadays because of lack of support. When I'll be making my games I'll probably use a game engine like godot or gamemaker (unity is more for 3d stuff). Or heck even ren'py, it's flexible enough if you're willing to tweak it a lot.
But the problem is that I have no idea on the kind of game. I like RPGs, but designing and balancing all the attack/level/stats formulas is so difficult...

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that's a cute

fuck the corona before corona fucks you!

fucking adorable

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I suggest just not worrying about the numbers. Make all the game elements, interactions, and abstractions. You can get a feel for the numbers later, or have someone help you with it. If you want tot Ryan doing an RPG anyway


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Want to try doing*

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me on the left

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damn i could use that hug right now

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Weird pingus

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Wish I had such a cub for myself.

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Is sheath. Sheaths are hot.

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I request impregnation. :3

Sheaths are gay

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There's something really arousing in cubs.

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There's nothing arousing about this

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She's cute. She's fluffy. She has a beautiful body and tasty pussy lips.

That's clearly a penis

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I don't like penises. :< The sweet hole makes me more.

>I don't like penises

Wow what a gay

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reminds me of a summer camp I've been once

You went to a summer camp with anthro people?

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nooo. just the situation

i wish haha

Oh, well that's probably more fucked up

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well, maybe a little bit.

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Holy shit, the next step is dead cub sex, and we will have the nice triptic pedo-zoo-necrophilia...

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and? Not that I even believe your logic but if it does happen then it will and some user pointing it out won't stop, delay, or impede it. Embrace your non-influence on the world.

I don't care, but that just hit me. Enjoy your sexual fetish. But if you do it IRL, please dont take pics

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>dead cub sex


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Alright, cool. Don't wanna fuck any IRL animals though so you won't need to worry about that.

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Thread is still up? Dang. Glad I started one at the beginning of the day lol

I like to try and get them to the image limit, usually