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Put me in the screencap

Let's hear your sob story then, faggot.

rip user

Listen to this happy Valentine’s Day

should've inhaled butane

pff you didnt go deep enough pussy, down the street, not across the road, when will you learn

write Cred Forums in youre blood before you pass out
then tell us what state youre in so we can find you

>cut yourself
>wake up with your hands tied
>Hey, you're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that imperial ambush same as us

cut deeper fag

>toot toot*


> Leviticus 19:28

Not even a fountain faggot.

Rip user

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down the street not accros you tranny fucking attention whoring fag

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Straight out of the ether?

Looks like someone finally pulled that watch off your hamfist.

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Down the street! Down the street!

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