Celeb thread. Coffee time

Celeb thread. Coffee time

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I like the mocha :3

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No smoosching!!!
I forbiddid it!

Mmmmm coffee

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Best FF scene

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She used to be fucking cute. Looks (looked) like my oneitis

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too late. already smooshed it :)

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acting like him won't get chad to fuck you

Fun Fap scene?


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QT here

Worked for pfu

No u

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i don't think she jealous of emilia clarke now

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it's valentines day 2020 and I still haven't milked corly's cock. think ill sudoku.

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Damn nice dumper

no need, shes much cuter :3

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I wonder the rumors about her and john are true

she's a big girl now

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I thought he was gay?

this one gets the blood flowing.

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I mean again, no smoosching again!
You are such a dingus you need to walk around in a full football player outfit.

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the classic

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fuck off pedo

babs makes me want to be gay

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hihi :)
bye , Silly qt ;)

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no, he not gay

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wew laddy.
maybe you and I can figure something out babyboi

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She's 26. WTF year do you think this is?? 2010?

they were cast around sametime

enjoy your day :)

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>the amount of daisy being posted

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she loves to troll

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Oops missed you
No U!

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fuck yes. got disc user?

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she's such a talented qt.


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anyone into fakes?

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I was considering to end my life

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I'm a paranoid and don't like to post mine.
every now and again.

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nice ass

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might be time to beatus the meatus.
probably should then.

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Don't even think about it!

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;_; Goodbye world

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I'll send it in a few :3

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God Jade is so freaking pretty...

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dude what are you doing? how desperate are you to be me? fucking kek

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Forgot to wish anons a happy Valentines c:

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that jj makes me want to cum inside of someone.
I'd butter her pancakes if you know what I mean.

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next thread should be red-themed

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that's enough corly. get ahold of yourself.

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Butter Daisys pancakes

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The sexiest of all colours :3

I can't keep track of what is and isn't real in this crazy world anymore

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You should put a pic of jj on the wall and rail a bitch doggy as you look at it.

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what are you talking about nigger?
again with this big dinnah?

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> expelinanus!

nigga that ain't me
cmon bobersh you know the truth. he can't even get the syntax right.
>muh DNA hax
lmao that filename is JLCstripeyqt. step your game up faggot.

my discord is cashmoney#5354 (previously w0mbraider#9194) yall hmu if you ever have any doubts. this clown ass nigga is way out there.

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Happy Valentines day :3

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Are you 12

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Any chance we'll see some new Helen Flanagan?

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I'm bad at recognising people at the best of times lol

You too

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who is that?


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Please don't be serious

12 inches ,':^)
kek no worries bruddah
this should leave no doubts dovey

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No doubts that you're a fag lol

I am. Sorry for being retarded, I just don't watch tv or movies or anything. Obviously that's a huge mistake if girls like her is on.

shoot yourself faggot


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don't @me pedo

gotta be more of these out there?

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well duh

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still enabling retards

It was Holly Willoughby lol, shes some Brit TV presenter, theres no reason you'd know her if you're outside the UK
You're not missing anything by not watching the shite she's in tbh

Holly Willoughby

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kys enon


blame the namefags


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i do

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Queen Titties!

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i wish lol

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dis thread trucking ducks

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Lol its funny because he wants to fuck children

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Literally prettiest girl in the world

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Her fat arse is definitely her best asset


What number is Katherine?

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Idk... I'd have to make a full on list of all the girls I know

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That's her anal face

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This is tru.

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all have a good festive evening

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y'know, for valentine's day

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idk if valentines can be described as 'festive' but sure :3

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Am I supposed to celebrate valentines day?
If so, how?

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Get drunk alone on the cheapest vodka you can find, until you pass out in a pool of your own tears

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I'd pay her to sit on my face

The only thing worse than this thread is getting drunk by yourself.

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Kek. I still think Jade is prettiest
That doesn't sound very appealing...

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She's still looking for work after Star Wars user, whats your price range? This might be your chance

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I'd pay for some socks

don't forget the emailing your cute lab partner 60+ times part
bad take

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I'd give her a couple grand

Valentines Day gets the Christmas exception for drinking so its ok

You could spend it with your loved ones I guess but lmao who wants to do that

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even if you don’t have a girlfriend you can go for a walk with friends)

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you're never alone if you have a pipe

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You got me wrong

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What if your friends all have girlfriends?
What if I don't have friends?
What if I don't have legs?

I don't think thats gonna cut it :(

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