"Yes user, these are your kids in here. You're gonna be a father..."

>"Yes user, these are your kids in here. You're gonna be a father..."
>"Yay! I'm gonna have a daddy now!"
What's your response?

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My kid in her womb?


Kids, yes.

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Guess I'm a baby daddy now

I just tell her it's just the beginning.
She belongs to my white dick.
She can say goodbye to her black descendants.

False. I have only had sex once, and it was with a 4'10" girl back in 2011 when I was 18. Also, I don't find African Americans attractive. Good day.

see you on maury, bitch
>mrw sterile from birth and dodged bullets before

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I'am proud

DNA test, we need to make sure it's not a tard after all.

Sounds based

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I like the stereotype of the black woman with a big ass

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How else could she attract white boys to knock her up?

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Her body is enough to attract any white man on the planet who is not gay.



Any white man she meets has their cock in her pussy within hours

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I would like to be the next white dick

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As long as you're ok with going in bare and not pulling out

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Once in the dark it is difficult to find the exit

no idiot, stomach. she ate them.

highly possible

tell me more

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Nearly impossible

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I’m out!

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Balls deep

Leave her full of cum

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my neanderthal genes are in it now

Your neanderthal genes 7 months later

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This is hot

im pretty sure fucking my hand doesnt end with kids


Colonize ebony goddesses

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White men can't resist, they should just submit

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My dick can't resist

gtfo nigger


Literally you

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Niggas dont die we multiply.

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and lick their anus

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I don't address theoretical questions that have zero chance of ever being reality in my life. In other words, I don't associate with negroids.

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She's waiting

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I can't imagine a more horrifying end to my life. And it's not even all that great to begin with.

I like the stereotype of the white man with a micro penis.

That's because you are homosexual. Why else would male genitalia even be on your mind?

I plant my white dick in her pussy

Bullshit. I had a vasectomy when my wife was pregnant with my youngest child. That's why I wasn't worried about busting in you. Find the real dad and fuck off.


Someone call Maury

Prepare to be leglocked

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*attracts you*

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Your bloodline

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Awesome! I love you both so much! Gonna go get some cigarettes, be right back!

Tell her that would be super weird since I've only ever fucked guys

>What's your response?
I'll take responsibility, even though I know I'm not the father.

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I accept just to fuck that girl and then leave

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