Well Cred Forumsros how can I fix this shit show?

Well Cred Forumsros how can I fix this shit show?

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Losing a baby sibling is easier because you don't have years together to know them and spend time with them. For all you know they could've grown up to be a degenerate or Brenton Tarrant. Losing a friend is harder in this situation and comparisons of grief are ridiculous. Tell him to man the fuck up, crack some whiskey and stop pouting though, this whole mental health/embrace your feelings bullshit is the worst thing to ever hit this generation.

Yeah just tell him it's his fault, that ought to fix things

Stop being a winey self centered child ... your actually a fuckin twat for using your firends death as a way to get sympathy for your self

>Tell him to man the fuck up, crack some whiskey and stop pouting though, this whole mental health/embrace your feelings bullshit is the worst thing to ever hit this generation.

That's probably what his friend did, and why he ended up killing himself. Expressing yourself and actually talking to people is much healthier than keeping all your problems in

Fox guy didn't say anything wrong, he was polite and respectful. You made an unnecessarily aggressive response and attacked him for trying to console you. ??????


No wonder your friend offed himself. You're shit.

I disagree entirely. All that talking to people shit does is then fuck the rest of your life up because then you get labled as this and that, maybe a liability. Your freedoms get stripped of you and you're watched constantly through a microscope, which in turn probably causes people to feel like ending themselves. Generations upon generations have dealt with their shit by drinking it down and stuffing it, and it's worked fine. This mental health/suicide epidemic is a new thing and because society wants you to speak out and then punishes you for it. Sometimes old school methods work.

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Are you salty boi? Jesus, just be grateful someone is there to tell you more than the usual "I'm sorry" even that is better than nothing, why you have to be a little bitch about it?

OP here fox has gone to bed and has said she doesnt want to talk about her brother or my friend anymore

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You can disagree but you're still wrong

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Wow a graph that says literally nothing. Analyzing statics is a profession for a reason. There has been a rise in suicide, but people not bottling up their emotions sure as fuck isn't the reason why. Please point me to why statistics that say otherwise

I don't need to because it's pretty obvious it is. You didn't see WW2 vets offing themselves after Normandy, and I'm pretty sure that was a lot scarier and traumatic than 15 year old Jessica's high school experience. It's this constant environment of telling people it's okay to be depressed, lazy sacks of shit and encouraging them to keep digging themselves deeper that's the issue. Just have them stuff it and keep moving and remind them that there's more important shit for them to be doing instead of suck starting shotguns.

OP here, my friend most likely killed himself after he came out to his parents as I know it was something he planned on doing

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Yes, tell him exactly this and see how it goes over. Include the part about how losing a friend is harder than losing a sibling too.

If you don't have the statistics then fuck off because your words don't mean shit

I posted a graph, you posted meaningless words full of bullshit. Post something relevant or fuck off.

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I’d kill myself too if my friends were as shitty as you

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You posted a graph with literally no context. It doesn't even state the source of the statistics. Aside from that it only says that suicide rates have risen and none of the other important information

>mental health/suicide epidemic is a new thing and because society wants you to speak out and then punishes you for it.
Absolutely wrong. This epidemic of depression and other health issues is indeed a frightening new phenomenon. However, it's not because of 'talking' about it. People in the past didn't usually suffer such mental burden like people nowadays due to a number of reasons.
One of which is lack of purpose; most people (especially men) can't find a reason to live. Slave away in some factory or dead-end office job until you're old and incapable? Men in the past did work that was well paying, fulfilling and gave purpose. You had a trade that you could teach an apprentice or your sons. A lot of men end up divorced, without visitation rights and broke because of the divorce. That didn't happen in the past. Talking about those issues is a new phenomenon too, but correlation doesn't mean causation.

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You provide excellent reasons that I agree with, however I still feel that this "open up and talk about it" thing isn't helping at all. It's society putting a band-aid solution on a problem it doesn't understand. And more often than not, there are consequences to talking about it that outweigh the alternative.

Is it really that hard to accept that you're wrong?

Stop being a salty boi. You aren't wrong, he doens't know what you're going through and he is being very platitudal. Losing a family member can be worse, and it can be a lot easier than losing a friend. Your guilt may be valid, it depends on how they died. You refused to tell us the full story so we can't say.

But he is being platitudal and even if you both experienced death it is radically different. I connected better with a new friend who had recently lost their son around the same time I lost my father figure. It was two very different types of grief. We were able to comfort each other but that didn't mean they were the same or that any platitudes given from one could comfort the other.

If it's really so good then, why isn't the rate on a decline? If this magical "just talk about it and everything is okay" shit is true, then why are people still killing themselves?

OP here. From what I can tell he hung himself shortly after he came out as gay. After rereading his messages I can see that he exhibited the classic signs of depression probably from being gay in a christian household. If you have any questions just ask

Obviously it's not the magic fix it all solution you mongrel, nobody said it was. You'll still have your problems even after talking about them, it just helps relieve stress. Why do you think therapy is a thing?

Talking isn't going to fix the problem. But it's certainly better than doing nothing. Many people were saved from suicide/further depression through talking alone. Different people, different solutions. It's always worth a try if there's at least a small chance of success.
Low-trust society. We have become atomised over the last decades with more industrialisation and growing capitalism. Instead of living in close-knit communities where everyone knows each other, spends time together as a group and helps each other out we live in an artificial, urban setting where most people barely know each other. We lock ourselves away in our homes most of the time and the most social interactions we get are dumb, meaningless parties and hookups. We aren't working together to make our communities better, we are competing with each other and striving only towards 'feeling good/happy' with material things which only brings us more anguish because we are never satisfied with what we already have.