Cold brew waifu thread

cold brew waifu thread

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Any of you have a date today?

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A friend-date that might be cancelled by her

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You're on Cred Forums.

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mmmm heart palpitations

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There's only one person that gives me heart palpitations and she's married

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Fuck you that's my waifu

Good thing I claimed her first

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Lol No

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hey cutes

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1v1 me right now for her hand

Hirasawa Yui
want to spend Valentine's Day together as bachelors?

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CAT and other heavy duty machinery.

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well, maybe you should post less rudes then.

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My kid

Henlo cute

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No I don't think I will

Of course I do!

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hey cute
happy bday

My birthdays June 23rd and Chis is August 12th so I'm real confused

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Happy birthday dude. And happy birthay to chii. I might kill myself till then so take it in advance.

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