What would you do if you walk in on your sister watching Blacked?

What would you do if you walk in on your sister watching Blacked?

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Join in

Watch her.

apologise for not knocking and leave the room

I’d recommend Blacked Raw to her.

knock her out

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Just watch and hopefully not get noticed

give her a hand

Sauce on this?

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I dont have a sister


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Grab my phone and record.

Be surprised that my family never mentioned me having a sister

Probably watch

beat some sense into her

But why are you hard

from the violence

record and post on Cred Forums

join her

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Post more videos of girls masturbating

>walks in on sister
>turns 360 and walks out

Join and cum. Hard.

Obviously leave as silent as possible. I have no sister and I entered the wrong appartment.

Anyone got SAUCE for this?

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Commit suicide you cuck faggot

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Get made shit isn't watching blacked raw. Fucking pleb


All white bitches serve their black dick masters

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