Incest Stories Thread

Incest Stories Thread.

Non-incest growing up experiences also welcome.

Have you experienced forbidden lust?

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Dude who leaked his sisters nudes to their dad. When are you gonna fuck her as well?

Where's the girl who had big tits as a kid and got fucked by crackheads?

What the fuck user from last thread so what did he say when he saw them? And what the fuck kind of father is he that he went for a girl you clearly were going for excluding the sister part

That’s like “hey what girls do you like??” Them fucking your crush. What an asshole

Damn this hits close to home. I have two older siblings, brother is 6 years older, sister is 3 years older. My brother used to bring my sister into his room to "hang out" but if I tried to come along she'd tell me no and close/lock the door. I didn't realize what they were doing until I was like 11, shortly before puberty. He didn't care about hiding it from me but she did.

I loved my sister more than anyone in the world, our mother was an abusive cunt and my brother just never showed me any love at all. When I realized what they were doing I was crushed emotionally and couldn't even look at her. When she finally confronted me about why I wouldn't talk to her after this had been going on for like a month I told her I knew what they'd been doing this entire time. I said everything I just said here about only loving her and feeling like she was all I had in the world. But there she was sharing this secret relationship with him. She tried to tell me he forced her, and at first I believe he did, but I told her I remember her being eager to go to his room and frustrated at me for even wanting to be around them. She started breaking down about how she went along with it to make it feel like it was her choice, but that she never wanted it. I was cold, I was mean, even that young I could be a sociopath when it came to being hurt. I didn't intend to ever talk to him or her for the rest of our time together.

Then the next morning she woke me up sucking my cock. I didn't have it in me to tell her to stop, and before I knew it she was mounting me. She took my virginity and then kissed me while I was still inside of her for a long time. But that scar has been there ever since, no matter how she tries to heal it.

I've been fucking her, didn't take more than two weeks after her breakdown.

Pictures or its all bullshit

Post pics, darkwire or vola

Has she fucked him since? I mean, alcohol doesn't make you a new person, just removes inhibition. How exactly did he convince her?


how old were you when he started "hanging out" with her?

Real incest stuff kik me kix4pix pictures get first priority

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He was caught off guard but made some comments on her body and told me to share more if I got them. If it was any other girl, I doubt he'd have tried anything, but he was clearly hooked when he saw those pics.
Not while sober, no, but she's joined us in drinking from time to time.

Jesus you are such slime

>my dad resorted to dirty tricks
>but only because I purposely showed him nudes for some reason
>and my dads such a scum bag he fucked my sister despite knowing you had a relationship with her
>so I comforted her for the situation I caused and then fucked her myself a few days later

Holy Christ, your sister is just a slut dude


Why’d you even want to show him? He wasn’t at all weirded out or mad?

Hey lady answer my question

Fuck your “stigma” that’s meek woman thinking get revenge on the people who raped you

Nothing wrong with sex my man, but getting someone drunk because that's the only way they'll have sex with you rubs me the wrong way.
I was drunk and wanted to show off/brag. He was shocked, but that didn't stop him from sending himself copies.

First time I remember I was like 8. We used to walk to the community pool during the summer and this was the first time my sister ever wore a two piece bikini instead of a one. He had been kinda handsy with her the whole time we walked the mile or so back home, then went into his room alone first. I was in her room and we were playing Kingdom Hearts when all of a sudden he came into the room and told her he needed her help with something and dragged her out by he wrist. She was still in the bikini.

So I still don’t understand why would your dad do that to you didn’t he know you were going for her? Did you say “yeah man go for it!” ??

Did the two do you just agree you were cool fucking her ?

>Not while sober, no, but she's joined us in drinking from time to time.
Jesus christ dude, so you all get drunk and then you and pops double team your little sister?

I apent time in a children's home growing up and believe me, half the staff are only there for sex. Once the girls are about twelve theyre glued to cock i lost my virginity to the manager of the care wing before i got tits.

Cont. the dynamic here just does not make sense to me

Are you mad he did that? Not? Is she fucked up? Does she know he only did it because you showed off her body to him? Like ... this whole situation seems completely fucked

As a priest, I've heard a lot of confessions, a lot of horny teens saying they sinned with a sibling or cousin, and a concerning amount of moms and dads saying the same with their kids.

I don't want people to know thats what happened. It's dirty and people would think less of me

You were a priest but are no longer?

Did they ever admit to actual sex or just kept it vague? Because sinned could be everything from dirty thoughts to stealing panties to full blown rape

Women are retarded, I think less of you for not bringing people to justice not because you were abused.


He asked me how far I'd gone with her and how far I was planning on going. Him trying to get with her didn't surprise me, him getting her drunk to do so rubbed me the wrong way.
More or less.

So after the first time they did it where she had to spend hours crying on your shoulder, she's suddenly getting drunk and doing it regularly?

Idk if you can feel me pressing X but I'm doubting this hard now.

Got a pic of how she looks like? No face req

>You were a priest but are no longer
Correct, there's a lot of personal reasons I became a priest and a lot of personal reasons I decided to leave that life behind

Some of them I had to pry for information, and a lot of them weren't too bad, but some just chose to share and share and share.

post a pic of her with face removed

Fucking love this picture now

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Please show us your tit!

The only pics of her I have on my phone have her face. Come back on the night thread, I'll get one ready by then.
She didn't start drinking with dad again for a few months.

how long they were locked up?
did she behave somewhat different after coming out from the room?
were you to trying eavesdrop what they were doing?

Well then full theologian question is such an extreme sin forgivable ?

Like did you feel sorry for them? Did you really forgive them for their indiscretions or did you think of them as doomed?

>my male cousin picks on my female cousin because a boy we go to school with told her that he has a crush on her
>my uncle is very defensive when it comes to his only daughter, tells her to stay away from that boy and reminds me and male cousin to keep an eye on our sibling.
>Yes sir, will do.
Fast forward to that night after everyone else has gone to bed.
>cousin comes upstairs in short shorts and a t shirt, no bra or underwear, shows me her freshly shaven pussy and tells me to take care of her
>Yes mam

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Still have this one and a few other greentexts saved

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So to Clarify you aren’t really that worked up and you kind of expected your dad would fuck her?

I’m Impressed he was so chill but tbh if push came to shove and me and my dad had the chance to fuck my sister we probably would too

The kids who were fucking each other, no problem. The parents, if they only did it once, I can understand a moment of weakness, but not a single one of those parents came in to confess about it less than a handful of times. Many seemed to use confession as sort of a get out of sin free card.

Again, him trying to fuck her didn't bother me, no, but him getting her drunk to do so because there's no way she would have done it sober, that bothers me.

My cousin and I have messed around before. This has been on going for a few years now. The worst that has happend was her giving me a hand job. We seriously haven't done much. The funny thing is, the hand job was at a hotel room in Vegas while are aunt and her bf where out playing slots.

What time are you planning on coming back?

What time is of for you right now? I'm eastern time (9:29am)

we where both under 21 at the time, and coudnt do anything.

I'll probably be home by around 10 pm east coast.

How common would you say it is? 2%? 5%?

I'll try my best, gf may be over, but easy to know since we're in the same time zone

Talk to you later bro

So did you confront him about that?

My dad openly fucked my sister in front of me when we were kids. He was an alcoholic loser and we all lived in a bedsit

I had a pretty big congregation, I'd probably say between 1-2%.

Probably 2-3 hours. I was really in love with Kingdom Hearts and I just remember her coming back into the room and getting a fresh pair of clothes then going to take a shower. We also used to cuddle a lot whenever we were together, I used to feel like we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

When she got out of the shower she sat on her bed and didn't say anything, or gave one word responses when I'd say something to her. Eventually she asked me to come cuddle and we spooned, with me being little spoon.

And as for that first time no I didn't snoop or eavesdrop, but once they did it regularly I was always trying to see or hear something. A few times I caught them in the middle of getting dressed. As soon as he was done she would leave the room, and often that meant half dressed or completely undressed carrying her clothes. So I learned if I stalked the doorway I'd get to see some skin.

He brushed it off, said that's how they would get things done when he was my age.

You seem like the sort that will be purposefully unpleasable so you can bitch people out regardless of circumstance.

Just take a screen cap of it and scratch/color it out with the default tools

I want to fuck my daughter so bad

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user from last thread who was greentexting about his younger cousin. Anyone screencap them or should I repost them here?

not two different them my situation with my cousin, pretty much cuddling with one hand job.

No it seriously makes me angry that women are naturally un confrontational and risk averse that they let a users get away with this shit to avoid imagined social consequences

Fuck off you thirsty idiot.


You and your dad have a surprisingly callous relationship and opinion of your sister like “oh yeah she’s hot lets fuck her!l and then your dad is just “pshh get her wasted to fuck her! That’s what I used to do”

I mean do you guys not really get along as a family? Is mom in the picture?

Me too

Has anyone tried the sleeping pill trick?

My younger sister and I used to practice kissing, groping and eventually sex in late grade/early middle school.

Go on

Do you know if your dad would or you just assume because you would?

can we continue the last story from here

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My ex-girlfriend used to masturbate to me when she was sleeping with her younger sister right next to her in the same bed. Think she was into that? She exclusively did it there and told me about it in detail.

My uncle used to molest me all growing up (I'm male) whenever he was around for family functions like Holidays or during the summer when my entire extended family would stay at my grandparents beach house for weeks at a time. The first time he molested me he was completely overcome with lust. I was maybe eight or nine and I used to walk his dog in the woods outside the house whenever he was visiting, the trails were really heavily worn so you couldn't get lost. He came outside with me and once we were on the path he pressed me up against a tree and just had his hands all over me, pulled my clothes off and rubbed his cock all over my face and bare chest until he came, then apologized and begged me not to tell anyone. But I enjoyed it and didn't want him to get in trouble.

This continued every time I saw him until he took it to the next level one summer at the beach. I didn't even have hair on my dick yet but had been getting hardons thinking about seeing him. As soon as he had the chance he drove us somewhere secluded and I showed him my hardon. This was enough for him to decide I was ready to go all the way. He took me to a beach rest stop that had showers with private stalls. Once we were inside and he had my clothes off he ate my ass out just long enough to lube it up a little, then shoved his cock in me. I thought he was going to split me open before the pain wore off and the bliss took over. He had barely touched my cock when I just started spewing my load all over his hand, which he then fed me by hooking his index and middle fingers into my mouth while riding my no-longer-virgin asshole.

>When I was 15 my mom went to prison after getting busted with both meth and heroin while already on probation
>She had moved us away from the rest of her side of the family years earlier, but when he hears what happened my Uncle immediately arranges for me to come live with him my aunt and my two cousins.
>So move to east coast, several states away, start over completely. My uncle has an extremely important job where sometimes he's home for weeks at a time, sometime's he's gone for up to a month or more. Aunt is head nurse at nearby hospital, so it becomes my job to look after cousins, see them off to school.
>also have a maid/nanny that comes over a few times a week
>that first summer me and uncle rebuild the attic and turn it into a small apartment, even has tiny bathroom along with patio and staircase along the back so I can come and go without bothering anyone
>turn 16, have few friends and girlfriend over for the night, even let cousins hang out. girl cousn 13 by this point
>wake up in the middle of the night cuddling girlfriend, boner running down leg and her ass is so nice, adjust myself and reach arm around her, pulling her tight against me and pressing my hardon against her ass through her short shorts, She wiggles her ass against me even more and I decide "fuck it" and slip my thumbs into her shorts, pulling them down below her ass and lightly slapping my cock against her ass as I do. But when she giggles and says my name, I realize this is not my girlfriend I've got my cock pointed at like a loaded gun I've been pistol whipping her ass with. It's my cousin.

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Not sure if this is incest but whatever.

>be me, early 20s
>have younger sister, also early 20s
>both of us still living with parents
>don't really like her, barely speak to her
>she's a normalfag, meanwhile i post on Cred Forums
>never been attracted to her, even though she's highly attractive objectively
>one day i'm bored, start snooping through old junk
>find her old phone she stopped using a couple years back
>charge it up, crack the code and look through it
>find the nudes, does absolutely nothing for me
>snoop through her texts a bit
>ctrl-f "sex"
>see all her discussions with her friends about sex
>this includes her boyfriend when she was 17
>for some reason, this excites the ever living fuck out of me
>i start talking to her far more frequently from then on, which surprises her
>now get along pretty ok
Before anyone says it, no this isn't cuckoldry. Just some weird kind of voyeurism.

My older brother is a pedo with a schoolgirl fetish and used to have sex with me and my other sister when we were kids and he was at uni

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Post pic of self

My wife was a little precocious, was doing well in school, so her parents let her skip a grade. That meant she was 12 for all of 7th grade, 13 for all of 8th grade. She developed early too, so had some good size tits. So, could look older and acted a little older than she was. Got her first real BF in 8th grade, he was older than her too. She started with the BJs early. By the time she started high school (was still 13, as she didn't turn 14 until a month into school), she had blown 5 dudes. Her first high school boyfriend was a senior, so he was 17. Right after she turned 14, she lost her virginity. He wanted to do all the fun stuff his friends were doing with their girlfriends, so here's this 14 year old learning every position, everything else. He even borrowed his parents polaroid camera, and took some nudes of her like what he saw in playboy and penthouse.
Age gap thing was an issue in college too, as she was 17 when she started. Her roommate had a fake ID and got her one too. They go to a bar a ways away from campus, and she meets a guy who buys her drinks. She asks him how old he is and he says he's 29, she lies and says she's 21, of course. She ends up going home with him and they have sex. The next morning, she doesn't know the address of where she's at, and she finds his wallet to get the address of his driver's license, as he's still asleep. She is looking at his license and realizes he's actually 37. They went out a couple more times, and had sex each time. One night after they had sex, she was saying something about a concert she went to after graduating high school. He said, 'wait, that was like this past summer' and he said, 'how old are you really' and she told him. She said he looked super nervous, and then told her how old he was, and then mentioned he had a 16 year old daughter with his ex-wife and that he hides her pictures. He said he couldn't keep sleeping with her as it was too weird. They fucked one more time that night but that was it.


>even though my mind had realized this was my dorky adorable little cousin, my dick either hadn't gotten the memo or just didn't care
>he was too busy nestled between the tiny pale mounds of her ass, and I have only been making it worse by grinding my hips and pelvis into her so that she's basically giving me an assjob
>realize I have an arm around her and my hand on her belly, can feel her body shivering nervously, but also still wiggling her butt against my dick
>"user..." she whispers in the kind of tone that usually accompanies "What are you doing" but right now all she's doing is taking shallow, nervous, breaths
>the whole room is pretty much dead to the world, so no worries about being seen
>girlfriend is sleeping on the other side of me, hasn't noticed a thing
>fuck, am I really going to do this?
>dick has already made up its mind, decide this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, might as well enjoy it and get all I can from it
>move my hand down from her belly to her pubic mound, there's definitely a light bush down there and I can't help petting her mound, playing with her pubes
>her hand shoots to mine, squeezing my wrist tight but doesn't pull it away, just making sure I don't go any further
>suddenly feeling the buildup in my cock reaching critical mass, I press my body further up against her and lift one leg up and over hers as if mounting her
>my hand slips all the way down and I start stroking her pussy with my fingers, teasing her fuzzy wet lips as I rub her
>my cock finally unloads, bringing with it the kind of orgasm that temporarily reduces me to something less than human, just a helpless, locked up, twitching, grunting, moaning mess
>when I finally start to regain my senses I have sprayed streaks of warm cum all over her backside and my cock is still pressed between her cheeks, pumping out small globs of cum
>can't resist squeezing her tight little ass with my hands, then roll back over and cuddle girlfriend.

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repost them

Oh my god dude I'm so fucking sorry. I just saved. I didn't know.

>Don't know if mentioned this or not but friends had brought vodka and some other small bottles of liquor. One of my friends older brothers would buy it for us if we gave him the money.
>So 16 year old me wakes up with horrible fucking headache about to die of thirst and with no recollection of humping little cousins ass the night before
>In fact when girlfriend asked why I was naked later on I told her it was the only way I could sleep comfortably
>get some water from mini fridge while friends are starting to wake up, I chug the entire bottle before immediately going out on patio and throwing it up over the side
>but feel much better afterwards, you know how it is
>go back inside and rinse face off in my tiny bathroom, basically just enough room to stand up in shower and a little sink
>Girlfriend needs ride home, so do some of my friends, and they want to smoke what's left of the weed as we do
>Don't have full license yet, but do have Mom's car while she's in prison, so I offer to drive everyone home
>little cousin pokes her head out from under covers, asks if she has to leave, since usually nobody is allowed in my room when I'm not there, but tell her she can go back to sleep, still not thinking about last night
>fast forward about an hour, drop everyone off, smoke a little bit from bowl, go back up to my room
>cousin is the only one still here, she's still got covers wrapped around her completely, by now I've sobered up enough to remember what I did, so I ask her if she's okay, is something wrong?
>Tells me she has no clothes to wear, ask her wtf she's on about, I swear she blushes and says "You got sperm all over my pajamas"
>Oh, I guess I did
>"Wait so you're naked under there?"
>She nods, I ask what she did with her clothes and she points to my dirty clothes hamper, so I ask again if she's really naked
>rolls her eyes and holds the comforter open with both hands, flashing her naked body at me.
>Stunned for a sec, then tell her to do that again.

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>To my surprise she actually does it
>Holds the blanket open for a lot longer this time, really letting me get a look at everything.
>She's sitting indian style (oh fuck is that politically correct still?) so I can see her slight bush, a light brown/dirty blonde just like her regular hair
>she's got some serious tan lines, her chest and waist are milky white and she's waking up my dick before I realize it
>When I readjust my cock in my gym shorts she covers herself with a frustrated puff and sits there looking at me expectantly
>"What do you want me to do about it?" I ask her, so she rolls her eyes again and tells me she needs something to wear
>Go to my closet and grab her the biggest shirt I can find and throw it at her, then grab a pair of boxers and consider giving them to her, but think better of it
>without hesitation she pulls back the covers and stands up, pulling the shirt over her head, and it stretches several inches below her pussy
>Problem solved, tell her she could have just gotten a shirt herself. This time she gives me a frustrated, almost angry pout, biting her thumbnail glaring at me
>I thought you'd want to talk about "IT"
>I'm sitting in my desk chair, headache slowly creeping back up along with urge to vomit, too much sin for one man to bear
>What about IT do you want to talk about?
>Asks me why I did that, was I drunk, did I like her like a girlfriend, just an absolute flurry of questions she must have been cooking up since I left my recipe on her back

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>Seems like cousin is handling it pretty well, these are fairly normal questions
>"Do you like me as a girlfriend?"
>Oh so much for that thought.
>Tell her I was drunk, it was dark and I was confused, but she isn't buying this, says my girlfriend is built completely different from her with tits and ass, and that she was even saying my name so I had to know it was her
>Oh yeah I have a girlfriend, point this out and use it as an answer to her question
>"But if you weren't with her?"
>Bitch, what? Tell her we're cousins.
>This time her eyes roll so hard it seems like her head might follow and roll off her shoulders, she points out that I didn't seem to care last night when I was touching and squeezing her all over
>Just remembering rubbing her pussy and squeezing her little ass has me hard as fuck, try to move my cock without it being obvious but she definitely sees it
>"Oh my god user you're a pervert. I bet you want to do it again?"
>I'm paraphrasing a lot when it comes to dialogue for the sake of not wasting entire posts
>Point out that she didn't do anything to stop me, she says she didn't know what was going on but that it felt good
>Oh so YOU want me to do it again?
>She shrugs, but she's grinning in a playful way
>Too bad it was an accident and never going to happen again.
>Guess what she did? Just guess? I'll tell you, she rolled her fucking eyes and sighed.
>Then sat back on the edge of my bed and lifted her knees up to her chest, resting her chin on her knees and looking me dead in the eye. I can see all of her bare thighs and legs, but they're too tightly closed to see pussy
>Until she spreads them just a little, only to snap them closed right after, giggling at me

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ye repost em pls

>Go on
I mean, there's not a whole lot to add. We practiced kissing because we saw it in movies and figured we'd be doing it later in life. Then after that we started getting more intimate: hugging, fondling, kissing body parts, massages.

Is this the chick from PLASST?

They've been being posted THE ENTIRE TIME.


>We practiced kissing because we saw it in movies
and reality TV*

She’s so sexy.

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>Although my balls threaten to turn blue and commit sudoku from this small act of teasing, I'm able to shrug and pretend that I don't care one way or the other well enough that she starts to bargain
>Complains I'm not being fair, she didn't get to see anything last night and doesn't even know what happened
>Wtf you don't have sex ed?
>Apparently not, actually. Shouldn't be surprised I guess. I ask her what she wants to see
>"Your *thing* user"
>Still picking on her, ask what *thing* she's talking about just to make her squirm, so she says "The one you kept rubbing on my butt"
>I grip my semi through my shorts, she can see the outline but that's it, even just this has her eyes transfixed. Asks to see more so I tell her to come closer, she gets off the bed without any hesitation and shuffles her bare feet across the hard wood floor until she's beside my L-shaped desk, a few feet from where I'm sitting
>Looks at me with arms crossed and an expression like "Well?" so I tell her it's not all the way hard. She doesn't know what I mean, I have to explain to her how erections work, that they're not just ready all of the time
>She asks why I was hard last night, I tell her I wasn't until I laid down with her and started rubbing her ass
>"So my butt makes it hard?"
>Uhh yeah you dumb little shit
>"Okay so take it out and close your eyes like it's so dark you can't see." and I oblige because this is starting to show potential.
>Close my eyes and slide shorts down so that dick sticks straight up, then I lean back in chair
>feel a soft little hand touching it ever so slightly, then feel her warm body on top of me as she sits in my lap, only this time instead of sliding between her cheeks, it's sticking up between her thighs.
>eyes open, she's not wearing a shirt anymore, and is leaned forward watching my dick grow and harden like a power rangers monster.

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Rape her.

A couple weeks ago, an user started a story about playing CoD with his cousins. He left off just when it was getting good.



>She has her legs spread and it's almost like she's squatting on top of my lap as she looks down at my dick.
>It's hard and throbbing and already at full mast from the brief contact with her inner thighs.
>She's like a kid opening a present at christmas, my dick is her new toy she's carefully learning the workings of. Her soft fingertips travelling up and down my length, examining precum sticky between her index finger and thumb before wiping it off on my bare leg.
>"You're supposed to wrap your hand around it." I tell her, and she reaches for it as if she might, then pulls back her hand and looks over her shoulder at me.
>"And do what with it?"
>My turn to roll my eyes, I grab her skinny arm in one hand and start stroking it the way I want her to do. Even after showing her, I have to take her hand in mine and show her how to grip it, and once I'm in her hands my cock starts twitching and throbbing harder, causing her to mutter "wow user"
>She robotically lifts and lowers her hand slowly on my cock, and while she's clearly got no idea what she's doing, her soft touch is enough to make this entire experience heavenly
>Now that she's tending to my hardon I can appreciate the fact my otherwise shy and timid cousin is naked and sitting in my lap.
>My hands travel down her sides, down her narrow waist, to her thin narrow hips, which I can't help squeeze and groping, rubbing all up and down.
>then one hand travels up her body, to the small buds of her barely-existent breasts, her nipples puffy with arousal and hyper sensitive to my touching them, even lightly pinching them
>then my other hand travels between her legs and brushes her hair down there again, causing her to wiggle her bottom against me, keeping me from getting my hand under her from that direction,
>not to be deterred, I pull my hand back and press it against her back, leaning her forward until her bottom lifts off my lap and I can slip my hand under before she can sit down again.

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Is pic related her?

I have a similar situation with mine (early onset boobs). Can describe if the thread doesn't die).

No dude. Everyone keeps saying post a pic when you greentext if you want them to be seen. Whenever I see them in screencaps there's always porn attached.


My sister used to walk around naked alot when our parents were out. I think as she was 4 years older than me I wouldn't care. She did say a few times stop stareing.

It’s cool, you had a gay fap and you can’t unfap it

>be me 12
>hang out at night with my brother thats 4 years older than me
>play vidya, watch scary movies, have really good fun
>hang out at night with my sister thats 2 years older than me
>she would make me watch porn and recreate whatever we saw
Fuck that bitch

Hoping someone saved the rest of the story from a while back about the user watching GoT with his cousin while high. Looking for the rest. I managed to saved up until this part:
>"Please don't stop." She whispers in that breathy tone, looking at me with eyes half open and her lips slightly parted in what I can only describe as the kind of sloppy disheveled way a deep state of arousal and desire to get fucked leaves you in. But she didn't have to say anything, I couldn't have stopped at that point for anything, especially not since she pulled back the blanket and I could see her full body before me.

>I took my left hand off of her ass and reached it around her to cop a feel, only remembering her sports bra as I was groping her chest, and almost went back down to her ass until she pulled up her shirt to above her belly button but below where the bra started, tempting me. It wasn't a second before my hand traveled up her shirt and started raising her bra up, an act she helped with until her breasts were free. I won't lie and pretend there was a whole lot to them, like I said she had a swimmer and practically gymnast body, but once they were free her nipples were perky and perfectly erect, and when I ever so slightly pinched them between my fingers her entire body started contorting wildly like she had lost all control, and her hips began wriggling on my hand.

>I didn't dare finger her just yet, instead I curved my hand by almost cupping her pussy, cradling it, so that I could rub her pussy lips as my hand worked back and forth between her legs. She had already tightened her hips like a vice refusing to let my hand free, but I still had plenty of room to tease and play with that entrance to her most sacred places. Her pussy was hot against my hand, her entire body warm to the touch, her arousal testing her body like never before.


Speaking of tits... Show em or gtfo

Assuming but my sister is really hot

And most men won’t turn down prime pussy no mater what it’s attached to


Grew up with a pedo dad who used me for sex when i started puberty. Was shown porn from an early age

>She knows she's in a helpless situation now, completely at my mercy as I use the tips of my fingers to rub circles into her pussy lips
>Speaking of her lips, they're soaking wet, much more than the night before, and I realize she must have been thinking about this ever since I stopped last night
>Well, now she was getting what she wanted
>She couldn't sit her bottom down with the way my hand was working her lips, not daring to enter, assuming she's way too young and tight for that to even be possible, let alone weighing the moral dilemma of "Am I really going to be the first person to penetrate my cousin?"
>But you probably know the answer to that
>She's pumping my dick the entire time but it's dry and she doesn't have a good enough handle on it to be doing anything, so I tell her to spit on it.
>"What!? user you're being gross."
>Try to be patient and explain to her it needs to be lubricated. She finally gives it a try, but first has to scoot back, higher up my body, meaning I have to stop playing with her pussy lips, but now she can bend over far enough to spit directly onto my dick, and she does three or four times
>Tell her to rub it in and she does like she's fingerpainting. Which is adorable but not in the way you want a girl to be when she's playing with your cock.
>Realize my hand is dripping wet and slick with her juices, decide to apply it all over my cock, trying not to blow my load just from the thought her pussy juices were now in contact with my dick.
>Once it's lubed I turn it over to her, and now she's determined to get it right, stroking my cock like it's a test she wants to ace, only briefly needing my guiding hand on hers here and there.

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Had threesomes with my dad and his girlfriend when i was a kid

Hidden cam

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Me and my dad have double teamed chicks and picked up prostitutes together

Mom thinks we are just going on “golf trips” kek

Anyway we go to resort towns dad funds the whole deal and we pick up slutty young girls or just pay for local tail

No cos it's a pain to do.he used to pick us up from school and take us to his flat where he'd have sex with us while still in our uniforms. He had sex with me more than my sister probably because i was a bit more athetic although my tits were bigger

yesterday night some OP was posting photos of her passed out drunk cousin, did anyone save the pics?

Still there?

Finish the story plz


More of this one.

Very small apartment. We had one bedroom

> greentext?
Was it only once? How long did it go on? Ages? Did it fuck her up? Did he ever get punished?

My dad and I have very similar taste in women. He is now on wife number 8. I've fucked the last six he's been with either during, or after their marriages with him. I actually fucked this one too, but before they were together, as he has gradually married younger and younger (well, not in real terms, but compared to his own age).

I have literally years worth of stories, we're at the very beginning. Not gonna finish anytime soon. I'm going to make a google doc and start linking it once I get enough posts typed out.

Yeah sorry user, posting while doing online courses and homework.

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My wife developed early and had DD cup boobs at 14. One night she caught her 17 year old sister sneaking out to go to a college party. She told if he she didn’t take her with her, she’d tell the parents. The sister relented and gave her clothes that were more age appropriate for an older girl and did her make up. When she had makeup on, she could pass for 18 (especially given the boobs).
At the party, she ended up getting drunk and hooking up with a 22 year old. She gave him a beej, and then he wanted to fuck her. She told him she was still a virgin and didn’t want to lose it to him. He ended up fucking her in the ass instead, which was her first time. She said the first few minutes were horribly painful, but after that it felt started to feel good and she got close to an orgasm. He came in her ass and then she headed back to the party. She never did find her underwear, so she was commando under the skirt her sister gave her.
Her sister was not happy that she lost one of the few thongs she owned at the time, but also jealous that her younger sister tried something before her. They are 38 and 35 now, and when they are drunk her sister still calls my wife “butt slut”.

I've never double teamed a chick with my dad, but did do it once with my brother. I don't know if she got off more to being double teamed, or the fact we were brothers.

Anyone end up having a gay group experience with their buddies growing up?

She probably got off to the fact that she’d never seen such colossal faggotry between you and your brother

How often do you and your be out her suck each other’s cocks and lick each other’s buttholes you giant fucking faggot?

>She's getting better at stroking my dick, but each time she starts getting into a good pace and I really get into it, she has to stop and rest her hand.
>Her hand is really small compared to my cock, which is the hardest and largest I've ever seen it grow
>Not trying to humblebrag, I mean, she was 13.
>She's using both hands and stroking me with her open palms, giggling at how she makes he jerk and moan.
>But fuck I desperately need to cum
>"Will you put it in your mouth?" I ask her, my hands wrapped around her and playing with her puffy nipples, which makes her let out a soft cry, letting go of my cock and laying back against my chest
>"No user, that's disgusting."
>Tell her I'll return the favor, she's intrigued and needs me to explain what goes into this. Finally, in a caveman voice and pointing from my tongue to between her legs I tell her "Me put tongue in you"
>She's clearly thinking about it, but it's not meant to be at this point in time.
>Getting frustrated and in need of release I place both hands on her waist and closer her legs until they're rubbing up tight against my cock, then I lower her further and further until my cock is positioned right between her legs and we're both lying almost flat in my chair
>Start thrusting my cock between her hips, all while her pussy lips rub along the length of my shaft coating it in her juices. This immediately has the desired effect, and she's bucking her hips in time with mine, squeezing her thin legs tight around my cock.

Attached: 1580951107116.jpg (950x1920, 82K)


Fucking a chick with someone else makes you gay, hmm
Anyway, this is going to sound totally cucky, but frankly I don't care right now, i'm on vacation, my wife and I just fucked and I'm cleaning up some emails and enjoying a post-lunch cocktail while my wife takes a nap.
Anyway, the summer after graduating from college, my now wife (who I didn't know at the time, and wasn't going to meet for another 5 years or so), did one of those summers in Europe that most well-to-do Americans do. Anyway, she was in Florence, and staying in a hostel that had semi-private rooms. There were two Norwegian identical twins staying in the same hostel. A bunch of people from the hostel had gone out dancing or something, and she had been flirting with one of the twins. She ends up making out with him on the dance floor, and when the song ends, they go back to the area just off. He says he's going to get some more drinks for them. Few minutes later, comes back, hands her a drink, she says thank you, and then immediately starts making out with him again. Well, you can probably guess, a minute later, twin brother comes up, with two drinks, and she realizes the one she was just making out with is not the one she was making out with while dancing. She ends up making out with both alternately, everyone having a great time. They go back to the hostel, and the two of them have a room with just two beds in it. They push the beds together, and all three of them get naked. As soon as the guys' pants drop, so does her jaw. Both of them hung like the dude in this pic apparently. Like three hands long, and at least a finger or two separating her thumb from middle finger (and she's not petite, but 5'7").
She ends up getting spitroasted by both alternating. Then one of them asks if she's every tried anal. She's horny and like, what the hell. So her first DP experience was two Norwegian identical twins with massive dicks. When she tells the story, it's just fucking hot. She gets really wet.

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My girlfriend was raped a bunch of times by her grandfather when she was a young teen.

I've been turning my gf on to some incest fantasies for a while. Kik publicgf to chat about her or if you have some tips to advance it

When i was 15-16 I used to watch porn with my 6 yo cousin. We also used to masturbate each other, and on some ocations i licked her pussy and asshole. Not anymore past that though.

Is she up for doing it? With which family member

i have two older sisters
i keep having a dream where we fuck or make out

> Be me, 15-16ish
> spend most weekends visiting my loser friend
> Play video games, trade porn
> Friend has little sister, super cute, 10-11 or so years old. She grew up to be gorgeous, and even as a kid you could tell she would
> She had a huge crush on me
> Would like everything I liked, follow me around and make excuses to spend time with us
> Even her parents thought it was cute
> Late night, retreat to the guest bedroom
> Fapping furiously
> Hear a little tap on the door
> Its her, wearing a little nighty as I hide my boner
> "user c-can I come in"
> Tell her its late and to go to bed
> "I know you and (brothers name look at dirty pictures"
> "You can do that grown up stuff with me user"
> Tell her to go back to bed and not say that stuff because I'm not a pedo piece of shit

I had a gf into incest who let me talk her into a whole bunch of shit. Kik DaniJ001 if you want advice

Started about a year ago by having her role play as my sister while exploring new kinks. She loved it almost more than me. Then more recently she wanted to do some roleplays as her own little sister. Hot as fuck and I'm looking for advice on how to keep it going further and further. I've also been spending some time subtly convincing her she wants to fuck her dad and that's finally starting to get somewhere too

I've been fucking my daughter since she was 13. She's also technically my niece since my wife at the time and I adopted her from my sister in law when she was a little under a year old.

Short version of a long story is that she forgot to sign out of a gmail account and I found messages between and some older guys where they were grooming her and I took advantage of that knowledge.

Would her dad be the type to go along with it?

Not sure. I think it's possible but I have no idea really.

More please

Does he drink or anything? If she approached him when he's drunk it might improve the odds.


Would you please fuck off? All you vola/discord/kik faggots need to fuck off back to these other shitty apps you like so much.

Good user

You cum inside her? Got a pic with no face?



C'mon, don't leave us!


Its coming. Sorry for the holdup. When this thread is about to die make a new one and link it here so I can just continue.

And someone plz screencao what ive already post

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Give me just a few more minutes anons and I will get this rolling again.

Your are pissed at your brother for fucking your sister cause he got to it first lmao. Pathetic.

>Feeling my cock hard and throbbing against her pussy lips must have been having more of an effect on her than I thought
>She's now reached back and pressed her hands against me to lift herself up and make it easier to thrust her hips up and down with my own thrusts
>And I'm clenching her waist and pulling her down into every thrust as if I'm going to take her virginity right then and there and make her my cozy little cock sleeve
>the sound of my pelvis slapping against her ass is the only sound in the room except for her heavily bated breath and my grunting
>I can feel the orgasm building up, and it's all I can do to restrain myself, holding my breath and abruptly sitting up, changing our position so that I'm holding her up from the underside of her hips, lifting her into the air and bouncing her up and down on my cock as she just succumbs to pleasure like she's never known, her head rolling back and resting back against my shoulder
>And when I cum it's nothing short of life changing.
>I hadn't had many girlfriends at that age, but in that instant no other woman in my life compared to the small naked and horny bunny held in my arms
>cum just keeps streaming from the tip of my cock and she's the willing recipient for every single stream, covering her hips, belly, navel, chest, breasts, with even a few brave streaks striking her glasses and peachy cheeks
>and ultimately, one perfectly placed streak across her lips
>I collapse back into the chair as my cock is still spewing seed everywhere nearby, but I am so dead to the world all I can do is hold onto her until my mind can function once more
>My body is a thousand miles away, but I can still feel her hands on my cock, stroking it just like I showed her, as if the fact she was covered entirely in my seed wasn't enough, she wanted more.
>I did not deserve my cousin. No man does.

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I’ve fantasized about my aunt but been too scared to try anything. Any advice or tips?

>be me 14 and 10 year old blond haired sister living in a big, Victorian fixer upper.
>both parents are working ridiculous hours at work every day
>Whacking my dick until I get friction burns
>see light coming through closet from between the shiplap slats
>take a peek and see my sister toweling off from shower
>tiny puffy tits makes me instantly hard watching her change every day
>ask her if she knows what kissing feels like
>duh I am only 10
>offer to show her "through plastic wrap" because it is not really kissing if our tongues dont touch
>start making out with barrier occasionally for months, all while sneaking peeks at her and her oldrt friends as they visit
>eventually drop pretense of plastic and just straight up make out
>turns into grinding sessions but I was too much of a beta loser to take it further


You might try "accidentally" letting her see you naked, or maybe "accidentally " seeing her naked. How she reacts in either case could be telling. At least, a conversation starter.

>When my soul returns from its round trip to the abyss, I find my body still in my office chair, now forever tainted by sin, and she's still hovering over my lap
>Even after all I've just spent, just by working my cock with her inexperienced hands she's able to make me drop a few more streams of cum before finally I'm spent and start to go soft in her hand.
>Speaking of her hand, or hands, they're both covered in cum, and she's playing with it in between her fingers like it's the most fascinating thing she's ever seen
>"You need to wipe that off" I try to tell her
>She turns around in my lap, her round little butt resting on my poor drained cock, and gives me a stare from just over her glasses, holding her arms out so I can assess the damage
>She looks like she just did snow angels on the floor of a japanese porn studio right after a gangbang
>hard to fathom it's all from me
>"This is waaayy more than last night."
>No shit you dweeb, this is what happens when you're fully conscious and given the chance to stick your dick anywhere near your adorable, dare I say sexy, younger cousin
>Just tell her I was really into it
>She asks if I can help wipe her off
>so for the next ten to fifteen minutes I'm going all over her body getting up as much of it as I can for right now, but she's clearly going to need a shower
>No dick, no, stay down
>There's still some cum across her glasses and lips, I reach out to clean it but she stops me, scooping it off her lips with her finger, then dipping it into her mouth
>makes a squick face but still swallows it, then laughs about it. She's sitting in my lap with her lets wrapped around the small of my back, face to face with me, and after that little taste test she's staring me in the eyes
>Like, really staring, not saying a word
>leans forward a little, puts a hand on my chest, brings her face up close to mine so that I have to come the rest of the way, kiss her for the first time.

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Best way to go about this? I don’t see her often since she doesn’t live in the same town. I doubt she has any sexual feelings about me but I can’t stop hoping and thinking about it

>FF two years. Me 16 her 12 with huge tits
>play fight over computer one day and sister accidentally runs crotch along elbow while wearing bamboo booty shorts
> She gasps and pauses just long enough for me to notice she was aroused
>cock instantly hard
>she looked into my eyes and realized that I know
>instinctively begin making out and I reach inside her shorts to feel the peach fuzz on her pussy
>she nearly crumples at the new sensation and sucks on my tongue like she is giving it a blowjob
>we both stand up and stumble back onto the couch, me on top of her
>I pull her top off and suck on her powder pink tits while fingering her pussy
>she just pulls my head tighter, moaning and gasping
>hear familiar sound of a car pulling into the driveway
>oh fuck our older brother is home early
>Scramble to straighten ourselves and act like we are watching TV


Catholicbro here. Keep the faith and don't give it up. Once a priest always a priest.

>Incest Thread
>Non-incest welcome

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Yeah, distance does pose a challenge. Likely that route is a dead end and best relegated to fap fantasy land.
When I was @ 7-8 I had a boner crush on a friend of my mom. She was a tall, willowy blonde with a great rack and a super open personality. She spent a few weeks with us one summer and I walked into the room she was using when she was getting dressed (oops!). Total full frontal nudity was life changing for little me. She paused dressing and asked if She could help me with anything. I stared for a few seconds, then stuttered a "nope" and "sorry". She smiled and went back to getting dressed as I backed out of the room. That was over 50 years ago and I replay that scene during occasional fap times, wondering if I missed an amazing opportunity.

This is so surreal coming from a Cred Forums incest thread.

did you cum inside her pussy? birth control ?

name of girl?

Why are the videos on Cred Forums muted now?

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My stepdaughter comes in when she thinks I'm asleep and strokes my dick.

She was on the pill by that point already because of "period pains" like a lot of girls claim.

I didn't get around to sharing this earlier but my older brother went on to become an alcoholic who has been in and out of jail haf a dozen times or more. I cut him off a long time ago. My sister wound up marrying a fat nerdy guy who liked her in high school. I guess she married him because he's so beta he could never hurt her or score anyone better. As for me, I dabbled in amphetamines and heroin for a few years. Tried to kill myself the night of their honeymoon. Survived, got treatment, spent 3 years living and working at a drug treatment facility in the mountains, cut off contact with sister while there.

I did eventually relent and reach out to her again once I finally left. That's when I learned how loveless her marriage is. Months of us talking later she invites me to have dinner with them one evening. There's liquor after the meal. He passes out, I took my sister on the kitchen table, the living room floor, and their guest bedroom.

Impressive. Do you think she'll do more?

I think they have always been muted on Cred Forums

You gonna finish this story or was that the end, I don't have all day to wait, my hot aunt is on her way to my apartment for a Valentine's day hookup and I want to see the rest of this before she gets here

I had some few months ago experienced that videos were not muted on /b

Guess I missed that. Maybe they were a special thing, like when Moot used to play a song all day and stuff. I know videos play sound on other boards, never heard it on Cred Forums

Too late fuck face
My aunt just texted me she is pulling up outside.

> be me, 12
> fapping constantly, new obsession
> In room one day
> timetobeatit.jpg
> lay in bed
> start stroking to rando video
> little sister, 9, barges into the room
> "what're you doing?"
> tell her to GTFO
> "tell me what you're doing or I'm telling mom!"
> embarrassed/frustrated, I explain
> tell her it feels good
> me: "wanna try?"
> sister, amused, says yes
> she sits on the bed next to me, grabs my cock
> tell her the goal of the game is to make white stuff come out
> a little coaching, this little slut is a natural
> I cum buckets

That was the first time. Sis was a good kid, always wanted to "help" so I indulged her nature. Taught her to help make me feel good. Would dry hump her and cum on her tummy "because that's what mommy does to make daddy feel good." When she was about 11, I taught her about blowjobs. I started eating her out around this time too, because she deserved to feel good too. When she was 12 we started having sex.

We're both in our late 20s now, we still fuck regularly. It's just always been our thing.

Describe in detail first time you came inside, how it felt etc.

First time you had sex you came inside?


this is me and my dad... i'm 35, he's in his 60's..i keep getting downvotes on this, but if i get some upvotes i'll post more of us. he's pretty hot, i asked him to fuck me when i was about 18 and he started fucking me back then, we've been fucking since, and he's really good at it, actually. he taught me how to suck his cock, and i suck it all the time

Timestamp of pussy or GTFO

videos dont play sound on most boards out of /gif/ and /wsg/, unless you're talking about YT links if you have the embed video option [which is completely different] or when the mods decide to do some whacky shit.

I think you're misremembering user.

What a pathetic tiny cock.

i dated my cousin for 3.5 years and everything that comes involved with dating for that long but no one ever believes me when i post it here

Was he always hung like a newt?

When I was 11 I found out I had some siblings from a woman my dad was with before my mom. They were being integrated into the family following my dads death so one summer they sent me my brother and my cousins to stay with the grandparents of my half siblings. I know its confusing so I'll get to the point.

The oldest daughter was 19. She had strawberry blonde hair, perfect tits and a round but firm ass. Me and my brother were in love. Now my brother was 16 and tried flirting but was shut down hard. I was content staring at her, especially when she was in a bathing suit.

One day her and her friends come to the beach with us and they're talking about boyfriends. Half sis mentions her ex loved her tits and always wanted her to pull them out. She said she wasnt shy and liked showing them off. So like a savant I come up to her, SURROUNDED by her friends, and ask could I see her "boobs" but luckily they thought I was the cute for my age. She said she would but that I had to come up to her room that night when we got back.

So when I do her and three friends start giggling and asking if I'm horny. I say I dont know so they ask if I had been thinking about tits all day. Of course I say yeah. They then proceed to each take their tops off and each took a turn rubbing theirs in my face. My half sis let me play with hers while she played with my hair and started running her hands all over my body. Then she told me I should suck from her tit, and when I did she put her hand down my pants and held it there feeling my dick get hard and telling the other girls.

post creampie videos

How many times do I have to say this isn't ending anytime soon?

If you got any more I'm willing to hear it, you guys are the reason I visit these threads

Post moar, this is magnificent fuel for my boner

did you cum inside her pussy? make sure to nut inside in the story


post a scene where you cum inside her pussy

I've got literally years worth of stories. When I get enough of them written down and edited I'm gonna make a google doc for them all.

The only problem with posting right this second is that I'm on mobile and it's a huge pain in the ass to greentext. If you guys are fine with regular paragraphs I'll keep going.

We're fine.Go ahead

any cum inside pussy stories ?

Holy shit are you the guy that made that story about how when he was ten he had that Harem? The way you said that and the absolute WALL of text you made was about the same size reminds me of him.

And I'm completely fine with plain paragraphs man I've been screenshotting this shit.

Attached: 2b0b2eadf530748e26f.jpg (357x524, 77K)

You could be right. Honestly, I don't spend much time in other boards. Just know that I have never seen vids unmuted on Cred Forums

Lol nah. As funny as that sounds this is all I've posted. And I'm glad someone is capping this so I can just dump one big image and pic right up where I left off in later threads.

My younger brother is gay. When he was 15 he was really frustrated because he was having a hard time finding a boyfriend. I'd been dating girls since I was 14, and he was just annoyed that he wasn't finding anyone to date (read: fuck). One day he point blank asked me if he could practice sucking dick on me. A little weirded out at first, but hey. A blowjob's a blowjob. Agree. He sucks my cock. Awesome. After a few times, I start to realize I'm more than just turned on. I ask him if there's anything else he wants to do. He wants to get fucked. Okay, so he gets ready (douche, etc), I go buy lube. After our parents went to bed, he came into my room. We start making out, stroking each other's cocks. I go down on him, I get rock fucking hard from this. Like my boner went from a 10 to a 15. I kiss him some more. I grab the lube. I ease myself into him. Holy shit. We have the most passionate sex I've ever had. I cum inside his ass. He still hasn't gotten off, so I go down on him and he cums almost immediately. TIL that day, I'm bi. He stayed the night in my room. In the morning, I felt that he was hard, so I sucked him off to wake him up. He cums hard. We go to school. When we get home, we fuck again. We fucked for years after that. I still dated girls. But we had our side thing for 6 years.

Be me, 12 yo. I’ve just started to jerk off and am doing it a few times a day. One day, my 17 yo sister asks me to join her in her bedroom while my parents are with friends downstairs. She’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt with no bra. She was incredibly hot when she was young and always had big tits. She shows me a book she’s been reading with a page marked. She asks me to sit on her bed and read the pages. I innocently agree, not knowing what to expect. It's a scene with a couple fucking – lots of good detail and finishes with him nutting inside the female character. Once I’m done reading, I’m rock hard and my cock is raging in my shorts. She asks what I think of what I read. I stammer out something stupid. She says she knows I liked it and and rubs my cock through my shorts. She takes her top off and her big tits are there in front of me. She asks me to touch them. I grab them.She asks if I’ve ever felt anything like that – I say no. I suck them like a maniac. She says I should take my shorts off, which I do fast. My cock jumps out and she grabs it and plays with it. I ask her if she’s ever felt a cock before and she says no. I am so excited that my cock is oozing goo which she rubs all over the head. I am dizzy. She takes her shorts off and I see her very tidy pussy hair and her beautiful pussy. There is a long thin line of moisture running down the inside of her thigh which I thought meant she was excited too. I look down at my cock and it’s wobbling and surging with my heartbeat. My sister throws a leg over me and grabs my cock and lowers herself down on it. She slides her pussy down on my cock and the feeling makes me almost pass out. She is groaning, too and when she slides all the way down onto me I come so hard that I see stars – it scared me. It’s still the hardest and most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had. We’re both much older now and never talked about that day ever again. I’ve jerked off thinking about that day ever since.

I mean all the time, but also had a vasectomy so it doesn't matter.
Nope pics

take that gay shit elsewhere

Oh man I wish something like happened to me. Or even her walking in on me hopefully while I’ve at least got a semi. But it might be more difficult to pull off but open to suggestions

idc, I got my dick sucked

Yeah, I wish I had been a little more aware of the possibilities. But, you know, 7-8 yo mentality. You might be able to plan an accidental showing, if you knew when she was coming to visit (the shower dash, or some such). Hey, you might try "accidentally" sexting her (hit the wrong contact in your address book?) and see what "cums" of it.

So as if everything I had done to defile her up to that point wasn't bad enough, that marked her first "adult" kiss with tongue, as well as her first real kiss period. And while she didn't know how to kiss she left her mouth open for me to slip my tongue in, so I can at least tell myself she wanted me to. While my tongue is exploring her mouth her hands are rubbing me all over, exploring me the same way I had done to her. At the end of the day she was just curious about everything.

By the time we broke from the kiss my hands were starting to travel once more, but I could still feel the residue of my cum againet her soft skin, and eventually I realized I better get her cleaned up before anybody saw her this way. I mean sure. We had the house to ourselves and sissy cousin was likely still sleeping, but if the house caught fire it would be hard to explain all the dried cum.

When I told her we had to clean her up she groaned, acting like she didn't want to get up. But when I told her she could clean off in my bathroom it changed her tune completely. Idk why, it was barely more than a shower stall with a sink. But she led me over to it without a fuss and once the water was warm stood underneath it while I watched, then looked back at me with this expression like she expected more. When I looked at her confused, she rolled her eyes and said "I thought you'd get in too."

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It's not real incest, but I was fucking my stepmom for a while until we thought she was pregnant and then we stopped.

Was fun while it was going on but I just feel guilt now.

My 13 year old daughter walked in on my wife and I last week. I had just pulled out, I was facing the door. My wife got on her knees. And right as I'm about to cum, the door starts moving, my daughter staring at me as I bust a nut on my wife's face. She stood there for a hot second and watched me cum, look of shock on her face. She silently turned around and walked away. My wife had no idea she was there. I haven't said a word to my daughter about it.

How old is she now?


My alcoholic aunt used to watch us after we got out of school. One day she'd been drinking all fucking day and passed out on her bed and had taken her top off. She was actually a pretty attractive woman for her age (early 40s at the time). I walked by the room and saw her laying there. I got instantly hard and decided to give it a shot. So I closed the door and walked over and jacked off all over her tits. By the time she woke up, our parents had gotten home and we had left. So she woke up, covered in cum and no idea how it happened.

Go on




Huh, surprised to see this thread still up.

Mom's a cheating whore who got pregnant and ran off with another man. Dad's honestly kinda objectively horrible, but he's at least a fun guy to be around. I genuinely love my sister beyond a familial or sexual way. She deserves far better than the life she's had so far and I've been trying to give that to her, it just so happened that things took a romantic turn at some point.

The girls were all laughing and giggling so I thought I was supposed to be embarrassed. I stopped sucking her tit and pulled back, I guess looking really guilty and ashamed. But half sis still had her hand on my dick, and she was so soft and warm. She told me it was nothing to be ashamed of, that it's how boys are supposed to react when an attractive woman touches them, just so long as I didn't tell anyone about what went on that night with them. Once she knew I wouldn't ever say a word that would get her in trouble she took my swim trunks off and then my shirt, leaving me butt naked in front of all of them. But before long I wasn't the only one, as they started helping each other undress they would make it a point to walk right over to me and smother their breasts in my face, or lay me down and sit on my face. Eventually though older sis had me on my back and was sucking me off.

OP here. Can you faggots keep this thread alive for maybe the next hour? That way I'll be home and can keep up all night. Ill try to post more from mobile until then but its fucking rush hour

My brother and I ended up fucking our mom when we were 13 and 14 after a few years of not so secretly spying on her changing and showering. We thought we were discrete, but mom knew the entire time.

You love your sister so much you get her drunk and double team her with your dad. That's some prison showers kind of love.


I don't get her drunk, he does. She and I fuck sober often.

That's hot.
Couple years ago, we went out to dinner, had a babysitter. Kids had been asleep a couple hours. After babysitter leaves, wife and I start to fool around. She thought I had locked the door, I thought she had. She was on the bed on all fours, blowing me, and had a plug in her ass. I see door open, and our 11 year old walk in. He stares for like two seconds, then nopes right out the door. I say "fuck" and she pulls off my dick. Totally ruined the moment. Didn't finish.

Second time he'd walked in on us, hence the door locking now.

Anyone got column's crusade?

> Gf is 13 or so
> Gymnast
> grandfather always picks her up from training
> They go back to his place one time
> Still in her leotard
> He gets her to show him some gymnastics stuff
> Starts touching her
> She tries to stop him
> He makes her bend over the coffee table
> Pulls aside the crotch of her leotard and panties and rapes her
This went on for a few months, and she eventually got used to it. Quit gymnastics just so she wouldnt have to see him as often but he still found ways until she was 15 or so

us fellas gotta keep this alive for an hour or so

Yep, gotta keep it alive so we can get more of anons snail paced cousin fanfiction

Here's a time killer: Introduced daughter to oral when she was 9yo

I am a 28 year old user who has at one point or another had a sexual relationship with every female member of my immediate family. That's mom, sister, aunt, and two cousins.

Aunt was the first, she's always been a super athletic woman who runs marathons and goes on weekend hiking trips. She started having me over after school for workouts whenever I started playing football. She'd wear tight workout clothes and would get me hard. Finally while spotting me she asked if I was ever going to let her help with all the tension. From then on we were fucking after every workout. She taught me so much about how women work and how to please a woman.

My mom taught me and my siblings to masturbate and was very open sexually. She would lay out nude all the time. She pulled me in for "the talk" when I was 12. She demonstrated sex with a dildo and explained masturbation. She made me take off my clothes and lay on the bed next to her. She sort of cuddled me and had me jack off while she gave me instructions. I came and she told me what a good job I'd done. For a couple of years we would masturbate together. She was in her mid-30s and was very attractive. We never had penatrative sex, but a few times she did make me cum on her while she fucked herself with a dildo.

Name pls

greentexts please.

Not really my incest, but three girls I've dated have gotten knocked up by their dads.

We need more of that in this country

Are you their dad? How on earth does this happen three times?

I was sleeping with a cousin for a few years when she told me she got off birth control to get knocked up because her parents would take care of her if she was a single mom.

My only explanation is theater chicks and arts majors. I have a type, and apparently their type is their dad.

I would like to fuck my 13 year old big tittied stepdaughter, my smoking hot 31 year old SIL, and my wife's other 2 younger sisters (mid 30's).
First and foremost, I would love to give my SD oral by her riding my face. Eventually we would fuck. But I'm too afraid to do anything. Oh well.

I'm the youngest of three. We grew up in the Hollywood Hills and had what I thought was a fairly normal childhood. One day I came home and caught my brother and sister having sex. He was 18, sister was 16, I was 13. I walked out and went to my room. My sister came to my room after they finished and explained that she loves us and grabbed my cock through my pants. Unzipped my pants and sucked me off. I got to fuck her for 2 years before she went to college. Last year she told me it was because of our dad who had groomed her from the time she was 10 and basically told her it was her job to service us. She's been in therapy for years because of it, hasn't been able to hold on to a normal relationship. Usually ending up with abusive assholes.

And rightly so: prison is no fun, and the sex offender registry is a total bitch.

My sister found out I have the same relatively obscure fetish as her when we were in high school. We started sharing porn and art of it with each other, one thing led to another, and now we're on the opposite side of the country as our family and living happily as a couple.

I actually just text my mom, who is now 52 and single. Told her I was just thinking about what we used to do. I'm single right now. I asked her what she's doing for Valentine's Day. She just told me to come over.

My wife's mom taught her and her sisters about sex, sort of similarly? She was sort of a hippy, but really wanted to make sure they didn't get pregnant so they could make sure they went to college, had careers, etc.
Taught all three of them top notch blowjob techniques, using dildos. This was summer before each of them went into 7th grade (individually, not together). Wanted to make sure if they got into a situation, they could quickly diffuse it with their mouth. Also let them see what cum tasted like a few times. Their mom said it didn't matter whose it was, it would for all intents and purposes taste about the same. When they were older, my wife and her older sister asked their mom how she got it and who it was from. She said she didn't remember each one. There were some family friends, a couple neighbors, their father, etc. She just sort of threw that one in there so nonchalantly. Girls flip out about it. She told them that if she had said it was his in the moment, they wouldn't have tried it, and it was all about making them focus on the experience of having it in their mouth, not who produced it.
Anyway, later on, the summer before high school, taught them about anal sex. That training was just about how to use your own fingers, as well as toys, and then how to prepare and what different kinds of lube feel like and how to relax.

My wife and I have threesomes with her cousin fairly regularly. Watching her cousin eat her out while I fuck the cousin is honestly the hottest thing ever.

> be me, 8
> sister 12, needs help with showering
> says she has periods now, so her vajayjay needs extra scrubbing
> I scrub
> get ice cream
> happens several times
> mom finds out, sister grounded, I'm questioned
> I explain I was helping big sis scrub her vagoo cuz she's got period now and it needs extra cleaning
> mom looks at me like I'm an idiot
> no dad in the family
> now I'm helping both sistem and mom to wash their youknowwhat
> goes on for almost every week for years, until i'm 12 and finally realise what the fuck is going on
> gasp, you lied to me!
> mom actually tries to blame me for this whole thing, but leaves me alone
> sister not happy, attacks me occasionally, pins me down, shoves her cunt into my face, makes me suck it
> tell mom after several months
> "Your own fault for being a little whore bitch"
> Does to sister what sis been doing to me
> Both leave me alone. At least sexually
> grow to 16, get the hell out of the house
> sexually inactive for the rest of my life
> sister and mom lived together and as far as I know fucked till mom died seven years ago
> dunno where sister is now. dont care either

What's the fetish?

Unless you're absolutely repulsive I can almost guarantee she's used you as a masturbation fantasy.

Nice! Give her some lovin'

post tits

I'm a guy and I had sex with my male cousin a few times when i was 13-14 and he was 23-24

Most intense nut I ever had was looking down into my sisters half open eyes, seeing a slight smirk on her face as I filled her pussy with my cum.

Not direct incest. My sister and I had a MMFF sex party in our place when we were in our teens. The neighbor fucked my sister, I fucked his sister in the same room.


what was it like?

user greentexting cousin story here. I'll be back home in like ten to fifteen minutes.

I'd like to know more about this.

i really enjoyed it, i'm pretty much straight but i wanted it

I had to help my 11yo niece bathe/shower several times and it was honestly pretty fun

Kik me, asdfloling
I would love to talk about your family

how did he convince you to let him fuck you? when/where did he do it? was he gentle?

Definitely, user


Sister and I both had crushes on them, we got to know them better and fell into pretty deep like. Honestly, he was a good dude, she was a cool chick. I seem to remember he was the one to bring it up first like "Wouldn't it be funny if..." kinda thing. Both girls were very, VERY attractive. We decided the best way was to all hang out while our parents were at work, he stole some whiskey from his dad's cabinet. We started drinking and one thing led to another. We all started making out. Move to my bedroom. He lays my sister down, pulls her panties off from under her skirt and starts going down on her. I get his sister's pants and panties off and go to town. We ended up fucking right next to each other. He came first, creampied my sister and went back down on her like a proper pervert and ate her out until she had her orgasm. I creampie his sister, and my sister went down on her until she got off.

We only did it that once, but holy god it was hot. Our sisters were holding hands when we came in them. I'd do it again tomorrow if I had the chance.

Speaking from experience? Not judging, just wondering.

We'll be expecting a full report, user.

He started out by having me touch his dick/jack him off and we escalated from there over time, I wouldn't say he really had to convince me though

Sadly, yes


Sadly, same. Big stupid. Consequences way out of proportion to the "crime".

> be me
> 16
> visit grandma
> she's watching my 6 year old cousin
> grandma asks me to watch cousin while she goes to the store
> okie dokie
> after grandma leaves, cousin sits on couch with me
> she reaches over and rubs my cock
> insta-boner
> tell her to stop
> she tells me "this is what daddy makes me do when mommy goes to the store"
> I immediately whip my dick out
> she starts sucking my dick
> I cum so fast
> she smiles, says thank you
> gives me a kiss on the cheek
> goes back to her video game

I fully intend on taking pics/video. For those wondering. Mom is about 5'6", 120lbs, mousy brown hair, green eyes. Smallish tits, amazing legs/ass. I'm leaving now. Grabbing dinner and wine on the way. I'm already so hard it's throbbing.

no one wants to see that fat cunt

I'm back. Typing up the next few now.

>apparent femanon
>no tits to be seen


Fucked up.

I like drugging my cousins so I can cum in them whenever they come over.


>be me

Go ahead user

Hit it with the force of a thousand suns, my friend. Godspeed!


I used to score booze and weed for my sister, payment was always either head or anal.

Absolutely. I could have killed someone and been better off

At sisters apartment with her then boyfriend.
Listening to tunes getting wasted.
Really wasted.
They start making out, I'm right next to them. Sister doesn't seem to mind.
He pulls up her shirt and pulls out her tits.
He said she really likes having her nipples sucked, and starts sucking on one.
I feel my sister reach out and more or less guide my head to the other nipple.
I start sucking.
He undoes her pants and puts his hand down her shorts.
I hear, feel how wet she is, as he pulls his hand away.
I put my hand between her legs on her pussy. He wasn't kidding, she was very wet.
She is looking like she is enjoying the fuck out of this.
He then pulls her bottoms off and goads me on to fuck her.
It will be wild he says.
I was hard as fuck and it seemed like a great thing to do.
I pulled out my cock and mounted her.
It slid right in. Hot, wet, tight.
I started slowly pumping.
She met my thrusts and ground into me.
It was fucking surreal.
I tried lasting as long as I could but I was going to blow.
I looked down at her face.
Looked into her eyes and had pulse after pulse of the strongest contractions I ever felt.
I stayed inside her well after I finished.
Her boyfriend was jerking off while he watched.
It was very awkward the next few weeks.

>bw me
>be at another time than this particular moment
>engage in questionable actions that satisfy immoral sexual fantasies

Lol I did that too.
Wanna talk? Kik me asdfloling

My girlfriends sister is an art major and I always suspected she might have something going on with her dad

Whenever my male cousins and I would have a boy's night, we'd end up playing "hardcore wrestling," which consisted of trying to forcibly strip and rape your opponent. The only way to lose is to tap our or if your opponent cums in you.

I'd love to chat, but I'm keeping it all on Cred Forums.

So did you get coomed?

Yep. All I did was make a girl very happy, no complaints or regrets. Had to concoct a rap sheet of serious GBI's to come up with the years I got for that, when asked "What ya in for?"

I'm a guy. My older cousin used to molest me. Started fucking me when I was 11. We would be at family gatherings and he'd make me blow him. He at least used lube when he'd fuck me.

any more?


I was one of the younger ones, so I didn't come out victorious often.

what was he like when he used you? could you tell a story of when he'd make you suck him at a gathering?

Oh yeah. Thankfully, only had that once, and was able to adjust the age in the story. Still a little scary. After that, though, the next 7.5 yrs weren't terrible.

My sister and I have the same father but different mothers.
Can it be considered incest if I fuck her?

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1/2 incest


Thanks for being patient and sticking around guys. You're true scholars and the best witnesses a degenerate cousin-fucker could ask for.

>One quick thing, gonna be referring to cousin as Clem, short for Clementine. Not her real name but her actual name is even more old timey and I refuse to call her it in anything but a mocking tone
>Now, she's just told me she thought I was going to join her in the shower.
>Not going to pretend that wasn't a desire. In fact as the water was running down her body I had a lot of desires.
>Finally just settle for pointing out there isn't much room.
>"I don't mind." She answers, positively beaming
>Since she's right there asking for it after everything we just did, I figure this can't hurt any worse than the moral laws we've already broken
>Or rather that I've broken, she's still an innocent in this
>Close the shower stall behind me and step inside. Almost immediately our bodies are pressed right up against each other.
>Like I said, no room. Barely enough for me alone
>But with our wet bodies against each other Clem starts grinding herself up against me, the warm shower water making it even easier for her
>She's trying to mount my knee, grinding her pussy against it, but I have a much better idea
>grab both of her shoulders and press her back to the shower wall, the showerhead pouring down overtop both of us
>One hand still on her shoulder to keep her steady, my other hand teases her nipples on its way down below, to that sweet spot between her narrow hips.
>When she feels my fingers rubbing her pussy lips again she practically collapses in my hand, but I keep her standing up
>This is what she wanted, she's going to be awake for it.

Attached: 1581233814726.jpg (750x1186, 657K)

It happened a few more times. After that, I'd purposefully go over if I knew she was there. I never fucked her. Just the occasional blowjob. Her family moved out of state when she was about 14. So it stopped around then for obvious reasons. She's a mess now. Got pregnant at 17, moved out, never finished high school. I haven't heard from her in years.

I'm gonna tell my story fast.

When I was 17, I was an stupid angry/horny teenager, and I had an emo sister. She was 15, with big boobs, not very cute anyway.
So, I bought some pills from a friend who had trouble with sleep, and used to drug my sister. In the end I just tested on her, give one, try to woke her up, wait a week, gave her 2 tried to woke her up again, you know.

Then I decide to do it. I used 3 and a half and after a while she was dead sleep. I was lucky she was using the school uniform, I grope her tits and pussy, but I couldn't fuck her, she was virgin, so I just rubbed myself and came on her tits, I cleaned her and let her sleep. I wanted to try again, but I ran out of pills.

i (F23) remember back when my older half brother (M26) went to the same pre-school at YMCA, we went to the girl's bathroom when we thought no one was around and "touched privates." i pulled down my pants, he pulled down his, we just touched em. there was a worker (kathy i think her name was?) who walked in on us and reported it to our mom who spanked the life out of us. nothing else happened really, other than a few times i walked in on my brother fucking during high school. i have masturbated thinking about him though because we're now estranged so it doesn't feel so degenerate, plus we're only half. i just wanna have sex with my brother TwT (pic related)

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did you ever do anything with her that wasnt a bj? like grope her or hump?
greentext another memorable BJ story please?

It wasn't good. I was too young. He would fuck like a god damn beast. When I was almost 13 things changed a little. He was fucking me and I had a raging orgasm from it. Like I have never in my life cum so much from being pounded. I was on my back, I sprayed cum all over myself. He made me eat it while he continued fucking me until he came in my ass.

At my actual 13th birthday party he pulled me into a bathroom upstairs at my house while everyone else was downstairs. This was the first time he did anything for me. He made me strip down and lay down. He pulled his pants off and we 69ed each other until we both busted in each other's mouths and swallowed each others cum.

Honestly, around then was when I started enjoying it and actually started looking forward to it. He actually started letting me fuck him too. One of my favorites was when he was riding me and he busted a nut all over my chest and face just from riding my cock.

My younger sister lives next town over, since I butted out.

She parties around and once she had to come over here, so she asked if she could crash my apartment and go home the next day and I was like sure, how cozy.

I went with her cuz my guys were out that night as well, so we had drinks, and around 1am I started my group and my sister's group went to the same bar, and there was a guy who was definitely flirting with my sister, and it looked like it was leading somewhere. I just observed. But she ended up not going anywhere with it, so we went home 3am. I think it had made her horny or something, but once we laid it bed she was pretty touchy feely, asking me to stroke her on her back and stuff, and then we started making out, and we fucked.

Just hand jobs and blowjobs. I made out with her a few times when she was a little older (12-14). But other than that if we were alone, she was like a little fuck robot and would go straight for my cock. She's honestly swallowed dozens of loads from me, lord knows what she did to anyone else in the family.

Well the CO's outed me and I was gang raped, beaten and stabbed. Nothing compared to what my family and the "victim" have all be through by the authorities. She's been under heavy brainwashing to believe she was abused, when she knows she wanted it and enjoyed it. Yeah I'm a little bitter.

would she ever suck you multiple times a day? was her technique good? did you ever get her naked? would she ever say anything during this?

Man, I hate anything to do with pills thanks to my uncle. When I was like 15-16 he spent all this time telling me my two female cousins, his daughters, thought I was such a handsome guy and all this shit. Just tons of stuff that at first I didn't believe, but he kept on for so long I started seeing signs that weren't there.

One night during the holidays they're sleeping in the camper at the back of the property when my Uncle comes to me, says they have a surprise for me, gives me MDMA and leads me to their camper.

Inside they're both fucked up and sloppy, but within a few minutes so am I. They didn't seem to mind I was there, because they were fucked up, but I thought they liked me. So there's some mututal making out between the three of us, some touching, and just as they start undressing they wind up falling asleep.
>Uncle pops into the camper, starts undressing one and telling me to finish undressing the other, we're just gonna put them in bed
>but once they're in bed he tells me to go ahead and have my way, he won't tell anyone if I don't
>After all, they wanted to fuck anyways they just fell asleep, they already consented
>wind up giving in, we each fuck one of them, and during the sex they come to slightly, looking utterly confused for a second before going right back out
When I finished I came on my cousins belly, he came right inside of his daughter, and at some point must have gone back and creamed in the other one too, because she later accused me of doing it.