Kik thread

Kik thread
You know the deal, drop you Kik and what your looking for

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kik: T136ftw

send me your gf,wife,sister,mother,exgf,family member
i will rate,wwyd and can send my dick in return


Show her how famous she is

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Tell her she should’ve listened

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Big dicked daddy looking for holes to ruin.

Spanish cucks write vicen1990


Looking for people to sext with and swap pics

Hacking snaps tonight. Username and cell number only needed. Kik me @ knicker33. No success no fee.

Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to.


Let’s trade teens

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New Jersey stuff. Kik Rmbwall

What's the fee?

19yo bull here. Straight and huge dick. Kik ziguuum


Looking for someone to tribute some clothed pics of some friends of mine


If you want more of her

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Looking for cock tributes of friends, non-nudes to start with. Reply on kik with tribute to this pic

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Kik bigdadscuck
Exposing a hot slut

Anyone ever steal pics of girls they know? Interested in hearing about hmu

Can be your cuddly daddy, or just a cuddle buddy, whatever you prefer
Kik: usernamessux404


kik: T136ftw

send me your gf,wife,sister,mother,exgf,family member
i will rate,wwyd and can send my dick in return


Order the cuck to expose his wife, tell him Master G sent you.

Rating girls and cocks, chatting and sexting with anyone who wants. BWC.

into lewd stuff, dicks are highly appreciated

AkioWeedo is my Kik


asian girl 36y looks like 20

Kik: FitFkBoii

27/male/ Aus
Straight, looking for chicks.

>>So couple days ago
>>Got high after lifting with good friend
>>Buddy of mine was scrolling through my phone for memes and shit that I have saved there.
>>Then he hit back on my phone
>>And saw girlfriend's gallery

>>I couldn't react fast enough but he saw it all

Kik longlostlegend91

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When I was in highschool I got my girlfriend pregnant, we broke up and she never asked for support. I moved to another city. Now I'm back in town and wanna fuck her again. Feel free to ask me anything about her no matter how private it is.
Kik: Michelle_Sc7
Pic related

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Trading estonian girls, i have many. Add me if you also have some and lets exchange

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Looking for milfs pics or videos

Looking for creep of or anything that will help me cum. Please send!!

I want to rate and degrade the women you love

Looking for dominant bulls with big cocks to worship and drool over as I share my gf and obey their commands, the more dominant and daddy dom types the better

Promised myself I wouldn't jack off today, make that impossible
Feet, armpits, tits, hairy, Asian, insest


Me and my girl want to find someone who will watch me fuck her, watch her suck my dick, tell her what to do, listen to her get fucked. It will be tonight, we are on the west coast. Only serious people only, pics and watch. Here is her kik:

She knows about it

Bored at work. Trades anything. Mostly into beast, slampigs, ex wifes, hairy. Try me

Can't wait to see where this goes

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Send me anything
Chat with me (can be naughty chat lol)


27M I like to do tribs and receive them too, send, receive or both


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Wanna try something new. I've gotten really into breaking the news to gals that they've been shared. If you want to do that to a woman you know and see the scs of that, kik me. I honestly don't care if larp, do long as it's good


Tell her she should’ve listened too

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40yo male pervert, show me your little cute gf, pics you were not supposed to share kik kionci

Someone lookup “dnick1223” in the b archives and post the slut.