Boys will never understand

boys will never understand..

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>This image implies they don't love the attention
There's a reason most girls 10 years after High School have 2-4 kids and no father in the picture.

Stop being a slut, or just block them dumbass

>be me, femanon
>Want attention
>"I'm gonna go put myself out on various websites for attention to be "social""
>show pics of my ass in my new leggings
>men try to be social with me and want to get with me
"How dare they? Men are pigs!"

>goes on social media
>oh nooooo, I can't stand all of this attention I'm getting, it's soooooooo terrible :P

Women are shit

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Ouch lol

Ok incels

>posts slutty pictures on social media for attention.
>"OMG stop ogling me."

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>When women cheat
"Well maybe he wasn't pleasing her!"
>When men cheat
"Fucking disgusting pig"

Labeling them people was the real mistake.

No, that's because it's becoming more of the norm to date niggers.

If they didn't like it, they wouldn't all dress like hookers. If they shaved their heads and wore big clothes, they'd see a drastic change in attitude against them. But they won't, because their only worth is being coveted by men.

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>Labeling them people was the real mistake
Wait, I thought you were talking about women, not niggers.

OH God, variety and attention. Noooooooooo

>Ok incels

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lol no it's not. You spend too much time on Cred Forums if you genuinely think women are fucking niggers.

Maybe in the US or wherever the fuck, i live in Canada in a pretty large city and i only ever see a white girl with a black guy once in a blue moon

>Hating a woman makes you an incel
No, I'm fucking on the regular and still hate them.

Oh and i forgot to add the girls always look trashy and dressed like whores

Inceldom is a state of mind

No, it means involuntarily celibate.

Meanwhile at OP's shes aggresivly posting on instagram and snapchat in provocative clothing to attention.

this makes perfect sense

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girls suffer a lot

In my midwestern town that's been overrun by niggers from Chicago I'm seeing more and more young white girls with niggers.

You live in Illinois? Happened to my town Franklin Park. They changed a retirement home apartment complex to a nigger projects apartment. Now they're ruining the town. I'm out of there but it's sad to see my town now

No, Iowa.

Nigger migration I guess.

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I've had two exes and rando THOTs from my workplace sending me "what up" and "heyy"s all week


Also, moar

Fucking based

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Yes, compliments are horrible. The horror, the tragedy...

A little attention is nice, but that does suck.

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to be fair dry wall is ridiculously flimsy. expecting to be able to hammer a nail into a wall with mere woman strength isn't an inexcusable mistake.

Stay mad, incels. It's not like you are known for your self-awareness LOL

she's literally blushing lol

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i appreciate this criticism of american capitalism


pic is funny but
>men hate it far less being raped by women
but far more being raped by men lol. having your penis pushed in a hole vs. having a penis pushed into your hole.

your vagina no longer has value and it's too late to develop a personality

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You really have no idea what you're talking about. That pic is ridiculous. I've never been raped but when I was 16 going home from school I was in our building's escalator with a man that didn't even leave there and he slowly pushed himself/his penis (through his jeans) against my butt and I felt everything. He was obviously hard and I was paralyzed by fear and shame. He rubbed himself against me for what seemed an eternity. I went home and cried for hours. I got PTSD from this seemingly unimportant event. I'm 26 and I still can't get into an elevator by myself. I never had a boyfriend still.

I meant elevator* not escalator obviously

It is time for EurasianTiger to renounce his "masculinity", transition to womanhood, and live out the rest of his life, content as a cock sleeve

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Two things I guess. First, you totally ignored the slutty clothes point he was making, and gave us some kind of weird pathos-ridden story as a reply instead. Thanks. You don't care about his point and we don't care abut your story. Second though, don't you think maybe you're over reacting to something icky? I mean it's fucked up, sure. But "still can't get into an elevator by myself." Come on now. Time to grow up and start thinking about it as something weird and gross that happened instead of some life changing event that's trapped you in a state of mental victim hood forever.

quick question, have you ever had a man (who completely dwarfs you in strength) grind his dick into you for an extended period in a very confined space? sounds possibly traumatizing to me tbh

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But OP... all girls are evil and all boys smell.
There are only two people in the world, and they don't like each other.
According to Cred Forums that is...

Pic unrelated

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What ethnicity was this man ?

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Maybe you should have stayed in the kitchen.
If anything rapists are based, this girl power bullshit only works as long as there's a man of power backing up the women, it's not even an intelligence thing, its just the law of power.
Violence beats ignorance, ignorance beats intelligence and intelligence beats violence.
And men are the best at violence.

Girls neither have any idea what boys go through...

Actually kill yourselves, incels.

you don't think that your bar for traumatizing might be a little low? I get that you're painting it as a scene from some kind of horror movie but seriously? You had some rando grind his dick on you, it's not like your parents abandoned you or you got the shit beaten out of you by someone you loved, or you saw your little brother get blown up by a land mine. What happened to you is fucked up for sure but not life altering. Oh and quick question, have you ever had a man (who completely dwarfs you in strength) punch you in the face or tackle you or even just push you against something? Sounds possibly life threatening to me tbh and dudes have to worry about that shit.

Uh. Not OP but yes. And yes. I don't know how it would affect if I were adult when it happened but alas, I was not. It was really hard to grow up to being a man when having that kind of experience in history.


Must be sad being a simp

Yeh actually I have but I just thought he was a lame faggot and got away, instead of being traumatized, Being kicked in the head for talking shit traumatized me way more than that lame faggot trying to get some.

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But I do understand. Its why Im the guy that doesnt text you, which also means Im basically shooting myself in the fucking foot because you dont even see me standing because of it. So what is it you want?
Basically, youre never happy either way.

We do understand, but there just is no fucking way to do it right with you women. Atleast these "sick perverts" messaging you actually end up on your radar.
Use your damn head.

Have sex incel

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.

It literally isn’t.
Lana Rain is cuter.

Aquire cultural taste, braindead thot

I understand. I used to post personal ads on Craigslist when you still could and I would get usually like 50-70 emails from horny men detailing how they wanted to fuck me. I did it for attention just like girls do, but I didn’t pretend not to like it. I would just masturbate while reading all the emails.

wtf are YOU me?

Don’t know how common that was, but I have around 500 emails still saved and every once in a while I browse through them for a fap.

Lmao at these replies. You can tell who hasn't grown up yet.

Even as a femboy I can empathize with this image. everyone lies to you in order to get to your body. It took me a long time of being used by people that I cared about to realize that they only cared about what I could provide for them; a quick cum

Your self worth goes down, your fears go up, and you put up barriers to protect yourself from chasers and predators and people who simply don't care.

then, they call you prude or 'hard to get' because you protect yourself.

>implying they don't love the attention

most don't, just ask them

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Almost no-one dates niggers, only white trash and chavs. If you're dating a nigger, you're a Lumpenprole and more than welcome to leave the white race.

K fag

omg ur such a newfag

drywall is flimsy its not meant to be nailed.

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k, gusta, gusta

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>It took me a long time of being used by people that I cared about to realize that they only cared about what I could provide for them; a quick cum

How many of them just wanted to talk to you but you just dismissed because of how they looked or how boring they were?

Unplug then bitch shrink your circle fuck. I fucking hate how people think that the reality they accept is life. You accept it, then bitch about it. I think you don't love you're self in the least bit and can no self accountability for your own actions in life. You have the mentality of a victim and will always be one on account of thats how you see yourself. Grow up, take action, and live life. I hate self hating people who have this victim like outlook on life. You're the type of bitch who gets fucked amd chucked I bet on account you dont wait till the 5th or 6th date. Bitch ass hoes

lol you guys are fucking butthurt on valentine because you don't have a woman

Lmao pshhh I have multiable bitches most of them as dumb a fucking count as you. I'd drop em all for a real women. Dumb hoes play games then get mad when ones played on them. Good luck being a dumb bitch

bro ur cringe

You sound like a generally dumb person.

fuck off roastie

They arent taught the basic human emotion called empathy and can only relate directly to people who look like and act like they do.

It's why a bunch of drooling, brainwashed morons like Trump. They relate to how fucking stupid he is and how much he lies.

>most girls 10 years after High School have 2-4 kids

where the fuck do you live?

If you pray hard enough maybe this will come true.

Nah. We understand the proper statement is why would we care

Boring? many. It's not my job to entertain someone who hasnt put any effort into themselves. Boring people tend to be lethargic and slothy, thus having not developed any interesting experiences or traits

I don't stop talking to people that I find interesting if I don't find them attractive. My friends don't need to be attractive to me. I can see the narrative you're trying to push, that I'm shallow and judgy. You will believe this no matter what I say so we should move on

excellent response, thanks user

Spotted the rapist

>You will believe this no matter what I say so we should move on

I have no reason to believe anything about a random femboy, you're too used to attention it seems. Enjoy it while that ass is something people will want.

Aw so you switched to the Faggot team to monetize your butthole for attention and don't like it?

Cry more faggot

This. You get high on the state then get pissed when you realize they don't respect you as well because you have nothing for them to want or respect

Oh he loves it, just not from boring, beta simps. He deserves the best, but its just a preference.

Jeeze that looks pretty hard

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That's just plain wrong.

Lol cringe? Shut the fuck up cuck I know what easy pussy sounds like and it's the type of girls who act like this. Trust

As I said, you've already made up your mind so we should move on. These kinds of interactions are painfully predictable.

Yeah, sure, that's what my posts definitely said

What don't I have?

I don't think I can say what I do or don't deserve, but I know what I want in a partner, and I know what kind of attention I appreciate. Many of the attention I receive is not appreciated

What people would call a "beta" I don't mind at all. I think I would prefer that over an "alpha"? I don't want macho or muscles. I just want someone who takes care of themselves, likes themselves. I feel that this is the hardest thing to find.

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t. roastie

>I know what kind of attention I appreciate.

And that would be?

this... isn't how vaginal muscles work..

I am sorry you had to experience this. I know these fears. I can't sleep near strangers. I have to have a door that locks.

And don't even give me this I've met girls like blah blah blah.

ok boomer

Imagine getting triggered by compliments

The kind that listens, and is attentive - by the very definition of attention. The attention I want is the kind where someone is at peace with themselves enough to the point where they can feel and interpret me. I know very few people capable of this, but it does exist. many of them are friends to me, and ones I keep close, but just am not attracted to. I want the kind of attention that says "I'm here if you need me" when I'm looking sad, or the kind of attention that can see that I'm concentrating and they choose to not speak/leave me be. The kind of attention that sees if I am angry and offers not a word but a simple and reassuring hand

I don't need to be called hot or that I'm sooo cute or beautiful. I know what I'm told and I am sick of hearing it. It's so baseless, so shallow, so surface level

I liked those things more when i was younger and didn't understand that there were greater things to value. The traits that people tend to place value in seem rare, to me, and I think in that way it's why I don't connect to many people. I hope that helps

intention is stronger than words

Damn he ground on you so good you haven't needed a man since. Hot

Yeah Cuz we takin ova yo City and yo Women.

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lol incels tell themselves this because they can't get laid LOL

That was useful, ty.

How else are they gonna get to talk to your stuck up ass. Its not like they can just say hey and 100% of the time be ignored. Then when you find a nice guy you play mind games and go fuck some other dudes while accusing him of the same thing. Its all a game to you fucking women you hate being used by guys you want but when a guy gives you what you want you use them to see how much you can get away with then when your caught you come up with some lame ass excuse like Oh i have abandonment issues or you dont pay attention to me and make us feel like were not good enough for you, fuck you we are damn well better than your whormongering cum dumpster looking ass. This is why women can never be faithful they always want whatbthey cant have nothing is ever good enough for them and they will always lie or over exagerate every chance they get their truths have lies and there is always something they are hiding.

Is desire not an emotion?

people who act like you are now confuse my brain
but of course, user, I'm glad it helped
I have experienced many of the things you dislike as I was growing up and learning. Society and culture tell us many things about our bodies, sex, expectations, etc. I am also not a woman. I am also incapable of having sex with 'just anyone' because I have developed many fears from being mistreated and abused. You assume many things, but none of them are true in my case user. Not all experiences are the same, especially not ones as negative as your own. Please remember that your experience is not the only one. If you believe that it is, you will become trapped by that belief and it will very likely mislead you into pain that you don't need nor want. You speak with many absolutes, women do this, and they do that. How can you be sure? There's simply no way you've interacted with every single woman, and even if you believe you've interacted with "enough to know" you would still be incorrect. This is another way in which your belief can imprison you

There are exceptions. There are outliers. I know what it's like to have a negative experience mold the rest of our expectations and it is not fun. it's difficult to get out of our own way

I don't think so, no. emotions can lead to desire, though, so in that way, they're nearly the same. I feel fear, so I desire comfort. I feel anger, so I desire to commit violence. I feel happiness, so I desire for it to continue

emotion creates desire, but only we can choose to act or to observe

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Lol I hate incels but that's just basic truth in their statements.

What a fucking incel. I guarantee you're a virgin.

write a blog you faggot

I would make you my bitch and rape you like I used to do to betas in prison.

Must be sad hating women because they won't fuck your pathetic ass

women proving their lack of braincells yet again

the pc is a joke,but whoever believes this shit for real should be fucking killed

so many dumb incels in this "Cred Forums" bullshit i swear

likes girl
>girl has lots of guy "friends", constantly being hit on, always seems to have a boyfriend
>still tries to get girl

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Damn, even for Cred Forums the amount of incel cringe in this thread is off the charts. Stay useless fellas!

I fucking hate dumb Asian bitches that groan about this shit. You're not special bitch, men are attracted to all types of women.

Shut up, faggot
the situation is win win
they get to cum and you get to feel validated for years of abuse that you cover up

get therapy faggot or get rekt

At least you know you're attractive. Most males havent heared a compliment in years and would love to hear one.

you have cute wrists bro

From another btard in your shoes. I agree. Most women are dumb as fuck. I have a married bitch I'm fucking and I've got a girlfreind. I had another chick that I was banging. She was freinds with the married chick and couldnt know about me and the married chick. But she tried to play games and i put a stop to that. She acted like she had any ground to withhold sex from me like ok I'll just fuck your freind or go home to my gf. Keep in mind my gf is not wife material I'm just riding it out

Do you understand the way you speak to people?

>I just want someone who takes care of themselves, likes themselves

Both alpha characteristics... but you would be fine with a beta. I bet you also want a guy who doesnt care what other people think which is another alpha trait

Did you type out the entire post number, really?

shut up faggot

>expecting an actual human being on Cred Forums
>being this retarded

Girls would never understand the crippling loneliness from never getting any messages ever.

Holy fuck, now I'm wondering which of the three I am

@820692120 what do you mean?

Holy shit this. I'm an average looking dude. Im confident. I have no trouble talking to women in person. But holy fuck when I had tinder I tried everything. Got like maybe 5 matches. But none of them went anywhere but if it's in person I have no problem closing the deal. I know your pain user.

>yes this is totally reasonable

If femanon...
...tits or gtfo.

Just pretend to be a boy online lmao

Then they will cry about not getting attention

Nobody loves you


I expect nothing, I simply asked a question in response to... well, nothing, because insults are pointless
I suppose those could be alpha, I just don't really think in 2 generalizations lol. I want a partner that cares what others think in the right ways. If one of my partners friends sat them down to seriously give a critique on a certain behavior or situation, I would want my partner to care what their friend thinks. There's a good kind of "not caring" and a bad kind.

I don't want them to care in ways like, they can wear whatever, do whatever, as long as it's safe and they're enjoying themselves. that kind of thing

I love me :)
and I am somebody just as you are

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except all those guys unironically have dicks for brains