10/10 bodies

10/10 bodies

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She has no thighs or feet

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looks just like my sister kinda hope it is

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i bet you beat off to that a lot

Left or Right?

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that's a 6 at best
also 6
2/10, if we ignore the tattoo 4/10
neither, they both have a jaw like they are trannies

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I scored the highest on your gay list

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I'd lick her cumfilled pussy clean anytime

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Is there an album of her? Only have seen 3 pix

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>It's an OP gets bamboozled by angle and camera tricks episode
Can you BE any more of a fucking soi virgin as to post angled pics and call them "10/10"
Get fucking laid

Lose the blonde hair and she's absolutely a 10/10

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But that face and the photoshop are minus 5 point.

I hate people like you that reply to every post

Her body was built for black cock

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where's the tits?

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Nah. Thats my girl. Only posted the one

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Shut the fuck up nigger

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What set number is this from?

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most of these are 10/10 bodies let down by 0/10 camera

Girl selfie 101. They lift or pull back their arms to make their boobs stand up. Thish means otherwise they sag.



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This chick right here. Saddest part was I had every chance to fuck her but I was in a relationship and didn't want to cheat.

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My wife

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