My apartments pet fee is $400 plus $20 extra each month and i dont wanna pay it

My apartments pet fee is $400 plus $20 extra each month and i dont wanna pay it.
What are the chances i can just get a cat and no one ever knows? Has anyone else done something like this that could share their experience smuggling felines?
Thank you for your time.

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Probs pretty high as long as your landlord isn’t coming to your house all the time
I mean If a neighbor sees it no biggie, right? Just the land lord is risky
I had a cat for like 10 years in an apartment that was strictly no pets, my sneakily moving her at opurtune times
Also never paid any fees for stuff like using the washer and dryer by being sneaky
You can do it

First rule is to ensure you keep your cats off the window-sills. Just be nice to your neighbors, one of mine stalked my wife when we walked our dog- I noticed his 3 cats in the window (limit was 2 pets per apartment), got him evicted- and got police involved for the stalking.

Otherwise no one gives a shit minus the landlord, and shit neighbors. Just get pets that don't make noise at all hours of the night.

Get the proper documents to certify your furbaby as "Service Animal". Find a good attorney if landlord tries to make you pay any fees on a medically necessary pet.

can a cat even be a service animal?


those attorney fees will be way cheaper for sure

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appt pet fee? what the fuck kind of bullshit is that, let me guess, US of A

Dude fuck that a down payment is reasonable but 20 bucks a month what the fuck for??when I was a kid all we did is break those rules but we never lived anywhere nice so my anecdote is useless. But I would make fun of you if I new you where getting fucked like that if you lived in trump tower. Dude you are required to do this shit

As a landlord, you are risking eviction and being taken to court for damage caused by the pet - stained carpet, urine spraying

I had 2 cats that I didn't pay for. Other tenants/ neighbors will know because cats love windows plus litter in the recycling etc... I just had to replace the blinds they chewed on when I moved out and clean really well. wasn't an issue

My place, the fee for having an undisclosed pet is less than the deposit and far less than the deposit + rent.

Plus 99% of landlords are scum and I won’t get my security deposit back anyway, so they can basically eat my ass.

Unless your landlord or property manager is coming over to your place, you’re fine. And if they do just say you’re looking after the cat for your friend or some shit. As long as you pay your rent on time and don’t fuck with anyone you’ll be alright.

No, they can qualify to be a therapy pet, but service pets are for blind people and other situations where you need the pet to function, not just cope better. Therapy pets have far less rights than service pets.

Best way to do that is go online and get an ESA for the animal. Should cost around $100 or a little more. You have to take the animal to the vet and have the vet sign off that it is behaved, then you can get an esa from an actual doctor. All of the websites that do this are a bit shady but some are legitimate doctors. Just licensed in different states for example.

That used to be the case, but most states have tightened the ESA rules after shit like the emotional support peacock debacle.

Also, everyone needs to keep in mind that rights are only as secure as you're willing to go to enforce them. If a landlord says "fuck you, pay the fee or I evict you" you're going to need to go out of pocket to hire a lawyer, take time off work to show up to court, and accept that any maintenance requests you have will get mysteriously lost.

what if i got i was just like lol i didnt know i just got him and ill pay it or if i did what said would that work in your experience as a landlord?
i feel like the time i go through all that i might as well just pay the fee.

My apartment complex told me they would waive the fees for my cat if he was an emotional support animal. A couple months later, I got a note from my doctor, delivered it along with the rabies certificate, and my cat was officially moved in.

All of the websites that do this are shady. There is no central registration for ESA.

And we wonder why rents are so fucking high

Chop off its legs and pour acid down its throat to kill its vocal cords.

Register your cat on the ESA registry website

im in the usa i dont have insurance

>what if i got i was just like lol i didnt know i just got him and ill pay it or if i did what 820683147 said would that work in your experience as a landlord?

Different landlord here. Everything is going to come down to the individual landlord. With a big management company or a corporate landholder, yeah, nobody is going to notice until you're moving out as long as you don't need workers in your place (and by then, its more trouble than its worth trying to enforce anything). If your landlord lives in the building, you're almost certain to get caught because a weird system like the one you described just screams crazy.

Personally, my policy is that I have a two pet limit (its a smaller unit), no dogs over 50 pounds (hardwood floors and I don't trust people to keep nails clipped), and you have to pay the security deposit instead of the cheaper move-in fee I offer because the security deposit will cover refinishing the floors if you fuck shit up. Then again, I'm pretty laid back as a landlord and as long as you get the rent in close to on time and don't destroy anything I could give a shit how you live your life.

depends how often your landlord visits, i'd say fuck it and keep[ the cat man. godspeed

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how about complying with the fucking rules?

What fucking landlord visits? Thats some crazy people shit. I'll inspect the place before showings start or a month before your lease renews, but thats mostly just to get an idea about regular maintenance I need to take care of.

I'm a landlord and even I think you're a cunt.

Then pay the fee you lousy lazy fucking nigger.

You asked for advice, you received the best one which is registering it as an ESA, and you won't listen


Could you go to a free clinic and get a letter there?

You will eventually be caught. A plumber, plasterer, electrician, will eventually be needed in your apt., and will notice the litter box, cat toys, etc. and will tell the landlord. Cats also break window blinds constantly, a dead giveaway.

i appreciate the advice from you all, just trying to get as many perspectives by telling them my thoughts also to expand conversation.

Register your pet as a service animal, costs like $150 and you'll never have to pay a pet fee. It's a legal thing

Most service people will not give a shit. They're there to do a job, they probably never even see the landlord face-to-face.

This is why knowing what KIND of landlord is important. Is it someone like me who does the work themselves or just hires a guy over the phone? Is it a giant management company that has open contracts with various providers and will just dispatch someone and soak the loss? Is it a crazy person who will want to "inspect the damage" and interrogate OP about why the 30 year old ceiling fan is broken?

It's not a service animal it's an ESA. Huge difference, dipshit. One requires training basically from infancy onwards and they other doesnt need anything.


I didn't disclose my cat at any apartment complex. It never came up until a couple years ago when this one place hired a bunch of nigger women maintenance workers and my sink broke. Bitches ratted on me and I had to pay the pet fee. Sucks cuz I bought a house right after that. So chances are you're fine and if you get caught they won't evict you or anything.

Did this, no need for attorney, most psychologist will take a $100 bill and write down for a reasonablene accommodation form. Shop around.

I didn't lie just stretched out the truth a bit, I do have anxiety and I do have bad hearing, so trouble telling if a sound is from my apt or neighbor being loud.

So the BS'in is that I dont take meds or get regular therapy for said issues. Just needed by mammal.

>It's a legal thing
It probably isn't. In Illinois, where I hold property, "service animals" must be either a dog or a miniature horse and must have specific, documented training. Most states have adopted these standards (and they're the current controlling federal standards for things like the ADA and equal housing) and most landlords are aware of them because there was a rash of people about fifteen years back who thought they'd found a loophole that would let them carry their stupid little dog into Starbucks. Its actually made life tougher for folks who actually need assistance animals.

What backwater country allows for "pet fees"?

>$100 bill

Yes, I'm sure your average psychologist is certainly willing to do an hour and half's worth of billable work for less than what fucking United Health Care/Optum pays for a 45 minute session.

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user just talk to a doctor about it, and ask them to "prescribe" your cat to you as an emotional support animal. Then you request a reasonable accommodation from your apartment landlord. Legally they cannot deny you this and cannot charge you after that. That's what I've done the last 10 years.

Took like 15 mins, was a pay off obviously.

My point is that $100 is next to nothing and most of the folks I know aren't going to play ball for that.

You can print out a paper online for like $50 saying it's an emotional support animal/therapy animal and then they are legally obligated to have to waive the fees

It doesn't matter, they will be caught. Someone will drop a dime on them eventually, I've never seen it fail. Humans love to rat people out. Makes them feel important or whatever.

If you got ran over that'd be hilarious

Fuck you. I inherited 3 apartment buildings and I sold them 4 years later. The upkeep and the damage caused by slobs and assholes just wasn't worth it. It wasn't just a small percentage of tenants, either.

Or you could just not be a deginerate pleb, follow the rules, and pay your fair share.
Other option is to find other living areangements.

This no longer works in several states.
Michigan is about to pass this as well.
Unless its a dog for the blind you can forget about this loophole. Too many people have abused it and legislators have caught on.

Glad to live in a country where no landlord can take more money/fees for an apartment if we have animals... We even don't have to ask permission for small pets...

It's a nicety, a lot of people own pets, if you can find one that's sympathetic to or a pet owner themselves it helps.

If you could have the power as a psychologist to keep someone off the streets and an animal out of the shelters then why wouldn't you? Of course there's people who abuse this loophole to have I'll trained fighting breeds allowed, but if you meet with them in perso and your not a complete sperg it shouldnt be an issue to request a cat or a small dog.

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I've got three, only pay for one. Been doing it over 2 years now.

it obviously depends on the apartment complex and how vigilant they are and how little the maintenance people care
I had a dog at my old place for 2 years and no one ever said anything. I even renewed with one of the office employees, told her I didn't have a pet, and walked my dog right by her the next day
if you want to be extra careful just put the cat in a travel container if you're not going to be home and maintenance is coming by

Cats put fur everwhere. So Most likely
Could do it though. And Make sure none of your neighbours report back.

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I think it should be a federal law that bans pets from rental properties. If you can't afford to own real estate, how the fuck can you afford a fucking pet? Btw, go Trump 2020!

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Wrong user

Why did you even tell them you have a cat? Amateur

also depends if they're the kind of cat that pisses everywhere

That pet is for dogs not cats. Dogs are more likely to shit everywhere and can be loud when they hear someone outside and you aren't there to quiet them.

If you end up getting a cat simply keep their litter clean and keep them fed. They'll sleep all day and run around at night but at least the chances of getting caught are very slim.

9/10 any handyman that goes into your apartment will not report the cat since they aren't troublesome and will just hide.

... or run out in the hallway.

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