Do you like Argentine girls?

Do you like Argentine girls?

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Whose this slut?

One hell of a cocktease

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Damn, those heels are insane

Cara platano. Post white Argentinas not these indigenous mongrels.

Can you kik me jay_wallace00000 I have pics of friends sister I will trade


Yeah, good point. Them caucasian Argentines are hot and slutty.

>Them caucasian Argentines are hot and slutty.

I love all Latinas, they are the superior female breed.

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Yes we do now just post what you have

Thanks, OP, keep 'em coming...

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Moar of her in the bathing suit? Wanna see those tiddies.

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>Cara platano. Post white Argentinas not these indigenous mongrels.
Gimme all the mongrels you have! Very nice!!!

Is her last name seriously "banana"??

I was thinking of changing my last name to Pavo. (It means peacock in Latin). Any Spanish speakers want to weigh in on that?

cringe, its slang for dumbass too

Pavon is an actual spanish last name.
Go for that.

user is calling her a "banana face".

Why change your family name tho. Isnt it important to you at all?

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Si pero me gustan chetas malcriadas, no caquitas brutas

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see that's the kind of feedback I'm looking for. thanks

It's just long and required too much effort to communicate to others. Textually it was meaningless and my family is full of jealous dicks who sabotage and shit on each other when they can.

that's helpful! thanks!

Yes!!! Sauce?

You got any nudes OP? I wanna tribute

Here`s an Argentinan girl i'd love to fuck...

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OP gone, no moar? Or at least give us some sauce?



Keep them coming

nah, fucking nigger pretending to be white.