Sign my gf's cast Cred Forums

Sign my gf's cast Cred Forums

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Swastika plz

I heart BBC

is this the new cast from other thread a few days ago?

Sign it "Dan" for me

2ch logo is there.
Draw a christian cross, pls

Yep. Told you guys she was getting a new one. Had a thread lastnight and filled it up preddy gud.

What do you want to see on it?


>gf's cast
Kill yourself u larping loser

Thanks Dan. Here you go

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to be fair it would be pretty difficult to take a pic like that by urself

haha epic win you made my day

dubs for BBC

draw ignignokt and err on it

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Any other requests Dan?

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nah im ok

op wasnt a fag

write "motherbone" somewhere

put a pepe on it

sign it "Angelo"

Sign it: Karl =)

Hope your day goes well

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mavrick was here

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just keep drawing angry violent lines on her back while fucking her in the pooper - dildo baggins

Write: kiss here, then an arrow pointing to her toes

Roll for "dunecoon"


I am a roastie.

hehe u cant actually see

Sign it

>Get well soon, from Charlie.

but bob on it


Is this you?

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draw a big penis on it

super cool, thanks OP!

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Can you write stinky feet on it please

Queen of spades.

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C-can I just kiss her toes instead?

Also OP, nice to see you both again, is this the new cast or still the old one?

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Draw a swastika on her big toe, laugh as she tries in vain to remove it.

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Now lick her toes

I so badly want to sniff between those toes and down that bit of the cast where her sole rests

I tried

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Write on it

>I love neckbeards

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New cast. Another appointment soon so there might be another one in the future... hopefully shorter, probably not. Any suggestions for color next time?

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Yellow, the same color as Greta Thunberg's raincoat.

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Would love to see a light blue if possible, idk what colour options there are? Any ideas when she's gonna next paint her beautiful tootsies. Hope you guys are enjoying valentines, I know I would with those feet!

Sparkly blue or pink for the toes? Can it be done?

Definitely sparkly blue! Any chance of seeing that other lovely foot today?

haha awesome! cheers!

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lol I wanted yellow but wasn't an option. Maybe next time.

Last time they had white (boring), grey(hard to sign), royal blue, purple, mint green, pink and red (pictured)

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Why not purple, her winter coat is that.

Gotta get running soon. Big blank spot up here. What should go there? Make it good

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mint green sounds cool -ignignokt and err poster

batman sign


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What about other foot OP?

"Ur mom gay" - randy

She wanted an iron cross instead

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Can ou put Forrest on it? Thanks op!

and heres a wallpape

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Sign Adolf for me

Cool. Ty user, hope you'r gf gets better soon

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Write "t-k-maxx took my forskin"

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thanks man!

Write "Sprich deutsch, Du Hurensohn!"

and have a nice recovery.

Alrighty...thats all folks!

Thanks and well probably be back soon after next drs appointment!

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Shit. I even had doubles and didn't made it.