Is it irresponsible to not tell the children the truth about the planet being destroyed in nuclear holocaust by 2030?

Is it irresponsible to not tell the children the truth about the planet being destroyed in nuclear holocaust by 2030?

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Why? And why 2030?

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Nuclear missiles and their destruction is real not a hoax

Why 2030? You're not convincing.

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>by 2030
I did not announce a scheduled date

Not unless the Anti-Boomer Gang gets rolling.

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Her assigned minority boyfriend will probably kill her long before that.

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the big sky does not care about reddit memes

Has she started one recycling program?
How many trees

>disrespectful towards /our queen/
No, you!

You know that pic of a fat furry in soiled diapers? That's you.

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That would get in the way of her scheduled traveling and haranguing politicians her parents don’t like.

>haranguing politicians
>her parents
>implying they don't deserve it for their inaction
>implying she has no will nor agency

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Will she pay the toll?

looks like shes squeezing out an organic greta-poo

Saved for faps

well go on then..we're waiting faggot

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recycling is a farce, It costs towns more to get rid of their recycling debris than it cost to get rid of regular trash. And then most of the recycling never gets used because there is just too much stockpiled. So it ends up going to trash anyway

Squeezing out a gruntburg

So what can I do?

>tfw saw her at the rally in Stockholm today

What toll?

Nice projecting.
>implying you wouldn't inhale her BRAAAPPSSS until you choked to death

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I thought she was fighting against constant dumping

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>tfw saw her at the rally in Stockholm today

How tiny is she? Did she make any awkward faces?

Dude i literally just said her poop face got saved to the fap folder.

Im not implying shit m8. im straight up telling you i would

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I love that the leader of the democratic party is a little girl with downs syndrome. Fits fucking perfectly.

Why, are you holding nuclear weapons and just now thinking about using them?

Hard to see, saw her from a distance. But I recognized her qtness.

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there is not a lot you can do but enjoy

But I want to help Greta.

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Gotta admit ..she's a master of the fuck me eyes

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>conservatard projecting at light speed
You need to unpack your backpack. And unpack your butt.

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I'm not a doomer but something ugly is in the wind. One can almost feel it.

It's almost like there's literal niggers here or something. Moot must suck mad nigger cock to allow animals here

>Gotta admit ..she's a master of the fuck me eyes

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ok build a fallout shelter

why the fuck does this smegole girl have scenery pictures

Greta my dear I knew you feeled this way to.

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It's irresponsible to allow retarded people to live

She can unpack her butt in my mouth

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>Greta will never secretly send you a selfie before she goes to sleep in the middle of the ocean.

got me

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I called dibs on her butt.

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ooga booga how com me dont get no threads?

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as long as i get dibs on what come out of her butt.
Dibs on first tho ..don't want your jizz leaking out as i get to work m8

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Because we don't want to give our threads aids and a crimewave.
also you look like a dollar store discount android
Also you look

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She's got her face game on point!

>not wanting Greta's protein enhanced butt droppings

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>not even trying

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>your doing it wrong
>wanting Greta's protein enhanched butt droppings
>bet shes a total toilet Dom

Why is she so fucking ugly?

Imagine her small but strong hands fisting you.

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I rather not.

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>Why is she so fucking ugly?
Who are you talking about? :-/

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>how dare you leave me to wipe my own ass yesterday.
>i shouldnt have to do that
>i have a speech in fifteen minutes
>im almost *hnng* done ..flush my logs and hurry with your tounge so i can get ready for my media coverage.

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See this picture? This is what a Swedish girl looks like when she doesn't get enough cock


I-is that her personal snapchat?

she got a perdy tard mouth

I made some OC
its free to steal

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>tfw you will never do that



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Are you going to tell me what her little bracelet around her tiny wrist says or are you going to be a nigger about it?

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cry with me user.
never will we taste the brown nuggies of green-Greta

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>bracelet around her tiny wrist says
"Daddy says salty milk makes me grow..."

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No, now I get it. it's




>tfw you will never introduce Greta to your kinks

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>you'll never leave village for big climate conference and become lost in foreign city with the fairest skinned girl youve ever met.

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>looks like a cartoon
>gets lost
No, everyone will find him.

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"user, wanna go below deck with me?"

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The climate Loli just needs a good, hard fucking

I will give it to her

imagine waking up to this cute holy shit she's gorgeous

>not wanting to make sweet love to her while you're wearing rain coats and rubber boots

Yes, she's the miracle of the universe.

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>disrespectful towards /our queen/
This dude has done more for earth than your retarded swedish abomination.

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Sure, you're not a cop are you?

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>messed hair Greta
>Best Greta

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>you'll never experience teenage love with Greta

>same alias as a dutch animal porn company
>cooperated with PewHeilHeil

>tfw no Greta cop gf


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Thought that was suposed to if happened. Most likely another failed prediction

Ok explain.. how is this going to happen?? Why do you say this

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We escaped the Cold War without resorting to such stupidity, I believe we can avoid Cold War 2 through diplomacy.

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OP will just sing that he's a huge fag on his YouTube channel and people will just be lol.

Then he'll make a video where he's fucking the Earth. And everyone will be ashamed of lifing on the same thing a huge fag on YouTube fucked. So the nuclear powers that be will just end our suffering.

But until then, here's some more Greta.

>tfw no Greta-Gollum gf

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Cameltoe ?

>Cameltoe ?
No, shes a decent girl that doesn't show of her cameltoe to any perv. She saves it for ther bf that inhales her BRAAPPS!

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I would change her for Jesus

This pic shows the secret of Greta. She's not dressing up to be sexy. She's dressing down to be too sexy. But her sexiness is still apparent.

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17 Years Old

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Amazing, isn't it?

>"user, do you wanna share my sleeping bag with me?"

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Her Sister

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Y-you think she's the... man... you are stupid, user...

Less sister, more Greta.

Step Mom ?

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Just mom.

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Well howd it turn out?

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