I'm bored at work, post photos to X-ray or nudes that need to be lightened up

I'm bored at work, post photos to X-ray or nudes that need to be lightened up

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give it a try maby

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That top is way too loose to X-ray.

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Please lord

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Not OP, but you're a fucking idiot

To help OP out, here are the guidelines I use when I do an xray thread. Read them and observe them. OP may not be such an asshole to you as I would be if you ignored them and posted stupid pictures
>Gimpasshole here, Offering to xray your pictures. I don't fakeray or shoop, just use Gimp to try to bring out what's there. I'm not expert, just OK.

>For reference: swimsuits are made of material that won't go transparent when wet, so it stops light - so swimsuits won't work. Anything with a bra under it won't work. Similarly lace or heavily patterned or ribbed/textured fabrics won't work well because of different transmissibility and levels. Skin-coloured fabrics are tricky for Gimp as it can't differentiate between skin and fabric. Ideally the fabric should be thin and in contact with the body. Black-and-white images are unliely to be successful as there are no colour levels to maipulate in Gimp, just shades of grey which won't work.

>If the image is small and full of jpeg artifacts or has already been digitally processed then the results will probabbly be shit. As a test, zoom in on the picture and if it breaks into blocks then forget it.

>If you ignore the above and ask for a picture with any of these in to be done then expect to have your ass handed to you as I have a bad attitude with idiots.

not the best but here you go

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I am the OP and I agree, you're an idiot. You can't x-ray through a ton of padding, you can only expose the data already saved in the photo.

You did great, the nipple I was looking for

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thanks, just started practicing these this week, that's only the second or third I've done.

Word. I’ll get another for you to try

Cool. I'll also lighten photos like this one:

Or like the one attached

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Swimsuits don't work, especially one as thick and loose and wrinkled as this.

Lighten or X-ray?

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Heads up from OP:


Maybe someone better than me can help you out, but I at least need something to target when editing. If you can't see a hint of nipple in the photo, just assume there's not enough data there to xray.

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I know the tits ain’t a option, like to see that tummy

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Maybe this one...

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Lay off the burn tool. Too much looks bad.

Working on it, unfortunately the photo is so dark that there's not enough data to both lighten and xray.

You're on deck.


No, that fabric won't work

No, material is too thick.

No, material is too thick.

If it's not a tight fitting tee or thin material, I'm not even attempting it. Guys, just read.

Sorry dude, best I could do. Like I said, I'm new to this haha

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Hook it up

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Well OP, Gimpasshole here. You're now learning what a dumb set of fuckers people requesting xrays can be. They can't even read fucking instructions. Good luck and have fun
>Now you know why I'm such an asshole to these fuckwits - especially as they can be so fucking entitled too, when you're doing them a service for free

Or maybe this one

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All good. Practice makes perfect and it is a dark photo naturally

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My nibba

Oh, fuck me. How original. Nobody has ever posted one of those in an xray thread before. Ever. Honestly. How on earth did you summon the ability to think so far outside the box to come up with such a witty post? Well done!

I'm in awe.

Lighten up this one, please?

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>because you might not get it

can you lighten this up pls

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Bruh the nip is literally chilling lol, I can read just fine I think it's probs your skills

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I'm just trying to get better at photo editing, and btards are a good source of photos to edit with the material I'm looking for

A sweater with a bra under it? You dense motherfucker.

Fine. She isn't pretty but I'll do it.

I can see jpg artifacts from the thumbnail. No.

Ok, have fun with it.

xray please user

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Sorry I suck at this.

Up next because it should only take a second. Lightening is easy to do.

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not enough data on pussy to see more.

You're next

You're after that

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Please OP I’ve been dying for someone to X-ray this

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xray pls

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>I'm just trying to get better at photo editing, and btards are a good source of photos to edit with the material I'm looking for
Gimpasshole again. True - you just have to put up with the cum-dribbling morons asking for the impossible

>A sweater with a bra under it? You dense motherfucker.
Now you're getting the required attitude. And so soon, too!

This could probably be better but I still struggle starting with tops that aren't white

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my university crush please

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Surprisingly quick and easy. Shame she isn't cuter.

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I think the nip on the left can be done

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Por favor

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Then the nipps on the right?

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I'm not using the burn tool. I'm darkening and saturating the shadows, increasing contrast, lightening the highlights, then adjusting the exposure as needed. On Pixelmator Pro for Mac.

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She's wearing a bra and two shirts. No.

please this one

Right nipple sucks. oh well.

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Gimpasshole again. Your problem with this isn't the fact that it's coloured, it's the fact that the fabric is totally opaque, so no light is getting through. All you have is the shape of the nipples.

Please and thank you

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Thanks mate. Maybe there is data enough here?

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Rush job, work got busy

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Please op do the best you can. Make my dayy

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You got like... 6 pixels to that nipple, tops... Maybe 10.

Please and thank you

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quick and dirty job

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Please X-ray if possible

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If possible X ray

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best I could do with such a low res photo

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Be quick op, she's gonna be too old until you finish

Better? Do what you can op anything is better than nothing

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What app do you use OP? Put us on game!

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Not sure what you were expecting here. Ran it just to show people how awful these photos are.

Although, does she have a barbell in her nipple?

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I could do more with a higher res photo

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include face and I'll do it

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Can you do anything with this?

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I use Pixelmator pro for Mac

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no, it doesn't work on animals

Pls and thank you

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Get a higher res photo

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include face and I will

Cant i saved from thread days ago

it's a 70KB, this is the best you're getting

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Again, higher res photo for better results

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Please i would love to see her big ol titties

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Co worker. Please op work your magic

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it's not possible with that fabric

This please

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Alright I've got one more in me then I'm done for today

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Running this now. Last one I'll do

The grain on the top made it difficult to do without introducing too much noise

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OP Here

I'm gonna keep this thread open while I work. Post more requests, but I'm only doing the ones that get my eye

Small girls to the front of the line.

Xray left please

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See this:

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Ah I see a hint op

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Please OP

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Or this of the other one doesn’t work out.

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Which of these pixels do you want me to xray?

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Pretty plz

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OP will never deliver this

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ok I can't NOT do this one.

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I would've done it if not for the stupid comment you made.

Looks like you suck at it any way so no loss.

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Too damn easy

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Would love it you could do this one OP

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Or this one

Attached: image.jpg (1125x2168, 928K)


I'm not running any without faces clear.

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Any chance of removing the glitter?

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You don't quite get what we are doing here do you?

Can someone do this one?

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what about this edit?

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How bout this one?

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Come on dude please

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this is probably your best one, OP.

Yes, I’ll definitely run this one. Keep the thread alive for the next 10 minutes while I drive back.

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If me ignoring you didn’t make it clear enough, let me be explicit: no.

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The fuck you think you are you little prick

I'm the guy doing x-rays. You're the guy begging someone to edit a fucking 32KB photo.

I would appreciate it a lot

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first two are way more important if at all possible thank you OP

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this one possible?

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Not the best. I still struggle with tops with so much texture.

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I fucking love young redheads

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Just for you.

I ran it. Even found a hint of nipple. It turned out surprisingly well. But I don't like you as a person, so enjoy the tiny fucking thumbnail and get fucked.

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Read this

Please. I'll even lick your eyes.


is it doable?

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Best I could do with a low res photo and the mirror having that much shit on it.

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British? Name T? Fuck.

Give this a try please

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Would love to see this done if possible

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Can you do this one?
Sorry shitty resolution

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not British

Ah, okay. I'll still make the most of it.

Would this work?

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Please please please OP?

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It's these threads that amaze me how many literal mouthbreathing retards there are in the world.

Not OP but here you go

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somebody do this pic please

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Awesome job man. You able to do mine as well? I also have other pics but I feel like the material might be too thick

Op here. Did a rush job from my phone. Still watching the thread.

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Pussy and/or nips?

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thank you!

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If it were higher res I may have been able to X-ray too

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This please

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