My wife hasn’t cucked me in a while. Since it’s vday sharing some pics of her taking random dick

My wife hasn’t cucked me in a while. Since it’s vday sharing some pics of her taking random dick.

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More of dat ass

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Taking requests or questions too. It’s been like 6 months since she last cucked me and it’s all I can think about.

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great ass. any cum shots?

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Not as many as I’d like. She usually swallows the load.

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How is the hot little coal-burning fucktoy these days?

hot as ever. still occasionally fucking the random hung stranger.

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any anal?

I’ve been sharing her for 7 years. Well over a dozen different guys. Probably close to 50 times now.

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Of course

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Are u part of the team usually? Or just cuckin in da corner? How many STDs yet? Anything AIDSy?

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She’ll sometimes let me join. Other times if the dude is real hung or fucking her real well I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.

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any creampie pictures?

Other times I don’t even get to be in the room. I have to watch on webcam as some dude rails my wife in a hotel room I paid for.

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do you still have that video of the friends birthday fucking?

so its exclusively her decision? do you like to join or rather watch? and more anal of course

Only a couple unfortunately. Here she’s showing it off to me while she cleans his cock.

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It’s her decision on who she fucks and when. I just handle logistics and finding the stunt cocks.

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I don't know what abuse led to you being this pathetic. I'm both sorry for you and disgusted with you. If you're being strong armed into cooperating with the whore you call a wife, get a divorce. If you genuinely enjoy the idea of having other men take what should be yours, and love being humiliated, consider suicide.

captain try hard

Of course. Not edited for Cred Forums tho. This one, right?

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I'm trying hard not to vomit, so I guess you're right.

Any pics of her with another women?

Which btw you really learn how bad dudes are at getting laid when you have to screen for them. So many unnecessary dick pics.

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why condom? how many stds, aidses and abortions?

Nah. She prefers extra dicks. Apparently she did some FFM threesomes in college but none since I met her.

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awesome anal. any dp with you?

thats the one, you guys make such good content, much appreciated

Not once. We’re clean b/c of the condom policy. I don’t know how all these other cuck couples can do it bare every time.

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awesome advice on getting her started? easing into it? Wife and i are on this journey too, in the early stages havent shared her yet, came close once but i called it off

dat cum dripping out of her pussy. Damn. Where are yall at, not hung just horny.

Also do you get your mff threesome. Because it is a two way street

She loves dp. Does it with almost every guy. I don’t have as many with me in them tho.

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some other form of communication than Cred Forums?

Do you get off on the humiliation aspect of it or do you just like to watch her fuck? Like have you ever just watched in chastity? Or had her and or the bull say humiliating shit to you?

Honestly. Going to some classy swinger type party (there are good groups where we are). Not to fuck other people but just to get comfortable fucking each other in front of other people. We did that once and she decided she wanted to try a MFM. Invited that guy back every weekend for a month. Rest was history.

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Why do you do this?
Are you not afraid she will leave you?
Do you love her?
Does she love you?
Why doesnt she love your dick?
Why dont you love her pussy?
Are you not jeleous?
Do you respect yourself?
Does she respect you?(obviously not)
How can you live like this?
Please answer I am genuinely interested because it just blows my mind how someone can do this, if my girl even thought of fucking some guy i'd want to instantly slice his throat.

Had her and the bull whisper about how much bigger his cock was than mine and how she cums harder on thicker cocks. That sort of thing turns me on. But nah never done the cage thing or like out right saying mean shit to me. It’s more centered around her than me.

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nice love watching this, thats what i was thinking, first step going to swinging parties etc

Where are you guys located? and how do you find the dudes?

Because it turns me on.
Not afraid, no.
She does.
I do.
In different ways.
Of course.
Of course.
Day at a time my man.

any of her sucking bbc? do you ever get jealous?

her body is amazing

Also at some point she will be sick of it and stops doing it.
Then she will want to exclusively fuck you.
Will you feel cheated on, seeing how when she was hot she didnt touch you but now that shes not she only wants you?
It will happen you realize that, its either that or she will leave you.
How do you feel about that?
Do you even think of the future?

Big city. At first (7 years ago) it was craigslist and it was easy. Now that that’s shut down it’s fetlife or massivecock on reddit.

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Definitely hot. Ever do anything like pick out her lingerie or heels or whatever? My wife and I have talked about it and she is way into it. Just have to find the right guy I guess. I want to see her eventually get fucked in her wedding dress which to me would be the ultimate taboo

This is beyond weird my friend...
Also plz answer

How many times have you been robbed by negroes? Sodomized?

Plenty. And I once got jealous when my buddy started getting cuddly with her after they both came but then she sucked him hard and he railed her for what seemed like forever and all was good. The kissing and cuddling used to drive me crazy, now it’s some of my favorite stuff to watch.

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Oh yeah I always pick out both the lingerie she’s going to wear but the semi-slutty outfit she’s gonna go out in. And she’s always in heels.

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Nah. I did once kinda pay a bbc to fuck her tho. Something weird about handing a guy cash before he splits your girl in half.

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That’s awesome. Heels are a must. My wife is 28 and one thing I want is to see her fuck a much older guy like late 50’s early to mid 60’s like someone old enough to be her father.
Wtf is wrong with me

do you feel like she dominates you in the relationship now that she fucks other guys? like in non sexual ways? controlling the money, belittling your successes, bossy attitude etc?

Yo I’m on the same level. I want to see some hung 50something just wreck her. I’d also be interested in having a super young (19-22) hung kid just fuck her til he’s dry.

Please answer.

Nah actually it’s the other way. I think she’s more submissive other ways because she can feel dominant when she wants (tho she always wants to be submissive to the bull... so it’s more like she’s in control of the situation)

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Are you the user that lives in like N. Carolina and used to be on reddit?

Fuck right? Like be all done and shit about it too, put her over his knee and spank her bare ass first, then tell her to put stockings on then fuck her with his old cock

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Nah that’s not us. We were on reddit tho.

That is a perfect shot. Look at her pussy! Amazing.

Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002.

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Condom policy ?
In some of your picture, other guys don't have condoms. And what about creampie ?
How do you handle it?

What was your redditor name?

Any footjobs?

This is brilliant.

more anal would be preferable. The BBC is interesting to see! Keep up the good content!

any full vids. I wanna jerk it to your wife

It’s amazing how tight she is (still feels tight to my thin 6”) and how much dick she can take

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>being this butt blasted

Damn that guy is hung as fuck. Ever get into race play with him?

First time meeting a guy he has to wear a condom. Then it’s based on how much she connects with him. If she likes the guy enough to want to go bare then he just needs to show a recent test.

Nah she doesn’t really care about race... just looks and dick size

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We call that in the Black Community, 'any otha day."

any double penetration?

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Holy shit, love watching her take that in her ass. I definitely would not let fucking randos fuck my girl, but I get other people like other things and am glad you're into sharing. Keep on cucking--(why the hiatus?)


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That’s so beautiful. You need to let him have her womb.

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Enjoy your hiv poz wife

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I always wished she would have kept fucking this guy. He’s some trust fund bro that always had her tell me how much she loved his dick and would do some very public shit with her (hand under her dress at the bar, or have her bring him her underwear, had her jerk him under the table, etc). She would always cum like 4-5 times with him but he had an obsession with whips that eventually weirded her out.

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Why the lengthy hiatus from being cucked?

Can you see her tummy bulge when that’s all the way inside her?

We’re both busy at work and she honestly doesn’t love meeting dudes for a first time. Some are weird or bad lays or terrible conversationalists. But her most recent bull moved and we don’t have any backups.

Probably ha. That dude was a monster.

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absolutely wonderful pics OP, I'm hard as fuck right now!

Any requests? Questions?

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could you feel the other guy's cock while you were inside her? I've never tried double penetration, sadly

It’s not too often this board gets a real live cuck willing to share and answer

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How did it all started

Pic of wife’s legs/feet in stockings?
Sluttiest lingerie?

Depends on the position. When I’m the guy in her vag, since I’ll insert first then I can definitely feel her tighten and fill up as a much larger dick enters her ass. Not sure I ever noticed it while we were fucking her tho.

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awesome. Does it get more psychological sometimes? Like her sleeping with the guy with you somewhere else, or getting verbally humiliated...?

Honestly I wanted a threesome. She had told me stories of the ones she had in college and they sounded hot. But she said her next threesome needed an extra dick. That still sounded hot.

So I posted a couple pics of her on Craigslist and got like 400 replies. But she really liked how one guy looked and he was seriously hung.

So we agree to meet him at a bar for drinks and convo. He did a great job of chatting her up. Then we headed to our hotel room and I watched and took pics as he stretched her more than I ever could (she stretched so much she bled a tiny bit on his magnums). He fucked her for a little over an hour, cums on her tits, and dips out.

She was hooked. Invited him back to our place 3 of the next 4 weekends.

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So will she ever fulfil your wish of FFM or are you just gonna drop that completely?

So sometimes she’ll have a pre-fuck with the guy. That’s stressful and great. So I’ll go pay for the room. Set up a webcam. Then I’ll leave and go to a nearby bar and watch from my phone. Watching how she acts with a guy when I’m not in the room is intense.

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I’ve always been partial to when she wears this and nothing else with a very short dress

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and what's the part that you enjoy the most? I'd love to be one of those guys your wife wants to fuck, it would be so intense to know that you are somewhere watching, or sometimes participating with us!!

>literally being the personification of a fucking insult and still thinking you can be smug and witty

That’s outstanding. Ever see a guy play with her feet or get a foot job from her?

This is probably the best feet pic we have (she’s not into foot guys)

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damn son! you're a lucky basted!

She’s just never had it done right

I like these heels !

The part I love the most is the look in her eyes when she’s being pushed past her limit and is submitting to being a complete slut

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any hd picture with her face/head in the view ?

and when does that happen? when the guy is dominant and fucks her rough, for example? or when you both fuck her at the same time so she feels kinda like a set of holes?
I thought she would feel powerful with the situation, instead of a slut!

We're the other way around. In our 40's and I love seeing my wife getting railed by guys much younger. 18 to 25 is the ideal range.

need more picture with her mouth, she make me diamond

She says she feels most powerful when she makes the guy cum.

She says DP just feels like she is filled to the max and it’s amazing, she cums hard every time.

And it usually happens when the guy isn’t just fucking her. Maybe he’s talking dirty to her or putting his fingers in her mouth or ass or making her pose for a pic with his dick in her or makes her beg him to fuck her ass. It’s those extra steps that really take it over the top.

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it's awesome, I bet she really loves the feeling of being used as a pleasure "object". I'm really hard just by thinking of her (and seeing your pictures of course!)

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any pics or webms of her getting DPed by 2 black guys?

Nah she’s never had more than one bbc at a time. Working on it tho. Groups are always hard because dudes flake and schedules are a mess. She’s also super picky.

If you woke up one day and didn't want to share her any more, could she stop?

Probably. But it’s both of our fetishes. She loves being the center of male attention and I love sharing her. It works for us.

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any of her in a dress or stockings?

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thanks OP for this wonderful thread, I'm sad I need to go. I'll cum later to the tought of your wife!

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Do you let the guys take pics and videos of it too for their own collections or to share?

Great, more fag cucks

hey op, do you have any hd picture with her mouth ?

We generally don’t allow it but it’s how some of the guys use her so we go with it

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you lucky dog

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Damn I remember seeing gifs of this. Still have em?

Yeah just nothing that fits the 4ch limits

Do you realize that she blew away her best years to have kids and now its over?
Do you understand that both of you are damaged mentally?
Do you even want kids?
Why do you live with mental ilness instead of curing it?
Genuine questions here.

think you can put em on gfycat maybe?

not op - but I can tell your a massive faggot

some ppl dont want or care to have kids
some ppl dont have hangups about fucking and enjoy life

stop being such a faggot

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gfycat / terriblepalecaimanlizard

Do you realize that not everbody wants kids?
Do you understand that there is no clear definition of what's a damaged mentality and that your standards and behaviour would be considered crazy in other cultures and historic periods of humankind?
Do you know that most mental illnesses are not possibly cured nowadays, because we still at the beginning of psychological research?


My girl and I are just trying to find someone to watch her suck my dick and get fucked over facetime or Skype and its impossible. They're either fucking retards who dont understand or just want pic after pic. You'd think it would be easy

Fuck. I love the way those heels stay on... How old is your wife?

I'd add you at Skype right now for watching you two obviously according to your terms!

What I realize is you are a moralfag with a closeted desire to be OP. You can't so you're trying to tear him down. The second thing I realize is your just dumb as fuck. If you don't like a thread, stay the fuck out of is. Indeed, you should just stay off Cred Forums. Cred Forums isn't for worthless incel moralfags such as yourself. Perhaps you might like to try Cred Forums. That's where the dumb as fuck incels without a clue hang out. In any case, kill yourself and improve the gene pool.

Best thread in a long time. Your wife is amazing. Keep posting. Anything, pics, vids, it’s all incredible

Her kik is babykendall01

We wanna do it tonight, we are on the west coast. I'd give my Skype but it's my 1st and last name. She knows I'm posting, she's at work but will respond. My kik is brady12ander

Simple terms, we dont wanna see you, you just watch, maybe get on the phone and tell her what to do when she is wearing her earpods

in your night won't work for me, but maybe other anons will see your kik and try. I find the idea perfect and I would do it the way you two want, but the time schedule is not right... maybe in the future, I write down your kiks!

Kek didnt realise there's so many fucking losers on here. What is your purpose in life then? Just being a hedonistic piece of shit , worthless to society. Fuck all of you for being damaged in the head. You need therapy, medicine and re-education.

my purpose is to enjoy life and not be a basement dwelling idiot like you

Attached: 1572572151875.jpg (640x640, 86K)

Life isnt supposed to be enjoyment you brain dead coomer, life is about striving to better the world around you, to progress, to make something out of yourself and in turn aid all of creation. You are FAILURES.

And you need to be removed from society. Fuck off.

Shes 30

Die you zombie, people like you are what's tearing civilization apart.

What would you consider the gayest thing you've done?

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I’ve blown a few dudes back in the day. So probably that. Wasn’t for me tho.

You ever suck dick with her?

Attached: FAB1BD4E-0FAE-4CE9-9AFB-730181C7D846.jpg (1024x576, 326K)

People like you are what's tearing civilization apart. Folks get along just fine without stupid incel fucks like you. When you fucknuts of stupidity show up and start spewing your bullshit people have to start dealing with your retardedness instead of just living life and contributing to society. The best thing that could happen is for every single one of you moralfag incel mother fuckers to be rounded up , sterilized and put on some deserted island with no way to communicate with the outside world. You can moralfag yourselves to death while the rest of us actually do something useful in life.

Damn. This is like the only one of these threads I’ve seen that is actually good

I remember these from reddit, always made me cum. Have a mega/imgur gallery?

Love these full body shots

Can’t we all just get along... while looking at pictures of my wife cumming on a huge cock?

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agreed. was into cucking for 6 years with my ex, and craigslist personals was the absolute best for finding random guys. Close second went to the darkcavern free chatroom - it was absolutely the best for finding bbc that wouldn't flake, but as soon as they put up a paywall it lost all that it had going for it.

Attached: F6E5F89B-FBE5-470F-8FAC-1DFEB442E776.jpg (2208x1242, 1.95M)

Have you ever cleaned up one of her cream pies?

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Nah. But had one of the guys aim for her tits but accidentally cum on me.

you lick if off her tits?

can confirm me and gf found some cool guys from reddit. Tho idk if we qualify in the cuck category because we mostly pick women, here and there some guy if she really like him. I say we are more on the swinger side.

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ignore the haters
it's currentyear, and all sexual relations between consenting adults are fine as long as there is not lasting bodily harm

Just a reminder that all cucks, hotwives, and bulls will get the rope.

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This. I feel very sorry for you, OP. Why not just fuck her yourself, idiot? Because you're brainwashed by kike propaganda. You're being used and you don't even care. Or maybe, behind the narrative that you've based your sexual life on, you do care. Do you feel like it's too late or something? Are you just complacent in your shit marriage? Your marriage is fucked, but there are better women out there. Divorce might seem scary, but it beats pretending to be on board with your wife fucking other dudes.

yeah, once the basement incel neckbeard army manages a revolution. I wouldn't hold my breath

Once you have a gf yourself, you may talk. But until then, your opinion just doesn't matter


I've been married for 10 years. Try again, faglord.

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>assuming someone doesn't have a gf because he finds cucks disgusting
cope harder you fucking cuck faggot, weak ineffectual men deserve humiliation and contempt

You're so jealous, I cringed.
What you're saying really:
>Why can't I get a girl, but this dude gets one and then shares her, but not with me
I drink your incel tears

love that look

Those lips look amazing. I'l kill to have some like that wrapped around my cock.
You are a lucky man, user

marriage certificate or it didn't happen. kenyans may not apply

What the fuck is wrong with you? OP has a master buttfucking him, he doesn't have a girlfriend.

You're weak, your bloodline is weak, you're misunderstanding the point entirely and your coping mechanism is the most cringe inducing display imaginable

Ever consider having a pro-photographer for getting better shots?

Hell, if you're near, I'd do it pro-boner (pun intended)

So you're just mentally ill. Got it. Thanks for clearing it up, cuck.
Not gonna happen, loser.

>calling other people loser
"hey guys come watch my wife get fucked!"


more of her in that outfit?


Seriously tho. It’s really hot.

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Your wife is fucking perfect. You are very fortunate.

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whats your kik?

user your deep concern for the well-being of a totally random stranger on Cred Forums is singularly touching. Really.

As said, the only reason you'd open your mouth is because you can't stand other people having the things you want.

Just a reminder to go ahead and try. It's likely your ass will be the one at the end of a rope.

>And it usually happens when the guy isn’t just fucking her. Maybe he’s talking dirty to her or putting his fingers in her mouth or ass or making her pose for a pic with his dick in her or makes her beg him to fuck her ass. It’s those extra steps that really take it over the top.
So being used as a cum dump is what turns her on, then? My wife is kind of the same way.

She wears that dress like a champ. What's the story behind this?

>everyone that enjoys sex outside of my paranoid norms and views is a coomer!!

>No one who does fetishes could possibly be a normal working person!!!

Die mad,faggot.

You're the failure. Spending your time railing in a thread to people who could not give a fuck about you or what you believe. If you believe it's about striving to better the world, then what the fuck are you doing here? Go build a better world. Just make sure you leave the rest of us alone.

The dress? The pic is from her first night ever being shared


I'd volunteer as well. Not a professional, but a good hobbyist

Absolutely. She gets off on being every man’s fantasy slut.

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I'd like to be a hotwife bull.
Not looking to humiliate anyone,just willing to fuck their wives or gfs.

Wow. Do any of the guys ever try getting with her romantically too?

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Tell her it's working ;)

give me your kik, id love to share

you have a pornhub or xhamster?

Define romantically? Like take her on dates? No. She’ll be kissy and cuddly with a guy but after they’re done fucking then it’s on to the rest of our night. The guys are stunt cocks, nothing more nothing less.

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Any response to these?...
...I'll volunteer as well.

how many total files (pics and vids) do you have?

Probably over a thousand, easily

upload them to a volafile?

Damn. How many gigs is it total?

Got it! They look like they love fucking her

Not really looking to add the risk of our pics getting out plus the weirdness of another rando to the mix.

If you have links or recommendations on a 2-3 camera setup that would work better I’m all ears

So many. Now that we do 2-3 cameras each time and the files are 1080p or 4K it’s a ton of storage.

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Dudr, pls join her, I wanna see you taking dick.

Got Kik/discord?

Would love to stroke your cumdump slut wife daily

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post your favorite pic.

how hot is she since ur not showing her face? 10/10? 5/10? be honest

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How can i fuck her?

Love your wife. Post more anal please

Sorry, I'm chuckling at the premise...
> Husband watches wife fuck all kinds of strange
> Some of them take their own pics
> Husband shares pics on creepiest site on the internet

> ...and worried about "some stranger getting/releasing pics"

That aside, if might just be some of your old images that look so bad. Some are pretty good. If you aren't fucking in daylight and/or with the lights on then you cameras specifically good with low light (which generally have a slower shutter speed to increase exposure), but given the motion of fucking, you'd want a very fast shutter to reduce the blurriness.

That aside, a pro-photographer should be able to give you a contract and you can add/request the clause that despite the photos being property of the photographer (that are 99% of the time) you reserve the right to keep your identities private (meaning the photos can't be public or used by the photographer outside of your consent).

more dress?

what's her name? want to know for fap folder

I don’t know if it’s my absolute favorite but it’s definitely top 5

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Did she take the whole thing?

Face is a very solid 8.5-9/10. You can get a pretty good idea, the blur isn’t that strong

tell me some celebrity she looks like

Last one

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got a professional photographer here? sounds like you want to work for them lol

How many STDs has she had and cured? How STDs has she caught that cannot be cured? How many STDs has she given to you (both curable and incurable). How many diseases has she passed on to strangers? What are your family holidays like (Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas); any relatives know about your debauched lifestyle?

I remember you this is your buddy (from out of state or something like that) and her right?

She ever dress up as a schoolgirl or anything else when visiting her bulls?

itd be perfect if she was spreading her pussy with the other hand. i wanna see her hole spread wide open.

Of course (same cock, different day)

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Stunt cocks, I'll remember that until my grave.
Also, damn you go man

Hell yeah. Does she let them cum in her?

good girl

Does she prefer white bulls or black bulls?

Probably the most retarded questions on this post

What general field of work is she in?

Nah. She’ll dress slutty but she’s not into role playing

Right. How many of your friends has she fucked?

Honestly, probably white ones but she likes black guys too. Anyone with a big dick and tall dark and handsome looks

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I'm not a professional, but I've worked with some and am pretty good myself. I doubt those I know would do it free, but I would and have no problem with a such a "privacy clause/contract". Getting to watch in person and jerk it to the photos later is pay enough for me.
That said, it's in the off chance they're local. There's only so far I'm willing to travel for "free work" since it would cut into the paid work.

I like her haircut

A select few get the privilege

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lets see a spreadshot.

Very nice.

One close friend, one acquaintance

I assume it's the same friend posted above? Does he fuck her often?

more high heels?

Office admin

Whenever he’s in town (couple times a year).

Any fun pics/vids of office encounters?

Which of those guys creampied her there?

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The one standing up getting his cock cleaned, looking pretty proud of himself

Creampie and cleanup? He must have done a great job beforehand.

I don't understand the cuck fetish. It seems like a wire got crossed in the brain of people who enjoy this.

As a man, the natural biologic response to another man trying to get in whats yours is jealousy/rage/etc. Is cucking similar to masochism? Do men who enjoy cucking get off on being emotionally hurt by it or something?

If you're not emotionally hurt by it, nay, you're turned on by it, I'd say something got fucked up in your brain along the way. It's not natural.

We have regular bulls and everyone is tested beforehand.

Attached: 7BDC235C-5A6A-4B29-97D4-06A1AC1708D0.jpg (2048x1152, 632K)

Oh no! An Internet stranger didn't like my post! Whatever shall I do? Fuck you.

she's one of the few who actually deserve the hotwife label. most others are more hotgrannies or hotwhales

>Do men who enjoy cucking get off on being emotionally hurt by it or something?

her ass and legs are to die for.

Where do I sign up? What are the requirements

You ain’t wrong

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>You ain’t wrong
My balls would be sore permanently.

>Do men who enjoy cucking get off on being emotionally hurt by it or something?
Some do, some aren't hurting at all, because that psychological response is to other people creating offspring with the wifey, which isn't a thing in most cuckold relationships.

which are the more recent pics, hairstyle-wise?

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quick question. i have a video and the girl looks a bit like yours. is this yours?

Attached: hw.jpg (401x650, 42K)

She ever get a pregnancy scare from the bulls?

Nah she takes the pill

Nah that ass isn’t the same

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Not OP, but you down to share more of her?

I love these types of pics. Thank you! She looks extremely hot in pic number one.

ah, bummer. keep doing what you're doing, really appreciate your posts.

Gorgeous butt!

the video i'm talking about is on pornhub, title 'Please Identify Her. Blonde Qos Wife'.

What legs!


KILL YOURSELF OP. What a fucking beta make cuckold soyyboyy faggot. Your parents are probably disgusted with you. And to all the faggots defending him you should kill yourselves too. Your neck bearded beta male selves will not be missed. Please OP never reproduce as your children will inherit your beta male DNA and will live to be cuckolds themselves. Absolute degenerate. Again, kill yourself beta faggot

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OP has a hot wife, you have only this shebeast as your gf and/or sister

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I’ve fucked over 100 women. My current gf is ten times hotter and younger than this betas wife. He needs to kill himself and the fact you’re defending him shows you’re also a beta male faggot too so you may as well kill your self too. Absolute degeneracy

sure you did, and sure she is, totally believable

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