Asian girls

asian girls

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Ding ding ding!


Yeah there's plenty, she's been posted a lot lately.

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Moar? I'm a fan.

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No more of this ugly ass bitch. Zed literally floods each thread with horrible 2010 quality iPhone 4 pics. Leave her in the past

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More of her and any new zed pics?

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Regardless, I don't think she's any worse than any of the other fobs in most Asian threads. Which speaks much about the standards been have really

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Holy shit, dopey lookin' shoop job.

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Such an awesome ass, any proper doggy style pics?

I always enjoy her geeky cuteness. Would be fun to see what she looks like now since these pics are so old

Same old same old. Asian's don't age till they hit menopause.

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Oh shit is that a new pic? Moar? I’d still hit it

looks like she gained some weight but I ain’t mad

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I choose you

To nut on

More new nudes?

Probably the angle.
>Her and her brother

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Uhh yeah I’d say they look related. How’s her pussy looking these days?

Same I'd imagine

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Is that zed or another girl? Also moar

Don't see a difference

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I’d have her sit on my face any day, keep the new pics rolling, I’m considering a nostalgia fap

Not many nudes if any at all

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Mostly holiday pics

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Might like these 2

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Anyone like?

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Chinese ex. Anyone want more?

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yea bring it on, we're ready

Why is it a thing for Asians to not trim their bush?

Kek, not great!

Because they're not brainwashed by western porn. All that shaving and waxing shit is from porn

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Posting my fav

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Anything specific you want to see? Got lots of pics

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99% of the girls posted in these Asian threads are ugly as fuck, is our standard for asian chicks this goddamn low? Lmao

Not too sure honestly. I didn't really mind. Pussy is pussy

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in those beautiful tits, you bet your ass i am

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I need more of this girl

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Jesus christ. If you don't like it then shut the fuck up and go elsewhere. Nobody wants a whiner and moaner. Its annoying and childish. Pack your bags and get the fuck out if you dont like what you see.

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My ex, ugly chick but big tits

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Show them

Jesuscristtt!!! More ?

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Milk cow at UCSD, literally every TA in her class had their dick sucked by her.

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ucsd asians are sluts

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They are

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Beautiful, any more?


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moar op

Gorgeous face and tight body, fucking love it

Lyviandao insta

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I'm a bull who loves chatting with Asian couples who want to try bwc.

Kik me at canadadude7

dumb viet

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She’s a teacher

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This is the most similar image I have, and she doesn't look asian. I don't know the sauce for either one. Sorry.

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oh damn, keep going

Leaked by her photographer, heard she was engaged, not anymore after this

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holy shit nice

LoL price of being a slut

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damn she's cute

Mmmm damn she’s looking sexy is that a wedding dres??

Bro posting new zeds still here?

Did the photographer fuck her?


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Don’t think so, probably got rejected then got mad and exposed her lol

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need more

Why'd she let him take those kinda pics then. She must've been turned on by it

more more

He simply didn’t delete them like he was supposed to do

He even posted cum tribute to her lol

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More pls

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big dick for a china man

Definitely send more of this slut if you have them

I know her dump more

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looks good with or without makeup and I need moar

sorority girl

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Should I expose my ex? She’s not good looking but a pure slut.

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Anyone got her nudes?

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unlv vegas


moar? kik?

Does it feel good posting girl you'll never get?

what is urs



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Is this the teacher?

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Good god that tight body and love the pony tails. What kind of Asian and how old?


the human kind

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tell me there's more user






Lmao the short legs

That is one hairy asshole

what a cock loving fag

Wwyd to my slut

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Did I hurt ur feeling? Ur girls is also ugly as fuck, kys

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I can't stop spreading this chick

Who wants more and has more

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explicit cherries

Anyone who's more focused on that is clearly a secretly tormented homo. Good luck explaining your lust for other men to your family. Clearly, you're unhappy. I feel sorry for you.

Lmao sure, keep chasing these dumpster tier women, you are made for them.


Will do. Thanks.


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Let’s see her in more heels

More pls!


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More in heels

Deliver the goods user

More in club wear?

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whos your favorite?

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Nice heels and stockings

Face - 1
Body - 44 or 121

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good choice

Yessssss she’s the best little drunk asian

Last I have of her in those

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5, 19, 98

Any in other heels or legwear

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best girl is jihee, but in this list, Zed

Looking for nudes + vids of Annie here.

Heard that she was involved in a lesbian threesome and was recorded for a bit by dudes who burst in

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what did they record? her screaming and running out?

not sure, but from what I heard they were all a bit drunk so the reaction was slow


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Nice tight body good skin

kek, why censor the posters
we don't give a shit if she's into sailor moon

30 and 93 hands down

Anyone got jisookimmy leaks?

More pics of Annie

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Go for it.

How do you know lyvian? College?


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>tfw this guy is seething and will probably become more self conscious and dump his ugly gook cunt

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LOL #3 I know her!

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>no underwear in public
Good girl.

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More of 9

That beastie is looking more like a monkey every day

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Cute! More

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shit bro more of her

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Why'd the picture get removed?

getting old too

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Yeah I went to college with her even a few classes her and her sorority friends are bitches

What was the post?

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yep, lookin pretty good for her age though

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How old? 32?

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oops... I don't know, it'll likely be on barchive I'll look it up l8r.

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pull the panties to the side, plunge in deep and cum inter her cervix

Ya I went to college with her too. Hot sorority of Asians but lots of bitchy girls for sure.
Got Kik?

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More like 62 from that haggard look on her face.

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Yeah she’s definitely not 32

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where are the amateurs

So pretty, please tell me there's more.

jesus christ, this girl just cant avoid a camera if her life depended on it



She remindes me that Jennifer Connely video with her on a horse, I'd post it but image limit.

Maximum pictures has been reached

I'm going to guess late 30's, early 40's. But who knows, Asians age so well she could be 50 and I wouldn't be surprised.