Am I alone in saying this is one of the few old white dudes I'd be willing to vote for?

Am I alone in saying this is one of the few old white dudes I'd be willing to vote for?

Meme arrow time!

>self made billionaire, MUCH MUCH richer than Trump. In the same way Trump is miles richer than you, Bloomberg is richer than Trump. This will be a HUGE asset in the election

>centrist, reasonable, sane. He isn't proposing ideas that will bankrupt the country and collapse our economy like those basement dweller backed candidates (Bernie, Yang, Warren)

>rational. pragmatic approach to the gun violence epidemic...there's a reason all these school shootings happen in shitholes like Florida and Texas but NOT in New York City

>rational pragmatic approach to climate change..he won't wreck the economy in a vain attempt to fix it, but he also doesn't deny it like the idiot we have in the white house and isn't anti-science like most Republicans

>From what I understand, Cred Forums is 'ironic racist' so you may be delighted to know that Bloomberg isn't this super politically correct guy like Bill De Blasio. He is willing to target the toxic masculine groups, some of whom are...well, sorry to say, and I hope to not offend anyone...young minorities

>experience managing the LARGEST CITY in the United States, with a non-ideological problem solving based approach. People from ALL SIDES of the spectrum supported Mike in his run

>and lets face it...his memes are hilarious, maybe even the spiciest AND chillest of all the bois on instagram/facebook/twitter

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Yes, you are alone.

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>>From what I understand, Cred Forums is 'ironic racist'
Not anymore

Bernie or bust, faggot. Can't wait until we've got 4 more years Trump.

He is 7x richer then Trump, so you are saying you have 1/7th the money of Trump which is about 1 billion, 7billion in total

>few old white dudes
>few old whites
>fellow whites
He's a kike and so are you.

The vast majority of mass shootingd occur in places like New York, Chicago, LA, and Atlanta. They're almost exclusively committed by black males and they're almost never (less than 1 percent) committed with anything other than a handgun.
Provide accurate, scientific data to prove me wrong

You obviously have never lived in New York and don’t know what it’s like to have a libtard dictator as your overlord

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The burden of proof is on the dumb fuck making the claims. Provide accurate, scientific data to prove you're not an incel.

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OP here, I live in NYC and my mom used to work with Bloomberg years ago

Bloomberg hates niggers

>“Mike Bloomberg 2020 has teamed up with social creators to collaborate with the campaign, including the meme world,” campaign spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said in an email to AFP.

>“While a meme strategy may be new to presidential politics, we’re betting it will be an effective component to reach people where they are and compete with President Trump’s powerful digital operation,” Singh added.

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Yes, so does Cred Forums. What the fuck is your point?

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If think it isn't, you're the joke.

Get out of here you corporate fucking shill. Bourgies like you had decades of chances and you totally fucked up the lower classes because of your greed. Charlatans. Be happy Bernie is still a moderate leftist because in my eyes you deserve more than just higher taxes.

And you think it’s ok that he’s going to make things illegal because he thinks they’re bad?
Like he knows what’s best for you so he’s going to take away your right to choose.
I.e) large sodas. Member that?


Trump and Bloomberg are both wastes of carbon

Nah KKK fags have been laughed out of here forever. Remember westboro baptist church?

OP, how much are you getting paid to shill for this old shitbag?

PS - You're horrible at it.

Yeah, just what we need. Another billionaire. Die in fire.

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Most likely you are so seek professional medical help quickly.

Yeah, I’d vote for either Bloomberg or Trump. Too bad Bloomberg won’t win the primary, so I’m voting Trump.

Westboro are crazier than KKK faggots. Both groups should be rounded up and thrown in to a furnace.

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Should rename the board from Random to Kike Shilling

yes this is really #sponsored by @mikebloomberg

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images


02/11/2020 11:26 AM EST

Updated: 02/11/2020 05:22 PM EST

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was swiftly condemned Tuesday after a years-old audio clip surfaced in which he appears to discuss in starkly racial terms the “stop-and-frisk” policing practice he presided over as mayor of New York City.

The scratchy recording was disseminated overnight across social media, provoking a new wave of online criticism against the billionaire businessman’s self-funded White House campaign just as it has begun to earn broader support in public polling.


>“Ninety-five percent of your murders — murderers and murder victims — fit one M.O. You can just take the description, Xerox it and pass it out to all the cops,” Bloomberg can be heard saying in the clip.

>“They are male minorities, 16 to 25. That’s true in New York. That’s true in virtually every city,” the clip continues. “And that’s where the real crime is. You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of the people that are getting killed.”

>The clip seems to have originated from Bloomberg’s speech at an Aspen Institute event in February 2015. Later that month, The Aspen Times reported that Bloomberg’s representatives had asked the Aspen Institute not to distribute footage of his appearance. A Bloomberg campaign aide did not respond to questions about whether the video would be released.

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Businessmen should never be president. The entire point of their lives has been taking money from Americans and hoarding it in their bank accounts. Then not paying taxes on it and pushing those taxes on to the people who work. It's called good business. But good business isnt good for people who arent the businessman.

America isnt a business. And when we start running it like one Americans will start dying in the same way conservatives cry a out "socialism" killing it's own citizens.

Hey you fag I`m secret Service and if you say anything about our beloved President again I`l be coming knocking on your door in the middle of the night to give you a good talking too. You have been warned, don`t let me catch you at it again, ok . . nice one now enjoy your day.

Bloomberg is a huge fucking asshole, he try’s to come off as a guy fighting for the little guy but the other day he personally fired some dude playing poker on his computer at work because “you can’t be doing that at your desk on a break”, the guy was making 20k a year and had three kids lmao

You mean black coons.

Lol, Bernie is a bourgeois millionaire.

I’ll be happy to see Trump trounce Bernie in the General so that doddering old Jew will never run again.

They're all cancer and can die in a nigger fire and should never be allowed to forget that fact.

>Israeli dual citizenship
>multi billionaire but trust me goy he's just like you

Plus he is a literal manlet, probably going to pass

.05 cents have been deposited into your account

הרוג את עצמך

This isn't how things work. Prove you're right or fuck off faggot.


America is absolutely a business. Countries are very similar to businesses in both formation and activity.

I swear, white leftists don’t know anything about anything.

Hey some inside info for you all, Bloomberg masterbates his pecker over cake slices.

businesses depend on unsustainable economic growth

you can get fucked you absolute retard

>Trump net worth 3.1b
>bloomy net worth 61b
766th richest vs 7th richest in world

Kek. Makes trump look like a fucking peasant.

On the contrary, definitely part of the Illuminati.


How much money is this I sufferable jew going to waste on shills?

*Bernie is a millionaire. So I'm voting for a billionaire."

Note for boomer trolls writing influence posts: A million bucks is barely enough to retire on these days.

He can't prove shit, because he's a rage filled incel. Wouldn't doubt it if he's already got a manifesto written down.

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>self made billionaire
There is no way you can earn a billion dollars through your own work, you can only make this much money by exploiting the work of others.

The net worth of bloomberg is enough to pay around 23 thousand construction workers 15$/h for 40 years. Take his hometown of new york. If you would take away 23 thousand construction workers over the past 40 years, new york would be a shithole full of ruins. If you take away micheal bloomber, the media landscape would differ, but the city would still flurish.

Billionaires are parasites wo suck the money from those who actually drive our society. Without billionaires, the world would still work fine, without workers it wouldn't

Career politicians, lawyers and bankers have the soul of the country better in mind, right?
President is just a figurehead for a conglomeration of interests impervious to democratic will anyway.

How do you stand on chemtrails, retard?

Doomberg has no chance. Far left will see him as diet Trump. Bernie bros will sit on hands. Trump voters will not go for Doomberg

oh cool, bloombergs paid for shills are now infiltrating Cred Forums. cool. say, tell your boss i need more advertisements. like, seeing bloombergs face 20 fucking times a day isn't enough.

You really should have to renounce citizenship to any other country if you're going to be president

>He isn't proposing ideas that will bankrupt the country and collapse our economy like those basement dweller backed candidates (Bernie, Yang, Warren)

>Every other developed nation can pay for the stuff these candidates are proposing

You either think very little about americans, if you think they can't do what the rest of the developed world has already archived (in case of universal healthcare, germany has this since about 100 years, and still is one of the wealthiest nations on the planet), or you have no Idea about the proposed ideas.

No one of these candidates proposes some great new changes, they mostly propose things proven to work in other countries

Yeah, we don't we get rid of democracy and just make rich people run the country.

I'm sure if we beg long enough, we might get poverty wages from corporations

>I could get behind this old, billionaire white man in my party
>He says he’s the only one who can defeat the hated enemy, and he’s old, white, and a billionaire, so he must be right.
Fucking pathetic.

That's mission accomplished already. We're already in the take it back stage. There's only one legit candidate to do that.

Gun grabbing, abortion promoting, climate hoax perpetrating elitist. Seems like he’s honest about brown people committing more crime but he’ll have to apologize for that to his base. Trump is still a better option.

>That's mission accomplished already. We're already in the take it back stage. There's only one legit candidate for that.

oRaNgE mAn BaD, oLd WhItE mAn GoOd

Keep voting for billionaires.
You dumb fucks.

Trump could sink him shitposting on the soda ban alone.
Bloomberg can go fuck himself. He thinks money entitles him to avoid the grind of the primary from the start and ignoring states altogether.
You dump 500 million into a campaign and expect me to be grateful to see that weak rat face, with even less charisma than Hillary and an even more bland platform?
What was is that tipped Bloomberg into running?
Jeff Bezos told him he should.
Fuck off.

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America: Best democracy money can buy.

Bloomberg is worse than niggers. He is a racist retarded nigger that refuses to stop and frisk himself. He deserves to be gutted, hung by his own intestines and thrown from the nyc capitol builsing.

Fuck Bloomberg. Nothing worse than an Anti gun Anti 4th amendment billionaire. Op sucks cock by choice.

goog god you are a retard.

if you'd run a country like a business you would stop almost any activity at once, bcaue most things countries do don't earn money.

in formation? so how many businesses you know are ruled by an elected democratic leader?

yeah some leftists don't know shit, but they are not as retarded as those right wing loosers who think good busineessman are good politicians. only thing they ever did is fill their own pockets.
and then these mouthbreathers in the fly over states wonder why they're poor as fuck. elect another tycoon and go on with your sorry poor lives

the 1% became a meme for a reason

and that reason is still there

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Self made billionaire on the backs of investing other people's money. At least trump is involved in dozens of not hundreds of businesses and fields with many failures and successes. And entirely more exciting when engaging the crowd.

He's more left than Obama is. Not centrist at all in any sense of the word.

He's IRRATIONAL with gun violence and has publicly stated multiple in interviews and speeches he wants all semi automatics taken the same way Beto did.

All of the largest cities in the US, new York Chicago san Francisco etc are all democratic shitholes going down every year, many of them have continuously seen crime increase, and poor leadership and fleeing middle and upper class populations and increased poverty. This is not a pro for him.

Also, he's a Jew.

A millionaire. Yes. And all the other politicians have way more than that.
So what? He didnt get his money by selling out. Its not like I want everybody to make the exact same money.

>The DNC is actually paying for Cred Forums shills now
Face it, we are nominating Bernie. End of story.


Get fucked Mini Mike...
.... Bernie is getting fucked by the Democrats again so...

Whatever he's paying you to post this, it isn't enough. Bernie 2020.


This little NYC cuck will discover no one wants him.

OP how much of your own money are you willing to spend to educate this little NYC cuck?

Me? None.
It will take $2-$4Billion in spending for him to understand.

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Trump is richer after Bloomberg you're brilliant.

>burden of proof
I know you're too stupid to Google yourself.

You can keep up your idiotic rhetoric keep seething and screeching for another 5 years

Bernie has 3 fancy houses and a Ferrari. Just like all us little guys

lol these people complaining about bloombberg being a jew. trump straight up serves the jew and he's proud to admit it. america has been cucked by the jew for decades now, it's time for you to just cut out the middle man and directly serve them.

meanwhile,you think donald "shits in a golden toilet"trump is just like all us little guys

id like to see republicans never run trump again

>hurr durr,look at using donald trump's childish nicknames for the democrats

it amazes me the amount of shit the republican party tolerates coming from trump supporters.bush and his supporters were such a higher quality of republican

>no one wants him

kind of like donald trump huh,since you know.he lost the popular toothless rednecks are the only ones who voted for him and now your just as poor and stupid as you were 4 years ago

>has 3 fancy houses
Oh he's ballin' harder than trump

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How many of you broke ass bitches have a sun porch?

Attached: Sanders-Lake-Champlain-House.jpg (640x320, 53K)

So electing a billionaire Jew to fix income inequality is your reaction to a white, Jew enabler?

I'm going to ignore your post that's missing accurate scientific data and respond to what's a totally true in you statement. Here I go. My response to what I found true about your statement based on research: You lied.

american politics; getting the every day morons to fight over their favourite jew or jew approved puppet.

now this is how you buy Cred Forums advertising

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All ready got rid of democracy so a rich man can win.

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Leave fascist.

Bloomberg exists to make buttigeig look better by comparison. It's a good billionaire vs a bad one.
Bloomberg is a heal designed to block Bernie again.

I didnt mind bloomburg until he told his own presidential press team they couldnt reaserch or write storys about him. Must be some real big dirty he is hidding there.

How about we dont elect anymore rich people. They seem to be a bit out of touch with the common man.

You better show Trump the door. Who do you think is going to round up all those mexicans you want out?

Bootwearing, uniformed men who have no respect for anything but their own personal power over the citizens of the United States.

Trump is also making you pay to house and feed them in concentration camps instead of deporting them.

Good job noticing.

Joe the Plumber 2020

Yea. Let's leave the bar a little higher than "trade school graduate" can we? They would just shovel money to the rich too, because that's what they're trained to do.

Bloomberg wants troops frisking every black man in every city in the country. Cant believe anyone that isnt getting paid would support him. Oh yeah, they don't.

When did you write this out yang isn't in it any more..

Pluas Bloomberg's money is mistly in China.....

I was joking, but who would you support? The only candidate in the race that isn't filthy rich is Pete and that's because he's only a toddler.

I second this. If you look at the cost to run, I think they put like a 2,500 fee to do the paperwork to even be considered runing. Blocking most of the population.
All politicians need to be purged and let's start with regulated capitalism, or democratic socialism.

How much was you payed for this?

You part of his meme team?

>concentration camps

I mean it.

Is that fucking real?

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Lol explians alot...

Wink wink...

Ok now you have to prove your not an incel and that what you claim is true.

The bruden if proof is on you.


Mike was retarded to live under. He’d make a nanny state if elected.
I kinda blame Guilani for the start of the loss of flavor in NYC. He started the clean up and cleaned it up too much.

And now manhattan is just a giant shopping mall......

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No words

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Thinking it is part if Bloomberg's meme team. ...

Watch what happens this November.
Democrats BTFO!
"Whut happened?
But Trump Nazi!"

Escape your echo chambered social media fantasy land and recognize how far out of the US mainstream, are the mainstream Democrat candidate positions.

The US has just achieved energy independence:
Democrat candidates "Ban fracking! Leave it in the ground!"

Insane cucks also want to offer free medical to non-citizens at tax payers expense!

You retards and your stupid ways created Donald Trump. But in a choice between his policies or the Democrats, it is not even close.

Sorry you will lose, again.

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Yeah lets give billionaire jews even MORE fucking power because we know how jews actually feel about goys.

“If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a) What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.”

(Sanhedrin 57a)

Only dem left I wouldn’t mind winning

Give him a few more years in office and watch his net worth magically grow by tens of millions. I wonder how that works? Maybe they just work really hard!

Seens to happen to alot of politions.

yeah its like dollars magically flow into their pockets - they sure are lucky folks

":What's True
The bill would remove low-level drug crimes as deportable offenses and would require that certain criminal convictions come with a prison sentence of at least five years in order to form the basis of a deportation order. The bill would also allow immigration judges to decline, on humanitarian grounds, to issue a deportation order for an immigrant who has a criminal conviction."

I think we need to really start exercising our 2a rights.

The Electoral College is a body of electors established by the United States Constitution, which forms every four years for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president of the United States. The Electoral College consists of 538 electors, and an absolute majority of at least 270 electoral votes is required to win election. According to Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution, each state legislature determines the manner by which its state's electors are chosen. Each state's number of electors is equal to the combined total of the state's membership in the Senate and House of Representatives; currently there are 100 senators and 435 representatives.[1][2][3] Additionally, the Twenty-third Amendment, ratified in 1961, provides that the District of Columbia (D.C.) is entitled to the number of electors it would have if it were the least populated state (presently 3).[4] U.S. territories are not entitled to any electors as they are not states.[5][6]

Gosh, being factual, and honest is hard for Democrats.
Their attitude is always" "Why tell the truth when I can create a false narrative?"

We are too red pilled now, we have the interwebs to inform ourselves.

Plantation Party is over.

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If he paid me to shill for him I'd be saying the same. Mike pay me and I'll shitpost for you all day, I'm poor.

*paid promotion*

Are you kidding?
Trump is so far up jew ass it's fucking disgusting.
The actual jew is much less pro Israel.

Open season on kikes when he comes to take the guns.

We also need to distinguish ethnic jews (doesn't matter much) from those who preach zionism and jewish supremacy - those are the problem people. They are the ones greedily sucking up billions, lobbying for laws, pushing for military action in the middle east.

>How about we dont elect anymore rich people. They seem to be a bit out of touch with the common man.

Fuck your class-ism.

Todays Democrat leadership is the poster children of "FAIL" that is what they did with Obama's "Hope."

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You dumb fuck, if you just elect the mega wealthy they will continue to siphon cash into the rich boys and girls club and fuck over everyone else. Eventually this will lead to massive social revolt and some sort of civil war.

>Bootwearing, uniformed men who have no respect for anything but their own personal power over the citizens of the United States.

Sniff, sniff, sure does smell like old style 1960's hippie communist talk. Good to know the internet reached the commune.

Stop lying about Trump.

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whatever you say socialist

What's the difference between a couple million dollars and a billion dollars? About a billion dollars.

uninformed voters are the whole reason why trump was even nominated

maybe you should stop calling everything fake news and start looking at reality for once

>chicken little

Your hair is purple and you wear gauges, right?

You're gay

>Eventually this will lead to massive social revolt and some sort of civil war.

Son, since the dawn of time the tribes of man have always been run by the rich and powerful.

Every country this is true. Every one.

Time for you red punks to wake up, ditch your fake news sources and join the common reality.

Attached: autism level.gif (256x186, 973K)

>steal billions
>retards consider that a GOOD thing

>uninformed voters

Explain then why the so well informed, well educated, and those believing in their firm grasp of "reality" were so BTFO'ed by the 2016 elections?

Why were you all so dumbfounded, dazed, and confused? Why do you continue to inflict your Democrat delusions on the rest of the country?

Examples: Russian Collusion? Impeachment? Iowa Caucus?

Democrats are like the gang that can't shoot straight.

Attached: explain this bs.jpg (184x273, 12K)


>voting for a literal CCP Manchurian candidate
do the world a favor, please commit a felony offense and surrender your voting rights

i'm from florida, so fuck you, good job alienating millions of people here by calling our home a shit hole, FUCK THE KIKE JEWBERG

he's trying to create artificial memes, he's already lost by being a loser

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i will acknowledge your 4 of 4's

Attached: 1576402676197.webm (1280x720, 1.8M)

you fucking retard! you know nothing about him or NYC. please go fuck yourself, you piece of shit.