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I'm obsessed with MILF's and even some GILF's... I can't get enough... the older, the better, as long as they're hot
how do I curb this addiction? should I date 10+ years up from now on? I think I'd be happier

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im the same

Coworker milf

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what have you done about it user? ever had an older milf gf?

she'd be hot if she didn't fuck up her face with surgeries
natural beauty is always better, and a true milf ages like fine wine

Fucked older escorts.

if it looks like that milf count me in... gotta love them milfs

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it's all about the right amount of wrinkle in the right places... like a beautiful aging flower

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that and MILF's are generally wiser and have lived a life and learned from their mistakes... makes them infinitely hotter and better waifu material

No surgeries just bad camera focus and lighting, no defects. She is mexi/native/white. She doesn't date guys younger that her otherwise I would be using her as a cum dump daily.

checking OP’s digits out

Milf I have been fucking on and off for last 2 years. She has 2 kids around my age which only makes it even hotter.

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fuck she's fine

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fine wine

early 40s

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never enough milfs

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You're so fucking lucky. How old are you?


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moar milfz pl0x

>imagine shooting a thick load onto both of their faces

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Mmm, Mommy?!

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Go for it, OP! Been bangin' MILFS and GILFS my whole life. It's fun in the short term but not sure it's the ticket to long term happiness.

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I have had a milf/gilf obsession for at least 15 years. When I was 20 i dated a 41 year old woman and at 30 i dated a 45 year old. I've had a couple of one night stands with milfs too.
It's probably due to some mommy complex shit but I can't get enough.

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I can't see why it wouldn't work long term.

I haven't seen that set in a long time. You know where I can find it?


You’re attracted to a certain range. If she gets too old to fuck or just becomes Not Sexy anymore you’re on to the next MILF

Chloe des Lysses

Well then that would apply to every relationship regardless of the age of your partner.

If I had a nickel for every load I've dumped due to wifey over the past 20+ years I could retire.

Arthur sucks

How old r u, user?

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How do you meet them? Bars? Clubs? Church? I’m looking to get into the mature milf game

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I will fuck any milf or gilf
80 years old?
I'd fuck

Ok, the one thing that you have to really think about it literal terms not just think of it as an abstract concept is that your 45+ year old GILF is gonna get older, right? So when you're still a guy who's still in his middle aged prime, around 50, your gal is going to be entering old age and there's a good chance she'll be falling apart physically and not be the piece of ass that you remember.

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Would fuck for rest of life

Not to mention menopause which affects a lot of women's sex drive and ability to get a wet pussy, etc...

No you wouldn't if you saw what she really looks like. Don't fall for these shooped up pictures of this fat hoe.

Born in 1976

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Bars, grocery store, just walking around. Sometimes you may get a vibe from them through eye contact and I'll say hello and take it from there.

He eye contact is the "go" then? She sends more than one glance your way?

Need the unshooped ones if possible

Not just any eye contact. For me, there's a smile on her face, an overall vibe of openness towards conversation. Hard to describe. More than one glance, yeah, that's a good sign.

Whats shopped? over 300 pics say otherwise
none are shopped, this guy is an idiot

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Can you explain with more details? Older women are easy for me to approach, but I thought it’s because they are nice not because they want the d

Full body?

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Chloe des Lysses in Dahmane's book Porn-Art


Wait a minute, so you believe that that stupid, duck-faced selfie with the shampoo over her shoulder is NOT shooped up. That she walks around everyday looking exactly like that? Kek, you're delusional.

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That kind of looks like a co worker of mine. She's 42 and on the petite side with awesome taste in general. She smells heavenly god I want to pick her up and fuck her.

There's one I saw the other day. I think she's standing in front of her closet, wearing jeans but they're kind of unzipped and she's letting her gut hang out over the waist line. That shot, I bet, is as close to what she really looks like. And it ain't pretty. Don't get me wrong, like all of the chubs/bbw's I've been with, they're fun to throw around a couple of times then I start to get disgusted and move on.

I don't think they are shopped, it's all just posing, sucking or tightening things for the pic, and some obvious makeup.

god ive jerked to this milf so many times, wish I had the full set

Thats her face, I see her every day, so I should know

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no makeup here.

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or here

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we'll agree to disagree on this chubbo. it's all good, if she drives you wild then go for it. it's annoying to me when one assigns goddess status to photos that aren't quite real.

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wasn't her, don't have a pic like that, she is a bit on the chub side now days though, never said she wasn't.

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Nope, more like this.

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lol so now you're shoping the pictures to "prove" your point? ok buddy have. and carry on.

yep, that's how much i hate this overrated cow and the dumbasses who think she's so great.

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Would actually,smash the soul outta her.Fucking hot,for a GILF!

I’d fucking smash her relentlessly,and then some.Something fucking hot about her,i have to say.

looks better unshooped lol

this. if she has a young soul doesn't call me young man or son I'd do her good. But here you see how even an aged body can look like if a) she didn't give birth and b) she kept good care of it. I meant like eating healthy and the right amount of activity.

you want moar?


lets see some milf buttholes

this one always gets me.. it's like the cover art for an Enya magazine interview, or a stock image for professional women manager in the office.. then you scroll down

I could fill a fuckin pool with how many loads ive spanked to wifey.

you shouldn't have asked for this with me being your fellow lurker. here i go

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nice dude! fuck. (imagining the smells) fuuck

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do you have kik?

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she takes a cock in the ass with class

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Actually, with all the hormones women take for menopause, a lot of them end up hornier than ever.

I'm 12 and banging a 55 year old, she's amazing. Just do it, you won't regret it

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strange, for me it's the other way around

pic related

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She loves young dick, I know two others she's fucking

Bro I swear I just died laughing

Fucked my friend's mom when I was 24 and she was 49. Was kinda cool, but got weird. She seemed to think there was long term relationship potential, don't understand how she thought that was possible, especially as we were hiding it from her kids. Can't say if recommend against doing it once, but was really nothing worth doing if I wasn't bored and hanging out there anyway.

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the wife...48 with 2 pups....

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post her vegene

This fat bitch is a cancer

How many years have you been posting her every day. You must be the loneliest old man in the world.