She going away for 3 months in Africa do you think she will be blacked?

She going away for 3 months in Africa do you think she will be blacked?

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Worry if it will be voluntary or not.

You saying she could be raped? It's charity work for a school.

I would say she would be safe but if she wants sex it will be very easy for a white girl to get fucked out there. I hope she's got alot of condoms with her?

They do like really pale women aswell. Which she is.

I think I will tell her just to be carefully at all times.

They're going to rape her and eat her for her magical white woman Powers I wouldn't let her go.

Africa is notorious for rape, and even more so for doing nothing to persecute the rapists.

she better be on her guard at all times.

You could be right. It's a school and she's the only white teacher out of 12, 9 male and 3 females.

She'll probably end up fucking a BBC, which is a good thing tbh

She knows she got to be careful. So worrying.

at the very least she's going to come back with a very contagious STD or Ebola, yeah dude just dump the bitch if she goes


you know she might encounter a white expat and get borred !

I don't know. I guess it's best to try and fight em off but if there's to many she would be overpowered.

Liar. This same photo was posted claiming she wants a threesome or something like that.

Implying she won't seek one out to fuck

What's lulz?

Of course. There isnt a white man in America that could hold her attention.

Is there something wrong with you?

That could happen.

Probably true.

I mean, I couldn't blame her. Africans have huge cocks and are great at fucking.

She probably wouldn't tell me either.

That's true man. You got discord? We could chat about it on there.

>do you think she will be blacked?
What matters is what SHE thinks...

she will be back with baby and shitload of std and sti

Not got discord soz.

Wise words.

Hope not.