This guy

this guy

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will win.

I would a vote for a piece of dog shit over this fucking useless leech.

is awesome

would you vote hilter over trump?

same same

this "turd" stopped your country from becoming sweden. Faggot

You're a democrat we get it.

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Be quiet Hillary

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You aren't old enough to vote, kid.

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pff, you wish you lived in Sweden, ignorant fool.

>trump was here

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>slave to the democrat party because Mexican
Wake up, son. You're playing right into it.

>would you vote hilter over trump?
Is Hitler still dead?

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i love to see how people like you are disgusted by this guy, just that alone is reason enough to vote for trump

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he's bad, but, seeing the other candidates, he's clearly the least of all evils

They're the same. Such and such race us bad for the economy. Put them in camps with your tax dollars instead of deportation. Lift authority to heights even higher than the law of the land. Send military out to conquer. Never question the glorious leader or its antiamerican. But while you're never questioning glorious leader, and being punished if you do, you're perfectly free. The only difference is that a majority of german people actually wanted hitler. Trump lost the popular vote and needed the deep states help with the electoral college.

That projecting. Kid.

still playing team sports instead of real life, I see

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any other candidate is better than Turd, literally anyone else running.

Pretty sure his brain is sizzling away from something. Dementia maybe

Libtards are still seething I see

unfortunately wrong, they're all worse than him; the very fact he was elected after engaging in nationalist rhetoric (back in '16) had a positive effect on the political discourse in the western world, even though he severely failed to deliver

Traitor Trump


Tell us more how the democratic party full of different races and ideologies is the brain washing side when republicans have christians, military men, inbred hicks and the rich men who make money on their collective stupidity.

I know when I think "people who think for themselves" christian's and military are the first thing that comes to mind....not.

To enslave a black man you need brute force. To enslave a white man you just need to lie to him.

sorry, but still wrong.


Ok malder.

trump would be amazing if he actually said the things you claim he said

Yes i wish that my women and children were raped by refugees.

>The only difference is that a majority of german people actually wanted hitler.

hitler's party was just the biggest party among several others, the majority of the germans didn't want hitler at all

it's not a two party system like in the us

Let's see the proof, bud.

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I mean. I guess admitting you dont pay attention to what he says is a good defence for you.

It's working for flat earthers. Not.

proof that nationalism is better dead than not? Go look in the mirror

His billion dollar propaganda machine has been extremely effective at coercing the vulnerable. Proof that democracy has died in America. Our elections will continue to be sold to the highest bidder and we will continue to destroy the environment while working 60+ hrs a week and watching all of our profit go to the ruling class. Im voting for Bernie Sanders but honestly the outlook is bleak. Im campaigning hard locally though because this election may be our last chance to get our country back from the corporate machine. Vote in the primaries anons. Bernie Sanders is the only politician not bought and paid for. If he turns out to be terrible for America then we can vote him out in 4 years. Just do your part people.

Oh you...seem to think history can be debated and subject you your opinions. Weird.

I bet you also think Hitler was a socialist. Even though the first thing he did was kill the socialists and the communists in his country once he got the military on his side.

Much like trump might do. Would do. Wants to do. And idiots like you think is a good idea forcdemocracy.

since he literally never said what you claimed, you just attacked yourself.

good job, obvious kike nigger

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Yep, Trump got himself impeached. What a dick!

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he's right, user. It was a simple majority, 56.09% of voters did not choose Hitler

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>Oh you...seem to think history can be debated and subject you your opinions. Weird.

you're saying the majority of the german people wanted hitler, that is historically not true, the majority voted for other parties, that is a fact so nothing to debate here

you're bending history by comparing death camps where people where forced to go with refugee camps where people choose to go

please use Turd, that's his name.

I would vote for Coronavirus over il douche.

You're a Russian. We get it.


Also, give him medals. Works every time.

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Hilter would fix our highways and infrastructure.

Fucken affirmative action hire couldn't win without a handicap.

I would appreciate real answers and conversation from my post because I do lack a lot of political knowledge and I'm considered, by most a normie.
Why do people dislike Donald Trump outside of the generic "He's rude and a meanie"?

He's done good with Low/Middle Class Jobs, he's helped with the issues related to immigrants and overall is an average to alright President. I find it weird and confusing that Democrats had attempted to impeach and remove him from office when their evidence, to my limited understand and knowledge wasn't really concrete enough to dictate removal.

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5 more years of your seething and screeching.

He's a literal joke, I don't know why Cred Forumscucks love him so much.

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Just read the transcript, dummy. If you can't tell he was using abusing his power for personal gain against Americans with the help of foreigners, kys.

>Idiotic nonsensical irrational assertions


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They hate the left more, especially the non-white parts

There are no real substantial reasons to hate they guy unless you're an advocate for immigration or refugees. Thats really the only sector he has completely demolished, as in the accepted refugee influx during obama was something like 125,000 a year (not that there was that many approved, but where allowed to apply) its at 18,000 under the trump administration which is a pretty hefty drop

I look forward to the day he's listed with other great presidents such as Lincoln and Kennedy.

>Passing off nonsense I watch on CNN as of my own knowledge

Go suck off Don lemon he'd like that.

How is he supposed to get assassinated when the liberals keep taking guns away

Can concur, landslide in-coming!

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He'll be next to nixon ok n the page entitled "definitely not a crook"

Sure. He claimed his tax plan would bebedit the people. 82% of the tax relief went to billionaires. Claimed he would drain swam. Put more billionaires and crooks in power than any previous president. Paid 1 billion to spread misinformation and propaganda to the vulnerable of our nation. Actually increases middle class taxes whike decreasing elite ruling class. Devastated farmers with bad trade policies. Accelerated climate change by defunding epa and government energy programs. Fracking on protected lands. Allowed virginians to lose assault rifles. Not much good in his policIes unless you are EXTREMELY wealthy, theb you got lavish gifts. Also is pushing us ever closer to nuclear conflict by pissing off Iran and doing nothing about North Korea. Pretty bad president based on policy alone. If you believe what he says though hes great lol

another turdtard who didn't read the transcript

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he constantly divides de nation.
That's reason enough.

Trump Job Approval Sets New Record for Polarization:

Trump Third Year Sets New Standard for Party Polarization:

>democratic party full of different races and ideologies
>Republicans have Christian's, military men, inbred chicks rich men
You know who told you that? Now you tell that to everyone. Which party is it that always separates us by class, gender, and sex? They say that defines our entire identity and that we are not equal. Americans need unity. And not their definition of "unity."

>americans need unity

lol, ok:

Trump Job Approval Sets New Record for Polarization:

Trump Third Year Sets New Standard for Party Polarization:

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Is that the print he left by grabbing you by the pussy after fisting a jar full of Cheetos while bitching about property values in Chicago?

>Americans need unity.
The wall street journal is owned by newcorp which is owned by Rupert Murdock and family who also owns fox news which is in bed with trump.

It's all kinds of fucked up
You can also look up Boris epstyn if you want

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What's dividing America is PC culture being pushed. This limits our speech. This is then used to push policy that increases the powers of the government or increases funding to issues that dont exist (in sure you know where that money goes). If you are not for it, you're "racist", "xenophobic", "sexist", etc. Using those arguements is divisive, and people are more keen to the hypocrisy. going to win 2020

>points the finger


As a racist, laws restricting my ability to fuck up niggers lives are an affront to my freedom.

So being politically correct, speaking without insulting people, is dividing people? WTF user, sense, you make none.

If you don't have the knowledge, or eloquence sufficient to express yourself, in whatever topic, without insulting other people that's really your problem and duty to learn how to do it.

a total dirtbag, no lessons learned:

Trump says he may stop allowing top officials to listen to his calls with foreign leaders:

Kind of unnerving considering he's showing evidence his mind is slipping from dementia.

What I'm saying is PC culture is weaponized, calling out racism and sexism where their is none. If you havent seen that in the past 4 years, you're blind to it. These are issues that are prevalent, but not to this degree.

he's attacking every one of his allies who dares to disagree on anything at all, anything.

There's a song for that:

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"racism" and "sexism" are bullshit concepts; anyone who every called out "racism" or "sexism" was calling out where there was none; the objective of those who use this terminology is to deny white people the right to exist

Stop watching privately owned for-profit media, user.
They're the ones sensationalizing a few select cases to trigger you for money.

Orange man is right in that instance.

Unfortunately the Dems are fucked for 2020.

lol what a retard, literally kys

I have seen it, there are ignorant people on all sides who confuse being PC with topic censuring. Those need to be educated, but frankly, they are not the ones diving the country.

You have a REAL non-PC troll sitting in the oval office right now, he's the one diving the nation.

You know things are bad when even George W Bush is more desirable than Turd.

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Probably signs of the dementia.
Isn't paranoia often a symptom of dementia?

Found the shill paid for by the aforementioned for-profit ""news"" sources

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only in middle and late stages, I think it'd be too obvious by now. He's just a bitter, vengeful person, who will tarnish and throw you under the bus if needed, we've always known that.

>Americans need unity

Your idea of unity is wishing to identify as an intergalactic asexual emperor penguin.

I won't buy into the libtard mental illness being purported as normal.

You're missing the entire point.

>You're missing the entire point.
The point is we need to bring back institutions to lock you sick queer faggots up.

Maybe not dementia then.
I just know he's developing some weird ticks and slurrs. Sometimes it just flat out looks like he forgets what he was talking about mid sentence.
Going to be an interesting year

>still missing the point

Michael was an awesome FGOTUS

What are the odds that trump will participate in presidential debates? Seriously, will the GOP allow a dementia riddled guy go up on stage and show how far his disease has progressed? Or will they fill him up with so much sudafed that he has to wear diapers to cover his incontinence?

Which do you prefer...
>Drooling brainlet

Just saying "wrong" doesn't really help your cause. We need to know HOW we're wrong so we can correct ourselves. That is of course if you actually have a point.

>my point is invalid and you don't care what it is, but I'll still stress my dumb irrational viewpoint upon you.

No thanks tranny.

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I'm sorry, you were saying...?

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As mentioned. Going to be an interesting year

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dude, you really need more proof than the amazing global economic development the last 20 years or so has brought in? Nationalism doesn't work, globalism and multiculturalism does, even with its flaws and all. Look at China, it opened up to the world and it just blew up. Russia has closed itself off more and more and they're stuck on a rut, their economy is shit. The examples are all over the world and history, literally.

You know when nationalism works? For a very brief period of time when a nation shuts itself off from the rest of the globe and acts selfishly, obviously, but soon enough all other nations adjust their stance and retaliate, isolating that nation. Eventually it is surpassed by everyone else and is left behind.

big deal, I can pay for escorts too.

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it's been studied and confirmed many times:

Can't spell hatred without spelling red hat

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Donald Trump didn't write this tweet. The man's illiterate. Compare it to the ones he DOES write that are filled with spelling mistakes and random capitalization, grammatical errors and fractional sentences. One of his aides wrote this.

NBC was paying for the girls here.

could be, or maybe sometimes he's on the go, sometimes he's taking a dump

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You're right.
No way trump wrote that in his current state. Even a decade ago that would be too succinct for him

what an idiot


quads of truth

Yes he is

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Now name one that he committed in reality.

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Except last time the whore paid him.

It's sad that hes still the best option, save Yang and Tulsi.

Tim Ryan is such a worthless turncoat faggot.

>in reality
>Pic related. It's you

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>save Yang and Tulsi
Said the retard.

That was in 2014. How dare he criticize his man.

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He is not. His mind is slipping to dementia which makes him a pretty fucking bad option

You said that?

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Can't expect better

So, who's a better option?

Greatest tie for the greatest president, amirite?

Indeed. Look at that disgusting Governor.

I would have said any other republican but that went out the window when they shat on the Constitution for partisanship sake.
So....anyone who isnt literally losing their mind at this point.
Fucking sad state were in

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Yea, Biden sucks pretty hard.

"I know my boyfriend is a rapist, but what should I do, quit dating?"
This is literally what you sound like.

hahaha, you're a faggot

Yea, It was pretty shitty for people to vote for Bill Clinton a second time.

More like
"Sure my boyfriend rapes me but at least he doesn't rape me while also calling me a whore."

>these demographic trends

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I'm hoping that next term we'll get exactly that. A true merit based system that favors western, northern, and eastern Europe. Fuck Spain.

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>Has no rebuttal to facts
>Hurls insults to discredit reality
>Typical Right-Whinger

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Get a job Tenda, you miserable fatherless halfbreed

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anti-White detected

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we get it you're voting democrat lol

LMAO... Who are these people obsessed with his tie? Oh yea... that's some great meme material you got there. I'm sure you'll reach alot of independents with your tie memes.

i still dont get the meme, but somehow i want my own extra long tie now, im on to you glowniggers

Clearly you are uneducated because Whites are already a minority

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Americans Know. ;)

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Nice deflection.

I'm in Pennsylvania you liberal faggot.

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sure sure. I believe you, It's hardly noticeable.

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Snowflake confirmed

You know in a way that image is funny, but I can almost guarantee you're too stupid to get the reference that makes this image quite ironic. Indeed he has made you cry.


Romney for having some balls

You do realize that the secret service guy's tie in that picture is exactly the same length as his was, right?

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Oh boy. Top kek. Idk this is ylyl.

WTF is with this jewish star?

Wouldn't be surprised is little Donnie ordered him to because he gets made fun of for his own ties
He is that fucking petty

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Only thing funny is how you suck Trump's cock even if it means trashing your own morals

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Thought you lived in Pennsylvania.
Lying faggot

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The left control the media and college!
They'll surely paint Trump as great in the history books.

holy shit! his tie is slightly longer than normal... now, I WANT to become a minority in my own fucking country! (And want all Western White countries to also have massive demographic replacement.)

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Attached: funny-minorities-meme-fox-news.jpg (460x457, 67K)

Well, it looks like it would have something to do with the Amish, but I'm still wondering about the jewish star.

Look at this faggot's image's file name. LMAO

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Not an argument

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Wow, you people really are that retarded aren't you. Sad

Imagine sucking this dude's butt.

Like do you have nothing better to do? The guy has dementia.

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Your image isn't an argument you window licker.

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That's not Joe Biden.

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You still sucking Obama's cock? LMAO What did he even accomplish in eight years?

Attached: trumpep.png (629x608, 424K)

While taking a tour aboard the USA Arizona in Pearl harbor trump may have been clueless as to what he was taking a tour of

Still your president, liberal faggot. Better learn to get used to it. You got another five years.

Not an argument

What's that? Bill Clinton has been on Epstein's rape island more then twenty times?

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Great choice!

Attached: hitler vs rothshild.jpg (1031x1489, 516K)

Attached: 1579498330502.jpg (718x411, 91K)

Birds of a feather....
Also funny how both are impeached presidents and also buddies

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I'm so mad this beta has uses his inherited wealth to buy attention from prostitutes

Turd Sandwich

Call him by his complete name, sir.

muriKKKans is stoopits

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>trump is a notorious criminal

Which is why contrived articles of impeachment had to be drawn up, and not all of those high crimes and misdemeanors.

Seethe and screech for 5 more years you little internet faggot libcuck.

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I'm no Trump supporter but shit like this really pisses me off.
You have some trailer park, junkie, skank accuse him of raping her, without any material evidence or, eye witness testimony to corroborate any of this, and I'm supposed to believe this is credible?
Fuck this bitch...

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I cant wait for meltdown 2.0

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Attached: C-wI1qKWAAAjjkk.jpg (1008x712, 151K)


I more than likely outclass you in every conceivable way you pathetic europoor cuck.

I hope a shitskin rapes you after raping your mom once they're finished with her upstairs.

Attached: D_3MKKtWwAA8BxJ.jpg (1200x719, 183K)

>Implying they aren't all in playing this game like some retarded wrestling feud
You just seen the political equivalent of stomping the mat

Attached: Edge_vs._Cena.jpg (1001x780, 474K)

Fixed that for you.

Attached: donald antoinette.png (701x504, 632K)

>posting something irrelevant

What's it like to be so ineffectual in life? You should really KYS.

>I'm no Trump supporter but
We don't believe that line anymore, trumpy

>moves the goalposts

But you suck at the teat of Bernie, since you're hinging the hopes that you may finally attain 15 an hour that you'll never achieve on your own.

Impeached... LMAO

You know who that impeachment investigation was for? Biden. Guess who got hurt by it.


Attached: Screenshot_2020-02-14 b - this guy - Random - 4chan.png (650x651, 998K)

Attached: trumpy3.jpg (960x960, 157K)

I never mentioned Bernie.
I can only assume he's playing the game too, you silly NPC

It is a court case with a prima facie case offered under oath … and which Emperor Blotus I refuses to answer.

Attached: johnson-v-trump-epstein ED CV16-00797.jpg (929x710, 154K)

Ok, so let me put it to you this way.
I never voted for Trump, but I will sure as fuck also never vote for a candidate that pushes this kind of #metoo SJW bullshit.

SeeMaybe if you're lucky you'll get splashed with fake blood


Attached: 4hins.png (1031x1360, 1.01M)

Then leave.
America will do fine without you (even though you probably don't even live here anyway)

Not making us a laughingstock to start.

hes just not as bad of a choice of the other two, if you fail to see that then god help your country

Oh I get it. You're a centrist fedora wearing edgelord.

Ok, so, as I sad, no material evidence, no witness testimony...nothing other than someones story from what happened years ago...and this is supposed to be enough to convict someone of fucking rape...?

No wonder #metoo is dead.

Attached: 417012_3381087968513_1962938327_n.jpg (268x265, 15K)

You make many fraudulent and racist assumptions, stoopit muriKKKan.

Attached: faux news is smart.jpg (2048x1146, 302K)

this shill garbage

Attached: 12193970_909495862472477_980150995_o.jpg (1697x1021, 161K)

No faggot, you can leave. In fact, I'll leave you into a shallow ditch, and America will be fine just as it has been until now, without you.

You might want to check out how other countries received him before you make some kind of BS claim spoon fed to you by the media.

Having trouble parsing English?
Wonder why.

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Hey, look. It's that Nigger I voted for twelve year ago.

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Attached: laughingstock.jpg (708x960, 72K)


Attached: download.png (275x183, 4K)

Attached: stop laughing.jpg (750x606, 48K)

Reminds me

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Bernie wins 2020 and its gonna be hilarious on this website


How? How could a Socialist win?

wahhhh cry some more, kid

Question is, why would you want him to?

>I need some old jew to save me and bring me up to the lofty goal of 15 an hour that I'll never, ever achieve on my own.

because he is the president the shitlibs deserve.

So 15 an hour is the new fox news talking point eh?
O was wondering why my trumpet family members have been crying about 15 an hour for the last couple weeks

>two trump headlines

However, these opposing headline editions were not distributed to different political or geographic markets, nor were they intended to influence voters.

This picture shows two editions of the Wall Street Journal published at different times of the day. The paper on the left came off the press early in the day, while the paper on the right was produced later in the day. Print newspapers sometimes undergo revisions throughout their daily runs and typically employ marks to distinguish the various editions — in this case the differing WSJ editions are distinguishable by the number of stars displayed in the masthead:


Yea, you're real mature.

I knew it was BS, thanks.

>So 15 an hour is the new fox news talking point eh?


Don't get mad. OP is just some shill working for Bernies campaign. Probably some antifa faggot too.

Okay boomer

But you're the one with a small orange cock in your mouth

fake news

Says the literal faggot.

Sure has you all really triggered though.
like holy shit you can't stop crying about it

I didn't vote for the gay faggot tranny who wears make-up and high heels though

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.14.49 AM.png (635x523, 548K)

Attached: 1581275528837.jpg (1881x1284, 230K)

>small orange cock
>I'm the one thinking about small orange cocks

GJ for calling others a faggot, you pathetic little fucking queer.

What I hate about elections is that it takes 1.5 years, and 90% of what you hear about is the president. Who's even running in a contested Senate race? Can anyone say without looking it up? I read news for about an hour every day and I sure as hell can't.

You show you're childishness and lack of an ability for formulate a coherent thought by making such eloquent statements.

Keep it up, all you do is drive more and more people to our side. Cheers!

Attached: 1580260640257.jpg (403x395, 20K)

> Who's even running in a contested Senate race? Can anyone say without looking it up?
I had to look it up, and it's actually nail-biter stuff:

The American media is insane for ignoring the Senate races.