Found shit ton of pizza last night while using tor on a chromebook

Found shit ton of pizza last night while using tor on a chromebook.

Is tor enough to avoid issues? If not, how fucked am I?

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Time to be an hero user.

Not really sure exactly how I wound up on those sites and I don't remember most of the urls but I can retrace my steps if you'd like.

Anyway, being an hero doesn't seem like the way to go at the moment. Life is pretty good atm.

Sure. Retrace your steps. Tell us how you got there FBI.

was it a tor website or www?

Onion sites

Nothing will happen. Unless you explicitly downloaded material, nothing will become of it.


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Didn't download anything. There was only images and some short videos.

What onions ?

show your work

it had to be stored in your cache at some point though. to be on the safe side, use something like ccleaner to nuke all the free space on your hard drive

could you send good onion links here , it's rare to find a good one


I mainly used tor to browse on av4 which I accessed using the url j p g 4 dot x y z for the past two years. Mainly just looked around for anything interesting but very rarely hit the jackpot some days, maybe about once a month or so. A lot of the videos have never loaded for me on that site, which brings me to what I stumbled upon.

don't worry about it, I found it once too and nothing happened
I've even found it without tor and nothing happened

If you watched a video on a website, you downloaded something.
I wouldn't worry about it, i've done far more nefarious shit on Tor and nothing happened.

Honestly though your ip provider is watching what your doing....

Due to this common issue I searched something like "how to load videos on av4 site" on the tor default search engine. I got a lot of results that were about changing parts for a Toyota but I just kept scrolling and eventually found one search result that mentioned something related to pizza. I clicked on the link and it took me to a separate search with results on a site (don't remember the url but will try to look for it again). The search results on that site all mentioned pizza so I clicked on one of the links and it took me a site that advertised selling pizza and memberships. It had a some images and links that when clicked on would lead to basically copies of that site. Eventually I got to different sites also advertising memberships. There was a lot of images and some sites had short preview videos. Never seen anything like it.

I will post the only link I remember in a bit.

>mfw op actively searched for pizza, fapped, and now regrets what he did so he's desperately posting in hopes everyone will tell him it'll be okay

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