What is a SEMEN DEMON?

What is a SEMEN DEMON?
Seriously, I dunno

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find me this one and i will tell you

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without makeup
same girl

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Still cute.

Fuck you.

met her/ kissed her when i was in Turkey

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i almost fucked her but i controlled myself

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i had it and i let her go

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Even more cute


if i only know

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oh well

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Is she Anzu?

How was the kiss?

Tell us more

You have so many pictures, how can you not know?

not the best and not the worst
i was into this turkish actress
she was the beast kisser i ever kissed

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She was like a dream.

her she is

Shame she had a lot of facial surgery and looks like literal shit in a fingerbox

yah and underage

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now she is with this dork


Alexandra Daddario

>and this is why i left her

There is watermark in the picture.
If had a dollar for every time I've repeated that very sentence I would be rich.

Learn2english, motherfucker.

R u silly?
I know who is Anzu, my question was "WHAT IS A SEMEN DEMON?"

Finding names of internet thots is extremely easy especially when their name is in the picture already.

I have a bad habit of scanning instead of reading, 9/10 times the context is "Who is this semen demon" Speaking of context semen demon is pretty self explanatory.

Just learn to read, motherfucker.