Co za kurwisko

co za kurwisko

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Chujovo kurwa

when three Reichs weren't enough



>white; uncut
wrong on so many levels

That's a fucking excellent shoop. Sauce?

go fuck your own kind jew

its shooped?

stupid kike

Ana de Armas

>A-list actress Ana de Armas at a public gloryhole in which only one stall is installed in what otherwise appears to be lockers with famous signatures on them

I mean, just maybe

how is this real? Is there more?

i thought this was riley reed

It's not retard

People will believe what they will believe, neither common sense nor evidence to the contrary will sway them.

wracaj na kara [cool] [czesc]

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I knew having gloryhole in public is rather weird!


Her pose practically invited the shop

I want to get this one shopped

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go fuck yourself.

Coz your girl obviously isn't you damn jewcuck

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