I'm putting together a team

I'm putting together a team

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Let’s do this

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don't start the party without me.

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In interested

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Lemme get my son as well

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Looks like an imposter to me.

I join if you dont make me tonight's big loser

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I’m in

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you son of a bitch! im in!

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Lets roll

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Bend over you will hmmm

At your service

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Saw the original video. No way this dude hasn’t killed someone at least once in his life

I can get them with AIDS.

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Hehehehehehe I'm in

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We can provide the pussy

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Count me in, bros!

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I'm in, my niggers

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BLACKS at your service

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karate ken at your service

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Anything you need me to hack, ive got it

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I'm in !

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dr. mindbender is here to support your cause

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shadowmaster has arrived

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Count me in ! Dig Dug at your service

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Let's rock!

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Sonic the Aidhogg at your service !

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Can I join?

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Akoto Mo Ken at your service

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Mechanic reporting for action. Let’s roll.

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Peepee pig at your service, OP

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Ready to deploy.

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Da I'm in. I'll call Blyatman.

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We can be the muscle...

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Wait for me!

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I can give intel on the enemy.

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Let's roll.

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I will provide beverages!

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>someones gonna get beheaded
>fucking kkeeeeekkkkkk

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cyka Blyat. I'm in.

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Count us in

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Ah, Brogle, you're here!

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We're in.

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We can give you guys a heads up.

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Fine Collection, so far

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I'd really prefer if you'd count us in

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Spoon me in...

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Signing in

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we're in nigger

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At your service

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HOW DARE YOU... to forget me

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I told myself I was outta the game fo good. One last big score then I'm done. Count me in.

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Reporting in with a stick

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Can I Join...

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count on us!

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I'm in, m8s. I'm ready to rattle and tattle.

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you guys gonna need a medic sweety

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The fat is in the fire. The hog is in the tunnel.

Once I was THE POPE too...

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pick up stevie wonder to be the wide receiver

They will never see me cumming..

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Armor up!

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Sing* " I just called to say I'm in..."

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got fire?

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Ok fam

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I'm back bitches, and I'm in.

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Reporting in

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Don't forget me...
Or I kick , ban & Ignore one of yours Randomly.

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I live to serve

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I do miss you...
But leaving was your choice, Hiroshimoot is my senpai now.

A CAT is always USEFUL...

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Shout out to mezzo mix

Reporting for duty

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Nipple Man ready to go!

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Need a /k/ute battle buddy?

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Reporting for duty

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I swear to god I'm done with women

I can feed the team.

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Yeah, they're more like immature, vapid cunts

Let's fucking go

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you wont even know I'm here

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Idk if you noticed the chode or not but that's why "women" was in quotes.

Are you retarded?

Can i join? whats the tests i have to pass? :D

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I like you user. I want you to come over to my house and fuck my sister

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You weren't really gonna start without me?

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You're gonna need a pilot

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So whos the mastermind?

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I'm in

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Need a hydroponic scientist? Im in.

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I'll be keeping an eye on our team

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Cavalry has arrived

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Coordinates of candy and chocolate have been found! Awaiting orders!~

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Hehe aaallright

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Hey you stop that silly nonsense

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Eh what's up doc?

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That is a cursed picture.

Hey, Bruce can't help how he is

you will need my strength

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Let's gooooooo blyat

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let me sing to you the song of my people

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Count me and Vito in!

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im on your side comrade

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small community inbreeding is a hell of a drug man

Private Garfield Seinfeld reporting for duty sir!

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Coronachan will kill your enemies by the hundreds. Erm... just give me a few weeks of incubation time.

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Let's do this

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Greta Thunberg reporting, wind and bearing are looking good!

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Equestrian detail reporting a slight delay, our only hoof picker is lost.

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Knives are always handy to have around

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Is this an average female ass? Would I be wrong to turn down a girl because she had an ass like this?

You will need my magic

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You're gunna need a guy on the inside

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straight from bloodborne, i see

All asses are great, comrade.

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supplies here

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arm up
need a hand?

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"Im infected with aids. I fuck everyday. I kill everything I fuck"

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So uh.... what are we doing?

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You’re the pope???
I’m in.

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ill think about it

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hello, is this pope?

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I will carry my boyfriend wherever you want me to

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im the best in the biz. U need to go places - i take u places. Buckle up

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I guess ill manage intel and communications. Nothing can work without a clear goal and a solid line of communication. Trust me fella im the guy for the job. Also i expect something in return. Nothings free in this world

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*le tips fedora*

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Let's fucking do this.

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I'll poz them.

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They make a fine duo.

bigcoc45 here, lets kill some 2 liters

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mmmmmmmmmmm moar

ready for action!

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I'll breed them out of existence.

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Mama Cake reporting for duty

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Let's roll

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fuck yeah Toxic Avenger!!

I'll mog them.

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I got retard strength for us!

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I'll bring snacks for everyone

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no AND you'll never be a meme


we don't need a gremlin, go home

Bubbles is bestboi

play quake or die.

I’ll be right here

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