Here my girlfriend having a shower

here my girlfriend having a shower

do like?

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I’d definitely help her get clean.

I'd rape her.

You wouldn’t have much trouble, she submits when she’s scared.

She's hot. My gf did this to my pals when we had a holiday together. She was drunk and they loved it.

Let’s see your cocktease gf.


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Always wanted someone to walk in on my wife in the shower.

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Wow what a fucking slut. How many guys have dropped their load in that??

Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002

To many to mention. But alot as you can see, she was most of holiday wearing just a string bikini bottom barely covering anything.

I’d lay her on the bed and open her legs immediately. She’s a born cockmilker.

Is she fertile?

Yes she's fertile, you want to breed her?

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Yes. You can watch but I’m going to take her a few times. I really get swollen in loose cunts. She’d be a lot of fun.

How many times you fuck her?

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At least two healthy loads pressed against her cervix before I had a little party in her ass. It would be fun feeling how tight she is up there too.

like a sausage in a corridor

Invite poeple over then tell them you left the shower runing and ask if they could turn it off for you.

Or maybe leave her in the bath so it was quieter and they walked right in.

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Well used whore...

Her ass is tighter. I don't mind watching you fuck her and bring a mate or 2 aswell.

Think I could hurt her asshole?

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Omg maybe you could. She likes abit of anal till it gets painfully.

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enjoy her while you can faggot shes going to get fucked by the negro down the road

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How long are you?

I want her to tell me to stop.
Just over 8

She will have to lube her ass hole but her cunt will be dripping wet anyway.