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anyone knows sauce on pic related?

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>Damnit Jim. Video's out again.

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another pic

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ima borkfest

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bork bork

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i should do a chore
but i wanna play borkya games

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i wasn't even trying
chore time

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Hello everyone here :3

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Hello user, how are you?

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Hello :3
I came home recently. I managed to get out of work sooner, so I had the opportunity to visit a shop in a larger city and look at the offer of beds and bedroom furniture.

And how are you, if may ask?

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Oh nice, did you find anything you like?

I'm doing well, thanks. Today I'm going to look at bedding for my new bed myself.

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ok, chore is done.

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bear hand - what does the fox say

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They had interesting and good looking ones.
With the price adequate for quality so they're not exactly cheap... I'll look around for more offers, but I think that eventually orders right in this shop

So I keep my paws crossed for ou to choose a nice looking and comfortable material ;3

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>bear hand

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Nice, hopefully you can get something soon. I've just been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for like a month lol.

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I go?
I slay them?

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Slay real world evil

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you gotta get paid to do something like that
or else you just get arrested

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Seems like a good job, why not get paid for it?

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it wouldn't be the right kind of evil
and with the way the world works....

ima just slay vidya evilcorruption

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Have fun

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There is nothing to be ashamed of ;3
>adapt overcome and improvise

Probably I'll be on the same... they have a delivery time of 6 weeks x3

sry forgot the art ;3

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more gifs pls

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more gif plsssss

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still want more gifs.

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paws ;3

How strange is when within choosing bed / furniture design you're considering options of lashing and tying?

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name of the artist?


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I did the same thing when me and my wife got our new bed

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Fluffs, please be so kind to join our scriblle io game


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You're late, fren

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God comic, btw.

Bustin' makes me feel good.