YLYL, Superior Whites Edition

YLYL, Superior Whites Edition

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1st pic is fresh OC btw

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black males are 6% of the population, lets correct the meme.

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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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I dont get it

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None of this is funny.

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Haha ifunny xD

Can I use that?

Fuck I died.

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Who got bullied by the black kid at school and never lived it down

Raise your hand

Point to where de wyttte man oppressed you the most Tykwon

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I bullied the black kid that was twice my size in school and one time I drop kicked him cause I thought it was funny.

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I'm not even a white supremacist and lost to this. Fuck.

it's all yours friend

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I know this kid. Where did you get this photo?

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My sides

Those tough black guys...you know, always crying like little bitches because the big bad policeman was mean to them.

Niggers are pussies.

Yes, dick slap that dog and put the dick in your partner... Dogs and dog owners are just disgusting.

cool story bro, it's like I was really there

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The good ole days

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This is so ape-like, it looks like bad CGI.
Is this an actual sheboon chimping out ? Anyone got the source?

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She was actually doing a ritualistic dance that expressed gratitude towards the cashier.

cant wait till the white race goes extinct

I died lol

Let's get some pussy tonight

Are there really morons out there who believe niggers are our equals? Talk about living in denial.

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Someone posted it on a thread, its from some right wing protest. I just cropped it. I'm pretty sure it was an "I'm assembling a team"gag

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It's been posted around on Cred Forums for a while newfag, how the fuck have you not seen this image?

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>6% not 13%

true, remove the old farts and newborn

You again, motherfucker? You don't have a goat to fuck?

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black males are 6% of the population

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agreed. They are fucking filthy. Dog owners are automatic trash.
Dogs eat their own shit and then they let the dog lick their face and mouth!!! wtf

black males are 6% black females are 7%. lets correct the meme

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The ironic thing is that the scene depicts an intelligent and curious child being punished for failing to fall into meatgrinder of school.

Sadly the US has become controlled by the "Children of the Lie" but is it inherently wrong to strive for dominance?

So many jealous europoors

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What's up, buddy?

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France lost too tho, imagine making a terrible historically inaccurate meme

>So many jealous europoors

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and France invented the metric system lol

..literally nobody cares

Don't mistake my laughing at the ironic as some kind of investment in the discussion.

What's that? The only reason the US won their revolution against the UK pulled out of a war that didn't see as worth it and that counts as a loss?
Alright, I'll inform Rabbi Trump.

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That's not true... You realize at that point in time the new world was the most lucrative and wanted land for everyone in Europe right?

Delete this antisemitic meme

Not true that France armed, trained and provided soldiers to the US?

Fucking make me

Mesoamericans are much higher tier than a fucking blacks.


why do americans think they're better than europeans when they are of european descent if they're not niggers

They really are. Idk why eurofags are fixated with America. Jealousy?

>when they are of european descent
[citation required]
It's an Israeli vassal state. Who knows how far back that goes.

Pretty good comic

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Because we got out of Europe, then as a nation rose up and fucked everything on the globe to impress daddy England.
Europe is the mainland of a bunch of Europoor victims of the Germans.
Why would we not believe ourselves to be better than the Germans who won't stop fucking the Eurozone?
Not only did we aid in the sacking and raping of their Capital, propping up the Jews so that they'll hate themselves, literally forever, but the Russians got to rape them as well and frame them for the Hall of Cost.
Poverty stricken plague rats getting wiped out by the Fourth Reich and a land born invasion.
Who have signed away their countries to be slaughtered.
They'll die before we do.
That's why we feel we're superior.
Because we'll be the last ones to die.

t. 56%

Was not fuckin expecting that kek!

that's like chinese person in america shitting on china because they got out. they're still chinese as much as you are still europeans

Oh, man.. I LOVE doing that! Fist in pussy, tongue in asshole. Just love it! Hell yeah!

Oh god..they might get mad reading this

The funny thing about this is the "smart" people think they did

cope lol

>they gonna get so mad at this

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You're still dead.
The foreign invaders will still kill you, me, and the rest of us. And when the world turns a sickly shade of brown and off black
When all progress fades and stutters
And when the last poo fills the oceans with shit?
We will be long dead.
An anomaly of evolution, of chance, of luck.
The malformed curse of being.
And we will die, cucks.

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Are you assuming he would listen to his 9 year old wife

Alright Pablo

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This is what you get for betraying your heritage, your people, and what you are.
You were England. You were an Empire.
And now the Kebabs and their ilk have raped your daughters on an industrial scale, and you turn a blind eye.
Die as cucks.
We fucked over the whole planet to impress you, and this is how you go out.
Shitting the bed while Ackmed Bin Rapist fucks your country. Sickening.

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nice OC then

..this kills the Europeans

You don't believe that we're all fucking doomed?
That the "white" ideas, ideals, and genetics will die out leaving only behind the Chinese (Who survive the Kung Flu) their African Vassals, and the Ackmeds who have taken over Europe ?

France and genius Khan did too

>it's already over and we're all doomed fellow white people

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Eternal virgin

niggers detected


I'm still working on my rhetoric. Need to go back and workshop it some more. Cause it leads back to "And you did it at the behest of the Jews" then people remind people who the real killers are. It kind of works. I'm still working on the reader getting angry about what happened to Germany. It gets harder with the consideration if they fall in sympathetic to the Reich or if they themselves are Pro-Jew
Because if the Jews are behind the brother war with the Nazis, how to give them the fire to solve the puzzle if they're knew to the concepts. I'm done though. Thanks for playing around.

They WHo Shall Not Be Laid

Like I said. Need to work on my anti-jew Rhetoric if I'm coming off as the Jew.
Or else it's all backwards bad faith shit posting and nothing is real.
Also I'm trying to figure out how you shitheads square the circle of if Americans are not White, but they are White Socially, and the 56% idea, then why should we care about Europe? If Europe is white, then we are not, then we are again not you.
As with the puritans anything less is not eligible for the Ethnostate.
There's more holes in this than the SJW logic.
Or Feminist.

Don't forget the Japanese

>implying it's jews
>actually black plague
U are the antisemite here

Pretty sure France (before the Americans) and China (after the Americans) lost wars to Vietnam, and that's just modern history.

Pretty sure Vietnam held back the Mongols as well.


The UK also does not fully use the metric system (miles, pints, gallons, horsepower, etc.)

Technically we're at a stalemate.

Inferiority complex

pretty sure it was a guy dressed like and old lady tryna be funny. you know they like that madea stuff

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facts=cope because arguing is too hard

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Fucking mutts

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That's like asking why do europeans think they're better than africans when they are of african descent if they're not niggers

You wish, faglord

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Disgusting fatso

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Ah yes. Leave it to the Brits to say fuck it to the new world and all its bounties. I'm sure it was not worth it to them to conquer it.

Fuck off

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this is bait and you all are retarded newfags

she was one evil bitch

Damn there's alot of salty eurofaggery going on today

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My fellow uropeans !

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You don't need to know more than one language if everyone of consequence learns to speak your language

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You realise that from the perspective of most of the world the fact that we can take for granted that the poorest and dumbest of the country can be so well fed and and have access to powered personal transportation is almost utopically impressive?

that's some hillbilly argumentation but i expected nothing less

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>Sorry Europe only straight men can handle this*

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Brilliant deduction there dumb dumb

Lot of mad europeans in here.

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Focking gay

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Samoans. Ugh.

Name someone of consequence who doesn't speak English.

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Oh yeah, using your dick for the brake, you win.

They're not wrong tho..
> 1/4 < 1/3

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My sides !

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That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard fucking moronic americans

You better watch your mouth before Big papi turns you into part of his daily calorie intake.

every important jap for an example, any scientist that doesn't live in the UK

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Name one

So if I give you 25 cents that would somehow be more than 33 cents?

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One of three things happen. (This also counts for all bullies not just different race)

1: You forget and move on. Probably mildly racist but you dont hold a grudge

2: You legit hate niggers but too afraid to speak of it. Pussy

3: You a cuck faggot

Be #1. Maybe #2. But never #3

Name someone of consequence who doesn't speak English.

The product probably failed cause it sucked.

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How the fuck does one fail at making 1/3 pounds of cooked beef


> 1/4 < 1/3
> 25 cents < 33 cents

Burger probably sucked.


fuck off newfag sage


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Convert to hundredths.

One quarter is 25 hundredths.

One third is 33 hundredths.

One third IS GREATER than one quarter.

I hope to fuck you were just trolling me player

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There is a reason McDonalds dominated the burger game across the planet

Can’t possibly wipe her own butt.

Hello, friends!

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Or how about because Mickey ds had a&w out numbered by like 100 to 1, a better supply chain, and a MUCH better marketing team. I mean most americans are stupid. But it's a privilege to lube somewhere where you don't have to be competitive to still succeed. The metric system is superior in everyway but Eurofags jealous in here.

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Player, do you not understand what the symbol "

While I agree that Blacks only get one star, Asians and Meso-Americans should have way more stars than they do on that chart, with Asians nearly-equal to Whites, and considering mathematics supposedly originated in the Middle East, maybe the Arabs should get more points, too. Also, Blacks allegedly invented peanut butter, jazz music, and rock & roll music, not to nitpick a YLYL image, and in keeping with their predisposition for crime, no, the Blacks did not in fact create crime, they simply excel at it.

That's a clever way of saying you can't name any.

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cringe thread

No I do not, I use words not hieroglyphics.

I hope so, for god sake....

Oh shit, I forgot to add to the thread topic. Oops.

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did she found her keys?

Diversity is our strength!

By recognising the depth of human hubris and limiting themselves to expecting only 1/4 pounds of beef to be within mankinds ability to cook successfully?

Americans are wrong, one third is indeed LARGER THAN one quarter, debate me on this you bitches

but your wrong retard.

Are you literally retarded?

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I agree with almost every word of this. Old school arabs did shit and knew things compared to other peoples of the time. I wonder what happened... Sad really

What game is this?

Wow, it's almost like mongrelization is not desirable. Good on you for being a eugenicist. There are many Americans as pic related.

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Son, you realise the reason it probably failed is because few people wanna yell "I'll have a turd-pounder"?

I think we have a misunderstanding. I am trying to say one third is bigger than one quarter. Do you agree or no?

that's why a lot of people run too fast, dick too small to brake

Oh right i remember. Religion.

>I wonder what happened...
A little somethign called the Mongol invasions.

Soon you guys will be telling me one half is smaller than one third

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are you fucking baiting or what?

are you fucking stupid? of course it is

warcraft 3 reforged

What? No you moron

My car gets 40 rods to the hogs head and thats the way i likes it!

too soon

Kys with that watermark


He said, in English...

Thank you

i can't believe there are actual human beings typing that staff how braindamaged are you?

What happened to all the funny in this thread. Fucking Jews. I thought you liked humor?! Go derail some pol threads ffs

this looks like South Park - The Later Years...

Japanese actually have to learn English as part of there schooling. Good try faggot.

I feel the same way about you user

Except this is bullshit

I'm not even surprised.

Because homo sapiens did

Do you actually listen to yourself liberal dippshit?

I saw that in another thread 2 weeks ago faggot

you must like jose and josb mowing your lawn and fucking your wife

Mfw this thread is two different groups of jews, one rping white supremacists to anger the minorities, and one rping as the responding minorities to anger the first group. Two actual americans trolling one poor helpful eurodude about and me. Get your shit together heebros friendly fire yo.

>not letting the dog join in

Ffffffffffuuuuuuuucccckkk. I nearly lost omfg

But neither of those exist without the other race

Attached: 1581546288282.jpg (480x480, 58K)

>with Asians nearly-equal to Whites

Oh, look, a Muslim thief is stealing our audience.

What did we learn about Islam, children?
We learned that Muslims invade places where they don't belong.

>And now the Kebabs and their ilk have raped your daughters on an industrial scale
>and you turn a blind eye.
Also completely false

The rocket that took you to the moon was designed by a nazi tho.

RiP bunny

Did you know the people saying open borders for America are also defending Palestine's right to exist

Attached: neglectedbrownstonehomes.jpg (782x587, 65K)

Looking for the swat raid meme with the girl that pops a ballon full of slime on the face of the other one

How are white genetics dying out?

this is no OC you fucking liar, saw it here last week

Ah yes, ignore the fact that he was breaking several laws while doing so

Damn man you got a reaction

OP your a faggot, and your thread is shit

Only a crane can handle that


Yeah in the old days when a thread got this bad our betters would just spam the cheese pissa and the mods would end up d3leting the whole thing.

>Getting shoot

So much eurotardation.

Attached: nJKHOEQPwvo.jpg (1200x1042, 105K)

Niggers need to be exterminated

Attached: kekles.jpg (625x605, 119K)

All the russian oligarchs?

Name one that doesn't speak English

i have low expectations for these threads.

it's warranted. it's all just shit tier 'funny' racist pics. wtf happened to the humor here. just embarrassing how far this place is.

but who the fuck would bother creating original content, cause others will just steal it and post it on their social media for money.

just shit all around.

there were no blacks at my school


Hirohiko araki

i didn't realize siriusXM was racist

Attached: Resized_20200214_045954.jpg (1008x756, 311K)

>Cred Forums
>Social media
Why wouldn you be making ridiculous OC and post it here? Are you no funny or something?

>Hirohiko araki
Literally tweets in English: twitter.com/Araki_Hirohiko

poor people are statistically fatter, since lean meats and clean eating is more costly. and lardbeasts on mobility scooters are literally dystopia, i'm european and have only seen old people on these. my brain cant fathom seeing people so fat they cant walk using them

>Blacks allegedly invented peanut butter,
No. Mezoamericans

>fat people on scooters
>utopically impressive
No not at all.

You realise that most of the world is poor as fuck and cant afford to be fat or have motorized scooters for their poorest and least economic productive citizens, much less both?

A scat loving faggot detected

thats bananas

Uhh, that's me in that picture Where the fuck yhou get that

1500 years of inbreeding because Muhammad married his cousin, so they do too

>you cant afford to be fat and have motorized scooters

Like i said above, poorer people are fatter (unless you're talking about pajeets and africans). Americans literally have to pay for insulin and things that are free in the rest of the civilized world. You also have no fucking pensions, and your universities are fucking scams that sell diplomas for money. The fact that any american thinks the US is better to live in than some rich european country like switzerland is beyond me

This was in 2018 in an Atlanta Popeye's. Popeye's manager here for the Atlanta area. We had a special that year (as I recall it was in the summer) of some type of deep batter fried wings box. This was filmed by one of our employees when we ran out of promoted item (which when we introduce something new and test in a specific regions happens frequently). This customer apparently went nuts and danced around like this.



Attached: 1580856701441.jpg (1024x820, 183K)


Shur up and fuck some goat!

Blowjob is peace!

goddamn Americans are stupid
no retard, there are big parts of Europe that never had any reliance on black chattel at all. they had slavs for that. there's a hint in the name.

But granted that Africa's situation is 100% down to having the rug pulled out then generations of economic warfare from the West due to doctrine like heartland theory or whatever.

You realize that most of the world so poor that the idea of a country's poorest, stupidest, least economically productive people still in spite of all that having enough money to pay for their own healthcare and education is almost unbelievably impressive?


Nah, its not without whites. You just dont see them bribe the greedy government and steal everything of value while paying next to nothing. But that contradicts your narrativ .

I don't get this image.

I mean, I get it in that apparently some fag lost an argument on Cred Forums and was so butthurt he made this nonsensical image and spams it everywhere.
And that faggot is probably you.

Curious what the original template image was before it was ruined though


Jealous of your great health care? Maybe unemployment rate? Educational standards? ah, damn, we're better in each of this. Sorry, amifag.

Ask New Yorkers, they know your answer. More rats and jews than in whole europe.

Kek. Brexit is the end of that pathetic Muslim loving cuck project. Fuck EU faggots


How clueless are you?


I have no idea what you're talking about. Most rape happens between people of same colour, most often commited by family members or close friends. But, I know you've your information from mr. Jones, my little foxy friend.

Sure thing jew

>this triggers the femboy yuropoor

Attached: 699235245345.png (500x666, 379K)

>what is genetic drift
Allah ackbar

American army at a raid?

Testosterone levels positively correlate to criminal behavior.

And now I am gay. This is why the white genes will get extinct. Ugly white woman. Tons of them (pun intended)

Jews and nogs..... ok

i'm guessing brazil

Attached: 1466542788020.jpg (940x470, 284K)

Yeah man, imagine posting something factual incorrect on Cred Forums

You're an idiot.


Anyone who doesn't need it?

Yaya they smell the death of their shit pit union

READ AGAIN... they didnt by the 1/3 pounder, they brought 1/4 because they thought it is more meat...

Dirty dogowner detected

No. People answered that the 1/4 is bigger than the 1/3. Thats why it is a double 1/4 pounder.

>flag not big enough

Hey, Megan is hot as fuck.

I laugh at this, and I'm an European, stfu nigger

No. 1/2 > 1/3 > 1/4 ... understood?

Yes yes memewarriors are the coolest m8